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My Workroom [RCT2]

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Wow Xtreme97 you are a master of Scenery. Prompts to you keep it up!


Just registered here, I'm new so hello all. I've been playing RCT since the very first came out, I used to rule it on my Windows Me back in the old days when I was a kid. Then RCT2 came which Imo was the best one in the series. I was quit decent at the time and now I cameback to this game and planning to get better!


I'm in the making of a new park now, I'll post some screens later. Is there a thread where I can post it ? I see this one is dedicated to your own work.


Also, I'm more of a roller coaster designer (Making realistic coasters), but I'm trying to get better at scenery and buildings.

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Thanks for the input again everyone!


10ryansmith - I'm ok for layouts at the moment but the entrance takes up about half of the space in the park. I've already build a small woody and a B&M invert. I'll post a screen of the map at the bottom of this post.

molemaster43 - I did have a B&M hyper going around the length of the park so I am thinking scratching the current coasters and building a different one. It all depends on the size. If I can't fit much into the park because coasters are in the way i'll build a different one.

Hapomen22 - Thanks for the kind words! But trust me, there are much more talented players out there. You can start a thread for your park in the Roller Coaster Games, Models and Other Randomness forum and post your screens there. Any questions you have you can ask in the RCT2 Help Thread which is stickied at the top of the forum. Make sure to read the Posting Rules thread before posting screens and such. Also make sure to check out the Game Exchange where you can upload your parks and download others!



This overview is not final as coasters, rides and buildings may be removed or replaced.

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