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The Double Loop

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It's a coaster car from The Double Loop. It looks like it is on display or something. Can anyone confirm where this might be at? I came across the photo randomly and have been wondering about it.


**Note: I didn't know where else to post this.

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^ Oooh! That could totally be it!


Are you sure this is the real thing and not one of those works of art made out of candy? Perhaps there was a Food Network "Challenge" where the chefs had to re-create a defunct roller coaster car made out of sausage, gravy, and icing?

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I don't know about that car, but the rest of them are sitting in Mean Streak's infield.

There were two stacked on top of each other in this picture.



And while riding, I remember seeing at least another pair stacked in the same fashion on the other side of the building. There might have been two pair, but I honestly don't remember.

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I rode DL on its last season and I'll admit it was one of the smoother Arrow's I had been on. Unfortunately it couldn't be relocated cause the track was welded together as opposed to being bolted.

Not to mention it had a tunnel before the lift and that instantly screams quality

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^Arrow welded all of their coasters up until a certain point...and coasters have been relocated successfully despite the fact.

-Canobie's has been moved twice, Knott's went to Idaho.

-Opryland's mine train made it to Great Escape unscathed-same as the 2nd River King Mine Train to Dollywood and Magic Springs.

-Ninja at SFStL came from Vancouver.


Mostly it was the smaller types, but it's been done.


If you look, you can see there are no bolts.

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If that breaks your heart, than this will as well...

Ugh you are so right...


Diggers should NOT be painted that color!!!! They are supposed to be YELLOW... YELLOW I TELL YOU!!! Not "aqua-marine" or whatever that hideous color is!


Why did you have to post that image?!?!?

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