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The Airplane Model project

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OH NO!! I read every update you post! The project is amazing, the time and effort you put into this is outstanding. I am sad to hear that this project is on hold. Hopefully the project gets back on track soon!!

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Yes please hillflyer, just put it on hold. This roller coaster is THE LEGEND, Fred Church's ultimate, and needs a model of it built. You have done such an amazing job so far. I wish I could send you the money you need to finish it, but sadly I'm poor too. I'm an amusement park NUT, and I haven't even been to a park since 2012 because of my financial difficulties. Please let this be a temporary stop. This model is WORTH finishing when you are able. YOU ARE AWESOME.

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Sad to hear. Take time off to recuperate and gain some stability! It's been an amazing journey watching this construction from the ground up to where it is now! I hope that the time will come again when this will be updated but all things come to an end at some point in ways we don't expect, right? AWESOME WORK HILLFLYER!

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Peace and thanks. It just one of life's downward spirals, how apropos. Since my next major step is the station house, I can prepare the site and plan how I'm going to build it better the second time around.

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I was taking a closer look at this part of the first drop where it seems the handrail splits and goes in two directions. I began to wonder if the first drop of the Airplane was raised a few feet (ala CIC). The yellow line indicates the old handrail (profile) and the newer red one. In the last photo it even seems the cat walks have been raised to near the height of the original handrail (close to 3 feet).


The yellow rail is the original. The red marks are for my own reference


The split


it even seems the cat walks have been raised to near the height of the original handrail (close to 3 feet).

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Preparing to lay track over the very tippy top of the ride. From the above you you can see all the layers of track. Thanks to a coworker who used to build model trains for giving me some left over materials and the box I found that still had a few drops of glue still in it. Contribute today to help finish this model in the professional display which it was intended.



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Crested over the lift hill with a few layers of boards. I'd be a little further along were it not for dear friends coming over to visit. Struggling along financially, may create another go fund to help with this.



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Station house time! When I built the CB Cyclone, the first thing I built was the station house. I didn't do that with this one because I didn't have a lot of info on it. I'm glad o waited until later now that I have that bumper crop of station photos. These first few steps show construction of the transfer table.


Starting the the track.


Of course, one length of track is 36 feet. I can ALMOST get two lengths in one strip.


Using magic marker to distinguish layers of track. This image shows one side of planks painted with marker.


Only one side is necessary.


After I laminate the track boards. The run off looks like grease. The marker will fade a little on its own.


See how one rail is a bit short. This stack is made from the other half of what I cut. But keep looking for how I plane to fix it. Bwa ha ha


Laying the track strips on the table frame. The transfer table will be shown rolled under halfway (like Belmonts was)

s for a long time) so only three rails will be seen.


Additional supports holds things in place. Next step here is the floor.

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More images of the development of the new station house


The frame for the back end of the station. Clearly visible in the forefront is the curvy transfer track leading to the garage which would be on the left. The exit deck is the higher portion.


With the transfer table added.


With the outer face of the coaster structure as it appears in old photos. It will be clearer later on when I attach the station to the coaster.


One improvement over the last station is better reinforcement of the posts that divide the decorative slat railings. Those are the vertical posts topped temporarily with a 'straightener' The pencil will be a near perfect piece that supports the ceiling and roof.



This is the best recreation of the below photo. I couldn't get my lens down far enough to make it exact.

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Hi all, thank you so much in following this thread and putting up with some of my crap. My main job is in dire jeopardy and I might have to take drastic measures to save it. Long story short it comes down to needing help for depression. It seems that one of the reasons I am so absorbed in the model project is because I know its the one thing I can do with confidence with no fear of harsh criticism like at work. My job does not have a lot of responsibilities which makes me comfortable because life has taught me that nobody has any confidence in me to manage a lot. And now even with hardly any responsibilities I am faltering. The harder I try the bigger the mistakes, its very frustrating. I made an appointment with my boss to discuss a last ditch option and my anxiety is going through the roof.


So anyway, here are a couple photos of the area at the station house. The second photo shows a redo of one part I wasn't quite happy with.



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More station house fun-nis, here is TEST FITTING pencils to use for the main roof support columns. They make a nice replica, I think.




These are the OLD slat railings for show. They will be totally done new. I'm still working out the new color scheme for the station.


Here is my coaster landscaping map inadvertently turned in to a plan for how to separate the coaster in three sections (orange lines). The lower right section is positioned within the blue rectangle which will be a foam-core base onto which I will permanently attach the model.

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Thanks. My goal is for it to take a couple of MINUTES for you to figure it out lol. All is going to be good. Today I'm working more on the station. Chose the colors for it, sort of old-tacky cheese yet festive in a backstreet way. I also stumbled across this fantastic sheet that will make that wonderful scalloped roof.



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Not much in the way of pictures but here is the beginnings of the station. I decided I'm not going to use this color. This model is inspired strongly by the Giant Dipper here in San Diego (Both Church designs) so as a tribute to the SBNO coasters, guess what three colors I'm using on the station?


Anyway right now I'm about to start the boarding side. This is a stand-in base I'm using. At some point I'll remove the whole station assembly and place it in a larger permanent base along with the first whirlpool.


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Station is coming along. I had a bear of a time getting the loading deck positions to my satisfaction. It was rewarding to finish today by adding that odd curb that keeps people back from he moving train. It also serves as a step up on to the running board of the car.


I also made the skids for the sled brakes.


The drop into the tunnel.

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So glad to see this is still progressing!!! The model looks simply amazing! There are times I find myself looking at the photo trying to figure out if I am looking at a real roller coaster, or if I am looking at the model. The amount of detail you are putting into this project is simply amazing. Keep up the good work!!!

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I'm deleting extra photos off my computer at work and came across these gems. It's my model of Traver's Cyclone at the former Crystal Beach Amusement Park in Ontario. Last I saw, the model was at the roller coaster museum at Dollywood. Anybody see it anywhere else? I have no idea where it is at this point.



Edited by hillflyer
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