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[RCT2] Breckenridge Park

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Decmber 2023


Sorry for lack of updates....but today the park sent out some shot of whats been going on inside the park so far during this very warm offseason.




It looks like Zoomerang was one of the rides not included in the sale of the park. Tis bit a shame to side a ride go after only one year.



Rampart has now become Bronco, part of the new effort to localize the park.



Escaping Arkam has become Asylum, also recieving a new paint job. Chaning the rails from yellow to blue. The Gotham City area is now to be known as Cityview.



V2 has now become Cobra



Green Lantern, (S&S drop tower) was the other ride not included in the sale. It also seems like Six Flags just took their rides and left, not even touching the stations.



Most significantly Bizzaro has now become Summit, an recieved a fresh coat of white paint. The area is no longer know as Villian's Lair. The other rides in that area are now know as, The Claw, SpinDizzy, and Whiteout.



Lastly here is a little teaser the park sent us





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June 2024


Sorry for the lack of updates, its been a busy couple weeks for me.


Onwards, Gold Rush has arrived.


Come experience Colorado's rich mining history and go for a wild ride through an abandoned gold mine. The park has said that throughout the queue line there are many signs with some interesting facts and history of mining in Colorado.



The queue line is carved into, and snakes through the hillside.



The entire ride twists through much of the space that remained atop the hill.



Gold Rush reuses part of Cataract's station. (Splashboats ride removed to make way for Nautilus)



The finale gives great views of the park.



An overview of the entire ride/area.


Thanks for reading



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WOAH! I had thought I had seen the best you can do, but then you dish up this amazing Mine Train in a nice setting that is very hilly. AMAZING JOB! I am really looking forward to seeing more from you and I will make sure this park is a park that I can follow.

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Luckily, a program called ParkDat does just that. As long as you haven't used all of the scenery items, then you can replace unused objects with other roof types. It may take a while though, since you have to know the DAT names of all of the objects. PM me if you want the file (I can't seem to add it to the post).

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So i found ParkDat, and i have made some changes. I am quite excited now, letting me do exactly what i wanted.



On a side note, i uploaded my previous park to NE, and it got a 36%. Not too shabby since it's no where near the quality of this park. If you want to see it go to the NE database, it's called Biggin Park. (I would post a link, but i havent hit 50 posts yet, so i cannot link to outside websites yet.)

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May 2025


New for the 2025 season its...........Big Surf. A Zamperla Disk-O, its a great ride for the entire family to enjoy.



A new food stand was also built next to the the Big Suf queue line.



Big Surf is a small oasis in the barren land vacated by Superman Krypton Coaster.



An overview of the remaining land. Glad to see some of the questions following SKC's departure for Six Flags over Texas several years ago.


Lastly, i heard a rummor floating around the park today. People were saying that 2026 will be one of the greatest years for the park ever, and will suppossedly be VAIL Resorts "proving year", whatever that means.



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That Big Surf looks great, just add 1 or 2 more flats pieces on the short side of the station so that it goes over the water. That would look good. Just a question, is your park going on a timeline? If it is, I doubt a Big Surf will be constructed in 2025, there will certainly be better flat rides by then.

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You could just abandoned the timeline and just build the park as you feel right. Personally, if I had 300ft B&Ms in 1948 (which is entirely impossible), I would not care at all because I just don't like the idea of a timeline park. If you submit this to NE (which you should), they're not gonna care either, just so long as the park is good (which it is). Just my thoughts.

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The timeline is officially abolished. I did the same thing with my last park after i stopped posting updates, that led to me really hitting my stride.



Anyways....somthing is apaw!



About half of the path infront of Quasar has been removed and the walled off area has expanded. But inside!! A large conrete pad has been poured, with a second area full of rebar awaiting conrete.

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]As the story goes, during the 40's a British fur trader ventured up to Alaska. He returned to the lower 48 (at that time the only 48 states) to the rocky mountain area with more than fur. He brought two live Kodiak bears, a male and female, releasing them in the mountainous terrain of western Colorado, or eastern Utah (it is unkown which state he was in). It was believed that the bears never mated, and simply died off.


This story has taken a new turn though in the past few years. There have been numerous sightings of what appears to be a Kodiak bear arround the outskirts of Denver. Is it possible that these bears mated, and generations of them have been hiding in rockies?


Finnally, an answer came last year as one was captured roaming Breckenridge Park. Now, you can experience the legend of the Kodiak.


Kodiak, a product of Great Coasters International, will take you up 105 feet, reach speeds of up to 55mph, on a nearly mile long course through the Breckenridge Woods.



Artisit's rendering of Kodiak.


The park also released this image of the site. The crews had a very productive week of construction, completing the hammerhead, and sweeping turn following the first brake run.





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Today Kodiak opened for the first time. It has been a huge hit with park guests.



The entrance plaza and shop.



The station and queue area.



The hammerhead and queue fly by add suspense to those waiting in line.



An overview of Kodiak.



Another overview of the area.



Another angle.


Thanks for reading, comments/criticism welcomed.



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^Now thats a coaster. Beautiful layout, very realistic, love it. My only suggestion is to free up some land. It is a little crowded in the area so maybe take away some tiles from the queue and dedicate it to trees or just empty space. Incredible work.

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