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  1. Forgive me if I sound stupid, but is there a specific reason why the first support on the lift hill is slightly angled? Just curious haha...
  2. I just stopped by there last week and it was quite a sad, desolate piece of property It was great while it lasted
  3. I love how this coaster's turning out so far what I'm not sure on is how those long and narrow concrete pillars are gonna withstand the coaster o.O then again what do I know...
  4. is anyone else thinking "extreme g-forces" when they see that first drop? *w*
  5. Off by one year again *w* If I decided to visit the East coast next year I could've been able to ride this, skyrush, apocalypse, and stinger also oh well; more to look forward to in 2014 XD
  6. I'm still wondering what the hell SFDK could possibly add in the future after they get rid of Pandemonium. Maybe with that small space and the open gaps between the Medusa inversions on the far end, they can build something unique XD
  7. An giga-Abismo would totally rock MM and put it back on the map as top thrills on the planet!!! A bit too extreme, maybe, but that would nonetheless be an amazing add to SFMM's collection *u*
  8. Dammit, this was the second time in a row that I visited the park one year before they opened another spectacular ride ;w;
  9. now that I think about it, I would much rather prefer a Eurofighter than a Megalite :3
  10. wow, I had a feeling that it was gonna be a giga for some reason (this thought came to me days before the announcement) o.o'
  11. well that sucks ._.' Hopefully if Magic Mountain hopes to keep the crown while retaining a good variety of coasters, they'll get something that's in the east coast that the west doesn't have (or something the U.S. doesn't even have LIKE A MEGALITE)
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