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Photo TR: Waldameer Opening Day 5-7-11

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Waldameer is the first park in my neck of the woods to open for the season and the weather couldn't have been more ideal. Finally some sun, warmth and blue skies after a record setting rain filled and cool April. The park wasn't very crowded though the longest lines were for the season pass processing. So after my 1.45 to 2 hour drive from Cleveland my 2011 season has officially begun.


Having been out of practice taking photos i did take a few to share with everyone. Hope you enjoy.


First ride of the year and it still runs great!


One train today. Red train nowhere in sight. Got four rides in before I left for home.


The new North End. It was a tight fit for three rides but they did a great job with it.


Here's a few for Larry. Wendy's Tea Party. The sign is behind the ride on RF II's structure.


Flying Swings Sign


Flying Swings. Zamperla makes a very nice swing ride. You do not swing over the cliff but you do get the sensation you are. You do swing over the train and close to RF II.


SS Wally


You get this great view of Ravine Flyer's turnaround from the Flying Swings exit.


Ferris Wheel and Ravine Flyer III from near the North End entrance.


No visit is complete without a ride on this classic.


Don't let the size fool you. This is a pretty potent drop ride.


Steel Dragon only ran two cars but was down to just one before I left for home. These are great little spinning coasters.


Since the trees haven't fully filled in this is the most you'll get to see of Comet from the Sky Ride.


Mega Vortex in action.




In case you haven't been to Waldameer, here is the park map.


Until next time, thank you for a great day.

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Ravine Flyer II was running as good as ever Sunday! I was expecting it to run a little slower because of the nipplier weather coupled with the fact that it was the 2nd day of operations. We got 30 rides on it between 1230P-6P.


We also got rides on Steel Dragon (2), Mega Vortex, Comet, the Train, the Sky Ride, Pirates Cove (2), and the Wacky Shack!


For anyone who still hasn't been here... GO GO GO!

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I was surprised at how quick the blue train warmed up and the great rides Ravine Flyer was giving. Still the best wood coaster around here.


I also heard that Whacky Shack has seen some new paint on some of the scenes as there were a few I didn't remember seeing before. Amazing that this ride continues to be in good shape for how old it is.


IIRC ride-all-day wristbands are $20.00 throughout May. That's a great bargain considering RFII is worth that price alone.

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Hey is that me running the Ravine Flyer 3? I believe it is. According to some of the supervisors, Opening Day 2011 was one of the best opening days in park history.


Sorry if I brought up a non-recent topic, but this is the first time as an employee I found myself in an enthusiast picture.

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