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Thrill Gardens (RCT2)

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This is my first thread and my first park on the site. I just got RCT2 this past month and it is awesome. I need help though. I would like constructive criticism as I am still new to the game. I played RCT1 and both expansions before getting the game. I only have the entrance plaza up right now, but I hope to have more soon.


[MOD EDIT: Due to the similarity of the park's featured by this author, his parks are now in one thread. R.D.- GFMT]


The entrance plaza so far.

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Congratulations on you first park, but if you'd please help us out a bit:


If you're going to post, put up more than two or three pictures- and give us some details, please. One pic then two hours later another pic, that's a no-no.


Thank you- and keep up the good work.



Games Forum Moderating Team

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Thanks for the tip QueerRudie! Now I have an update of the park. I added a S&S Power Drop Tower. It is between the mine coaster and the carousel. I still need a name for the coaster. Hope you enjoy!!


This is the second lift hill of the coaster.


This the part of the coaster after the first hill.


This is the first lift hill and the first hill.


My new S&S drop tower Freefall.


Here is the last lift hill and one of two trains.


Here is the overview of the coaster.

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Is your mine train inspired by the Dalonegah Mine Train at SFoG?


Yeah it is.


I would suggest maybe the dirt/grass land underneath some of the turns, with some shrubbery thrown in for good measure!


Thanks for the tip! I was thinking about making the mine train's name it as a homage to my home park. I also will have an update in the morning with a few changes.

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Here is an update. I decided to name the Dahlonega Mine Train clone from SFOG to Runaway Mine Train. Several changes happened this morning as well. I moved Freefall to the opposite side of the entrance so guests can see the size of it. I also made it taller. I moved the coaster a little bit so that I can make the road straighter. I added a Schwarzkopf enterprise and an Intamin river rapids ride.


I added a transfer track with a train on it. Believe it or not, it isn't hacked!


Here's the new overview of the Runaway Mine Train.


The new Schwarzkopf designed Enterprise called Revolution.


The overview of the rapids. I'm calling it Thunder River.


Freefall's new location and added height. Should intimidate a few guests!


New track came in with a train. I wonder what it could be? Note: This is not going to be the color scheme once it's done.


Overview of the park so far!

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Well, I decided to turn this park from a regular park to a timeline park. All updates will be part of a journal entry by the park owner, Joseph Bennet. The park will begin in 1978 and will continue with several twists and turns.Also any hacking I do will be for the water and for money. Nothing else is hacked. Another note: don't hesitate to point something out. I want tips and ideas on how to continue and how to improve my park. If there is some way to make the park look awesome, tell me because I can probably do it. So lets get started!


May 13, 1978


Today, I oversaw the construction of my park. My two coasters are nearly complete. I have most of my thrill rides and a couple of gentle rides. I also plan to eventually have a transport ride if funds allow me to. I found this area of land two years ago and in that time I have been pleased with the progress. There is still much to do before 1980, but I hope I am able to do it.


Here's some history on the park. On September 28 of 1976, I found a piece of land for sale for $1,560,000. I bought the land parcel and was able to get a building permit. By January of 1977, the entrance and most of the carousel were installed. By May of 1977, most of Runaway Mine Train was done and the Midway was beginning to take shape. By December, some of the Samurai coaster was done and construction was completed on some the rides.


Now it is May and we anticipate buildings on the Midway leading to Runaway Mine Train to begin. Most of Samurai is done and some new rides are scheduled to be placed in a few weeks. Everything is running smoothly and I have several pictures to show of the park so far.


-Joseph Bennet


Well here's the entrance to Samurai, a Vekoma looping coaster.


The transfer table of Samurai with a coaster on the tracks inside which is also not hacked.


The second half of Samurai.


The lift hill and mid corse brake run.


Samurai's turnaround.


Overview of Samurai with Thunder River.


My ballon ride called Ballon Race.


The Observation tower called Observation Deck.


Overview of the park. Something tells me the area between Observation Deck and Runaway Mine Train will be filled soon enough.

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July 17, 1978


Well, we were going to have some new buildings, but my Assistant Manager screwed up, so those buildings went to Great America instead. But we did get a few new things.


For starters, we did ge the remaining rides needed for opening day two years in advance. We had to replace Samurai's brake run and most of the back part of it was rearranged. The exit path for Samurai was rerouted so that there was room for rearrangement, and now the trains will fly above their heads! We did get two buildings: a restaurant and a restroom building. People can send in names for the restaurant as I need a name for it.


Now we have exciting news. We worked a deal with several theme park ride makers that will guarantee us brand new rides every couple of years for the next ten years. In the contracts include the completion of a large water ride by 1980, our first season! Roller coasters have not been ruled out as we are still discussing the contract. We hope that everything happens very soon to preserve the future of Thrill Gardens. Hope for all to see the new beginnings.


- Joseph Bennet


The new restaurant! Food stalls will be installed before opening day.


The new restroom facility!


Samurai's new brake run!


Sanurai's new second half allows the guest a view as the train now travels directly above them.


The new swinger ride!


The new Super Looper ride called Loop the Loop!


Look out for future development here!


As well as here!


New overview of all the changes!

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I really dont like the road being used as path, please use the normal asphalt for the dual size paths aswell.


Changes have been made as needed. Thanks for the input! I agree, the park looks better without the road.


Next update will include opening day! March 1, 1980!


Time for the update.



May 29, 1979


Today, I went to the park to see what has happened. I was excited to see that the log flume was finished. I thought it wouldn't be done for another week! Loop the Loop recieved a color change. I thought the red made the ride stick out like a sore thumb. We also added a new haunted house ride!


Everything looks fantastic at this point. I might just have to open the park right now! That can't happen though since we only have ride operators. I need to get word out about the lack of mechanics and handymen!


