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Random Photo TR: A Random Night In a Swing Park

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Yesterday was actually V Hot in Edinburgh, So After Uni/work we all decided to hang out for a bit as a few of my friends are moving to Aberdeen, However it got late and dark pretty quickly and we decided to invade a swing park... Heres how we got on! (Excuse the quality of the photos)


First Stop - The Swings. Jade and Laura have a face pulling competition.


This is me n My Uni buddy Iain on the swings, We swung Higher than Jade n Laura...Haha!


Chelsey,Iain and Jade on the Round about...Wooo! It was going really fast...Honest.... :wink:


Helter Skelter! Wooooo!


Next to the Rickety Bridge, It wasnt that rickety,So we decided to randomly do surfer poses, However, I was told I looked more Like an Air Hostess!


We then decided to "recreate" The beatles abbey road picture on a bridge.... Hmmm....


Chelsey decided to climb a tree, Unfortunatly the branch snapped and she fell to the ground. We wish we had had a video camera with us.


How many weirdos can u fit into a phone box?? lol


Since there was no McDonalds near by, We rounded off the night with a "Chippy" Lol

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^ I doubt u will recognise it.... Its in Scotland...Hehe!




^Clearly Chrissie enjoys teasing all of us!


She shows us photos of herself and her really cute friends. Yet she denies her swinging ways!


Just playing!



Lol!! -

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very nice report


Don't see a connection between a bridge and surfing... but ... lovely bridge

And what Do you excactly drink on your work


a little comment: I think that the Beatles walk in the opposit direction

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