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TPR Challenge: Ein, Zwei, Dreier Looping.

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Hello fellow Park Managers and RIDE DESIGNERS!


After seeing the entries for the past few Schwarzkopf design contests, I've come to the realization that many of our most creative ride designers haven't given me the chance to build a great coaster in a while- Let's change that.


In No Limits, I'm looking for a Schwarzkopf design with ONE,TWO, or THREE loops.


Your challenge is simple: A well-designed coaster rooted in Schwarzkopf's inspiration and influences, you should be able to pull this one off in no time flat.


How should my ride look?


1.) Use the flat-terrain of No Limits. You may add TREES and TUNNELS to your ride, but you MAY NOT TERRAFORM!

2.) Your Schwarzkopf Looping coaster may have ONE, TWO, OR THREE LOOPS

3.) A minimum of THREE trains are required. No exceptions to this rule.

4.) Your Track must be at least 2450 feet long, and with a maximum of 4,850 ft.

5.) Track and structure must follow the principles that Schwarzkopf gave us 50 years ago. Simple, Elegant and sturdy.


Your track must be UPLOADED TO THE EXCHANGE no later than 12:00 AM PDT on MONDAY August 29th 2011.


And the Prize? Well... I'm going to give out ONE Myself, for the track that impresses me the most and ONE that our population gets to choose. IF there are more than 15 entrants, I will consider adding a third prize to the game.




A suggestion to participants: You might want to upload a video as well to this thread to let people see what you're building, too!


Good Luck, and let the track-bending again!

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Let's get this challenge started the right way.


I created this design years ago before I started working with Newton2, and it always has been one of my best hand-built coasters. If enough people seem to like it, I'll clean it up further.


Presenting - Schlingenflieger. (Looping Flyer)





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I'm glad to see we're getting somewhere... I've decided to add some 'hints' along the way, just for good measure.


1.) Don't overthink your coaster. Schwarzkopf's best coasters were the simplest designs, and had a natural grace to them.

2.)Visit Schwarzkopf Coaster Net and do some reading- it will help you immensely to see how Schwarzkopf did it in the first place.

3.) visit CoasterTube and look at some of the videos people have posted of some of Anton's finest-




Olympia Looping (For inspiration only- it has too many loops for me!)


WEM's Mindbender


And, well, Mindbender (SFOG)


I'll drop a few more hints along the way, too.



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Getting somewhere...I wanted to do a full "sideways helix" on the first drop, but I figured out 3er-Looping already did that! Now I have to be more creative yet sacrifice space...it's like Schwarzkopf already used up all of the tight configurations and there are none left lol.


Not a big fan of the MCBR going over the lift, but it will have to do...

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My rule of thumb on things like 3DS is this:


If I can't open your coaster and ride it, don't use it. Not to mention, if I can't ride it, I can't post it for voting later.


So long as you can post your coaster up for people who don't use accesorie programs like 3DS, then it's OK. If it doesn't work in NL directly, the answer is NO.



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My coaster is coming along great!

I am going for the lap-bars only model.


I really hope that i got those supports right, i have worked allot on them! I think i'm halfway with the supports.


Here's a picture:


Yes, this IS the final colors, and yeah, i like them! ;D

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After numerous layouts tried, tested, and failed, I finally came with one I liked the most. Unfortunately it's far from being the "best coaster in NoLimits," but I don't care about that. More to be revealed once I'm finished with it.


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