Hopefully everything is ready to go by this March since that is our official opening day! We aren't other parks who like to open their parks during the summer. Our time is from March to October with a four month off season.


Well, I need to get back to the office and start packing my stuff to get ready to move it all to my new office in the new resturant. Hope to see all at the opening day!


- Andrew Bennet


Loop-the-Loop's new colors


The new path with the Haunted House


Log Flume's station and boat house


Overciew of Log Flume


Overview of the entire park

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I will have another update later tonight for the closings and construction update!


April 2, 1980


First day of the first season went without a hitch! The park looks amazing when full! Freefall filled up pretty fast. It was a while before Samurai and Runaway Mine Train received the same treatment. Only Freefall and Loop-the-Loop broke down, but both were fixed not too long after! Most of the other rides were popular at some point too! Runaway Mine Train seems to be the favorite ride at the park!


I talked to several companies and all I can say is to expect the unexpected. It's going to take all of next season for the change or changes to occur! Unfortunately, Runaway Mine Train will be closed for half of the season for renewal, and Samurai will be closed for the second half. Rumors have also started about the removal of a ride from the park. I should hope not as it's only the first season!


Well, I need a few more rides on Runaway Mine Train and Samurai before they close! I'll keep you posted on any construction updates! Happy riding!


- Andrew Bennet


That's what I love to see, happy guests!


Freefall was very popular!


So was Haunted House


Observation Deck eventually got the guest treatment


Revolution was also a hit


That's going to be an issue if it keeps happening


Same with Loop-the-Loop


Runaway Mine Train had several full trains


Same with Samurai


No one could forget about Log Flume, one of Thrill Gardens two water rides

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How did you do the transfer track trains without hacks? I can't even do it with hacks!


That's because it's scenery!


If what I'm about to say breaks any rules, tell me. Where can I get that scenery?! It would help me out alot.




4th post down

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April 6, 1982


Well, the rumors were true. One of our rides were removed from the park. The lack of popularity made us take it out. In exchange, we got a new roller coaster and bumper car ride.


The new coaster is a wooden wild mouse type, and we are excited as this means more guests will come in. We hope that this ride will remain for many years. When our second season started, everyone flocked straight to the ride! Samurai and Runaway Mine Train's popularity drastically declined after opening day.


We have plans for major expansion, and we hope that they go through. An entire new area is planned as well as a mass subway plan. There's also talk of another roller coaster.


The worst feeling of an owner is when one of your rides leave


Crazy Mouse


Balloon Race's former spot


Bumper Cars


Crazy Mouse's insane crowds


New Overview

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August 8, 1984


I have some good and bad news:


Good news is that the park was able to complete the Kiddy Thrills area and the new wooden roller coaster.


Bad news: The expansion cost more money than we had and the bank took over the park and closed it down. As of July 1, the park has been for sale. If the park is not bought by December 31, 1984, the park will be demolished and rides sent to other parks or scrapped completely. If a company bought the park, then that company would have to finish the subway system and pay off the debt.


I will stay with the park until it is sold or demolished. Hopefully someone will buy it soon and restore it. Goodbye from Thrill Gardens for possibly the last times.


- Andrew Bennet


P.S Here are some shots of the coaster and Kiddy Thrills as these might be the last shots of this forever...




Well, I kind of want to start another project and close this one since I don't have any plausible ideas. If you want me to continue this park, then let me know so that I can start thinking of new park ideas. If not, then I will close this park with a final update and have a new park ready by tomorrow night.


The station


Central part of ride


Mid Course Brake Run


Kiddy Thrills


Possible final overview

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February 8, 1985


Well, I am here to inform you that Thrill Gardens has begun demolition. Most of the rides will be moved and others scrapped.


Log Flume, Chipmunk, White Thunder, the Carousel, and FreeFall will be moved to other parks. Samurai will most likely be moved and refurbished. Runaway Mine Train will be scrapped. All other rides will be moved or scrapped based on condition.


Thrill Gardens will be demolished until the entrance plaza is left. The city is planning on using it for future expansion.


- Andrew Bennet

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I'm back and this time, and I'm attempting a Six Flags park. Even though this is a sequel to Thrill Gardens, it isn't the same park, but an entirely new park with some rides returning and new rides coming.


Here's the story:


In 1986, after Thrill Gardens was demolished, Six Flags Incorporated decided to buy the land that the park once built on. They bought most of the rides that were sent to other parks in order to have the feel of Thrill Gardens back. They rearranged the rides to make the park more appealing. They hope to have opening day by 1990.


Old rides returning are: FreeFall, Samurai, Loop-the-Loop, Revolution, and White Thunder. These rides will be part of opening day with several new rides. Revolution received a paint job.


New to the park will be a Schwarzkopf looping coaster. Many flat rides will join the rides list through the coming years


The original owner of Thrill Gardens, Andrew Bennet, agreed to come back to Thrill Gardens stating that he wants to see what will happen to the park he created. He was given the title of General Manager and will make sure everything goes well in the park.


Much has to be done since the majority of the landscape was returned to its original form when the park was demolished. Most of the rides are in place and others need to be placed. The Schwarzkoph coaster hasn't even arrived yet. Once every ride is in place, testing can begin.


Front entrance


White Thunder's layout in its new spot


Samurai and its new spot


Carousel's spot


FreeFall with White Thunder


Revolution's new spot and colors




The staff house and season pass shop


Oerview of Six Flags Thrill Gardens

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This place looks pretty good so far! Just some minor things I think you should change. Don't put trees under the coaster supports. And maybe this one is just me, but it may look better if you move the drop tower at least one tile away from the coaster, or maybe on the back side of the station. Just not on adjacent tiles with the track, if you know what I mean.


So yea, great job so far! Looking forward to see this completed!

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