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Why Does Everybody Hate on Six Flags?

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^^ SFA rarely has the crowds to justify two train operation, even on opening day. As for Batwing, if they ran two trains, it wouldn't help. It takes them so long to load the trains and unload them that the other train would just be out there with the sun beating down in their eyes for 10 minutes. Better to just remove the coaster. Carowinds takes just as long and frequently only runs one train as well. Kings Island is a little better with theirs, but it's still a hassle. As for Ragin' Cajun, the park had already said "Ragin Cajun is under way and will be ready to ride mid-May!" It wasn't expected to be open and they had said this days before. Still, having Roar closed and rides opening and closing all day as I heard about on their Facebook page is sad. Someone said they had to wait 30 minutes for food too. Honestly, I guess Washington area teens just don't want to work there. I don't blame them with the lack of trees, the type of guests the park gets, and the low pay. All I know is that I have had a fun time every time I've gone despite everything. The workers there are actually a bit better than the ones at Kennywood last time I went there. (They were grumpy, too busy talking to coworkers to open lap bars or let people on the coasters, dispatching, pretty much everything.)

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