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My Workroom [RCT2]

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Aside from finishing Chestnut Lake for funkeymon, I also have various other projects. Some I started work on way back in September/October, while others are relatively new. Instead of making lots of different topics, I decided to place them all into one big Workroom. I will be adding other projects onto this as I go along. Some of these have been shown on NE, while others haven't yet been revealed. Anyway I thought I might start off with Scream, a design that I started in late September. I kept building on it for about a month, but then I left it for a while. I have recently picked it up and have started adding/improving things. I hope I can soon get onto the foliage (that's my weakest point in parkmaking) and finish it soon.



The overview (the right side still needs work)


A picture of the layout


A small eating area and a Gladiator game


Another eating area with a hot-dog stand at the top


That's all for now but i'll be posting a lot more screens of other projects soon!

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Thanks for the comment. I'm not very good at foliage, so i'm probably going to try and do that last. This actually started out as a way of improving my RCT skills at NE. Anyway, I have a few new pictures, and an updated one. I also have a small teaser of a Dive Machine I started recently.



This is a picture of the Entrance Arch.



A small helix where I have started the first supports for the coaster.



The Hot Dog stand, now with an awning.



Just a little something.



A small snippet of the post-MCBR drop and the splashdown on the Dive Machine.

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PSi: The water barriers are the road signs, but yeah i'll look in to adding some larger barriers. Also I will do my best to try and incorporate some diagonal pieces in there.



I've started another project (i've got to stop doing that). I usually just build a layout and carry it forward to the point that I just build a couple of supports and add some tid-bits of scenery. But this time i'm determined to follow it through and turn it into something decent. The main focus is a flying rollercoaster but after a while I built a wooden coaster on the outskirt of the map (which is fairly small). I did a little hack and added steel supports (using the mine train coaster). Anyway, I then went on to build a small area which I really like. I have been experimenting on the map too, so progress is quite slow. Anyway here are some pictures:


This is the overall layout of the design. I'm quite happy with it, but anything you don't like please let me know of.


The layout of the woody. It has lots of little airtime hills and again if there are any elements you don't like tell me, so I can improve it.


A little seating area where guests can watch the fountain and landscape. I quite like it because I feel it's some of my better work.

All of the screens are unfinished and i'm sorry for any bad quality images, I have my game set to 1024x768 so this is probably the cause.

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^I did something similar to that, but the mine track is visible through the woody track so it doesn't look good.

Anyway I built the wooden coaster layout, built the mine track layout backwards (you must do it backwards otherwise you get ghost track) through it using zero clearance, deleted the woody track, painted the land tiles where the mine track was (I used green tile (you must use a texture not yet used in the park) ), lowered the mine track -1 using Map Object Manipulation in 8cars, then rebuilt the wooden coaster track above it using zero clearance. This is probably the easiest way if you don't want mine track poking through or if you don't want to use scenery. Thanks for the comments guys!

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Pros and Cons time by RCTrioFan!


A - Why? : Bulky, takes up space that could be used for scenery, but the supporting is far better than B. B has flimsy wire to hold it up and with a fat guy (think Barney) would just bring it down into a heap on the grass. It you were to thicken the bars maybe 2x it would look much better. Otherwise now, A wins.

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Thanks. I think I might develop the area a bit more first before I think about adding any more buildings. I've got a pretty neat layout (or at least I think it is) so I might do some more surrounding first. I don't know what context to put the current building in though. But I'll definately think about adding some toilets or other buildings.

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