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The Airplane Model project

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That's how talented Hillflyer is people. Spread the word throughout the enthusiast community, and maybe he can get some funding for future projects and to finish the Aeroplane model. This man is the Leonardo Da Vinci of roller coaster miniature model designers.

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^^^ Aw shucks you are TOO kind. I show you some more!


I went crazy looking for more photos I knew I had of my Traver Cyclone Station house model before I remembered they were print pictures in a box in my closet! The station house was the first thing I built for this project in 2000.


I haven't seen these in years, some of these seems like last year.


Throw back Thursday photos 2000-2002. Construction of my first model since 1985's Giant Dipper sectional.


The last picture is of me and my dogs that I took yesterday before bringing the black one to the Humane Society for adoption.


I remember when i took this one...it was the Sunday night before 9/11.


I can't see it here, but the finished product had a figurine of the nurse in the station.


Newly bought plywood that I used for the base.


Traver's famous "trick track". The the track for this model was not quite as detailed as what I'm doing now.


Finished product


The famously heinous high drop into the figure 8, before the station is placed on top.


Ziggy, Tim, Joey and Pepper.

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Getting ready to add more decking. I played a strategic personal financial decision that enabled me to stock up on some supplies. Quantum leaps to be made in the near future.


Transfer table area awaits decking.


Floor joists added for crew deck support.


The deck is added. It's a fine line between painting aging looking wood and a simply bad paint job.

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Simply this is how I'm making the queue railings. I made a template, inserted painted plastic strips and non painted strips then I peel out using plastic card. I add the extras after. This is the same amount of slats per bay. I'm using pencils as the main roof support columns. Only six sides as opposed to eight ...the trade off is worth it.




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More station work. I was going to match the colors with the rest of the coaster but I wanted the station to have its own appeal too. When San Diego Giant Dipper shut down in 1976 its red white and blue station faded away. Since this the model will be based on the Giant Dipper restoration project, I incorporated a little of that in there.







The station fire.

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^^^^ Thanks Freak,


Literally ALL the comments thus far have been favorable and supportive. I couldn't want more than that. I'm surprised there aren't more questions actually. When I built the Traver Tri clone in 2000 nobody knew about it and I did a good job I think.


But for every comment I do get, I'll post a previously unreleased photo or two.


I'm still learning to be a good detail painter. I still have to touch up the paint on all this.


Trying to make the maintenance house look weathered. Somehow taking pictures and enlarging them shows clearly every flaw. That forces me to be more microscopic with my detailing.

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Trying to make the maintenance house look weathered. Somehow taking pictures and enlarging them shows clearly every flaw. That forces me to be more microscopic with my detailing.


I think the 'flaws" help with the overall aesthetics, and create an even more authentic weathered look.

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How I recreated the safety sign over the tunnel mouth.


Saved the photo to my files. I'm glad it was a straight-on shot.


Using Microsoft paint I painted over the letters in color and whitened the back.


Cropped it. Copy/Pasted. Printed.



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I felt like keeping it small this weekend. Spent some time starting work on the ticket booth located at the stations front.


The plans. It was the exact same design booth that stood at the San Diego Giant Dipper.


Cut out all my parts and laid out tools.


Trying to detail the grooves in the corner posts.


I will add a screen and turnstile. I can't wait to build the roof.


The Giant Dipper ticket booth. This remained in place until the early 70's.


The Airplane ticket booth. Where as I think maybe the Giant Dipper booth was 4x4, the Airplane was 4x5.

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Station looks great so far, any estimation on when this will be completed? Its bound to be pretty close.


Thanks. I can't believe i thought I was going to have this done last November. And then I said April. ETA is now next April. Here are a few photos of the station ceiling being built.


Hollowing out the tip of a pencil that will serve as a support post for the roof


The whole post to ceiling joists assembly is being test fitted


Keep in mind, some of this is not glued yet. I'm just test fitting (so everything looks like it's just resting on something)

Add the ceiling. The top of each post has been hollowed out and the red and white truss has a peg that slides in

Edited by hillflyer
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First photo taken last April. Not much has changed with the overall look since I've been doing mostly the station house. I fucked up and the staircase from the upstairs office lands right on the transfer track. I had to tear the floor up as well as some track to recenter it.


Floor is ripped up,


I had messed up here too. It's fixed here, but before I had this all glued on the wrong side. I've been doing lots of these kinds of things lately.


Looking out towards the station from inside the garage.


Painted the stairs and some walls.


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More station photos. My staircase turned out nice I think. It's SO much better than the old one. Baby miče are now able to make it into the office/break room. I've been trying to make the station look old and abandoned so I like the photos of the debris scattered on the floor. I've also made temporary roof post stabilizers to keep them from leaning until its time to lock them in place.



Remains of old staircase.


I've been trying to make the station look old and abandoned so I like the photos of the debris scattered on the floor.


I've also made temporary roof post stabilizers to keep them from leaning until its time to lock them in place.

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I don't know what to call these red and white supports except huge-ass headers. I like to paint them after making them. Painting the red sticks before gluing was messier than just painting then afterwards.





I aged the ceiling. Soon to add hardware like pipe conduits and lights etc.

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I love long weekends. I love making a huge visual impact working on something easy in a short time.


A roof support column before painting


Laying out where the ceiling joists meet the header board so I can cut the slits


After cutting out the shape of the ceiling from a sheet of plastic, I begin to add the box beams.


Slipping through the 2x8 ceiling joists through the slits mentioned earlier.


Flip it over and adding the roof trusses.


Adding the actual roof.


Laying the roofing across the curvy part.


Behind the scenes of the drop tunnel. Reminds me of my set building days.


The attic


The front view





Painted the roof that familiar institutional green. I love long weekends.


My final ceiling joist pattern based on educated guesses.

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