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Halloween Horror Nights USH 09-22-12

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This is a very delayed trip report, seeing as it's almost time for THIS year's event. But around July, as I'm sure many of you do, I start to get what I call "The Itch". And right now, the best way to satisfy my itch is to share with you all my experiences from last year's event. Here goes:


Somehow, I was separated from my party and ended up much farther from the exit than they were. I was lost in a sea of people and I honestly didn't mind. I had a better view of the opening scare-emonies.


Granted, not that much better.



My friends are somewhere in this mess... I'm sure.


It didn't take long until we found each other and we headed straight for the lower lot.


Austin and Diandra are crouched in fear. George, behind them, can't help but think about all of the germs they're encountering. Horror Nights, indeed.



Silent HIll: Home to the Stars!


Oh man. So excited!


For a long time, Silent Hill has been my favorite form of ANYTHING, so I was incredibly excited to learn that HHN would be doing this as a house. Even better that it was based on the games.


And you know, it was pretty okay. I get the feeling it was made by someone who didn't really understand or enjoy Silent Hill, but it was really cool to see a lot of the visuals from the games become reality. Though, honestly, I thought Sinister Pointe did it better.



Pyramid Head is still the star of my sexual nightmares.



We then moved on to visit our good friends, the Sawyers. 



George was delightfully disgusted that they sold turkey legs in the queue for this attraction.



Austin made sure our items were safely secured by giving the locker his blessing. Amen.


So we rode some rides, headed back up to the upper lot, and totally killed it on the Terror Tram.




We did some exploring before moving onto another maze. 




My flash went off unexpectedly, but caught some spooks at play.





This person was in line ahead of us to get into The Walking Dead house.


Should have used Express Pass.


We all took a break and began our yearly tradition of eating one of those giant freakin' donuts while listening to the screams around us.


This place was really cool. I wish my apartment looked like this.



Hey look! I made it into this trip report!



"Oh sweet nourishment. Refuel my sweat and tears. I'm gonna need them."



We had an excellent adventure with Bill and Ted.


I wish the show were just a little more Halloween oriented, though. This year was great because the Grim Reaper made an appearance. But something else to tie it into the event would be nice.





The show certainly put a smile on George's face.... one... creepy ass smile.


Austin... Where did you get that turkey leg?


"I... don't... know..."




We suspect it was actually cursed human flesh, because after eating the leg, Austin became a crazed fire demon.





"Fear me, mortal!"


Stop it!





Austin became normal again we he found a way to include fart jokes into tonight's trip report.


Look! We're adults!





We were then ejected from the park for being using fog to simulate flatulence. 


Or at least, we should have been.


The End.

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Just some random tidbits:


1. The Silent Hill maze was a combination of the latest movie and video games.


2. The awesome place (Parisian Courtyard) was announced by John Murdy as a maze location this year! Construction is already underway.

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1. The Silent Hill maze was a combination of the latest movie and video games.


That's right. I think I even remember some from the first film in there. "I'm burning". Both films weren't very good, though having seen the second, the first one looks like a masterpiece.


2. The awesome place (Parisian Courtyard) was announced by John Murdy as a maze location this year! Construction is already underway.

Aw man! I liked how cool that place looked and how quiet it was amongst the madness that went around outside it's walls. Well, regardless, I'm sure this year will be fantastic, just like every other year.


I've already begun watching horror movies in anticipation. The Itch cannot be scratched!

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