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Marine World [RCT3]

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Today, (1/1/07,) I was emailed a press release of a new themepark to open up in southern California near LA. It was said to be named Marine World and host many sea life creatures and Thrilling attractions. Maybe Sea World has met its match!Shot0291.bmp

Looks like this will be the entrance.


Loving the centre piece!


I have no clue what this is. Maybe it will become a structure of some sort!



Due to school work and stuff updates will be very spread out. I hope you enjoy this as I think this will become the best project I have ever done. Thanks to gci2011 in advance for giving me tips on my buildings.

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A new cafe has been built and will serve Costa Coffee and a selection of cakes. The construction is coming along really nicely! Oh, and spot Domo!Shot0308.bmp

The nice new building of the cafe. I can't wait to eat in here!


It has a great feel to it! Theres an outdoor section too!



Great start! Glad you're getting into CS more, it looks good. Can't wait to see more!

Thank you!


Feedback would be appreciated!

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More updates have been emailed to me and I hope I can get an insight on this construction myself very soon!Shot0322.bmp

This apparently will be guest services where you can ask for information about the park or reclaim your lost child.


Some other buildings have been built but are not fully completed.


I still have no clue what this is. Maybe we will never find out until the park opens to the public.



This is a very nice start! And you've improved so fast as well, but it is not because of your transition into custom sets.


Yes, this is a big leap from my previous projects. Thank you very much!


Comments would be appreciated!!!

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Well it's my birthday today and so I am going to post a special update!



Today I had some more pictures sent to me by my friend. It seems as though the Main street has had a clash of the titans! It looks like they have built a great colloseum.Shot0330.bmp

This looks amazing. It looks just like a real colloseum!


The stage still needs some finishing touches though.


And its completely open aired! Can't wit to see some great shows in this building!


Feedback would be appreciated! (This building was inspired by the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando which I went to once. ) NOTE: Has anyone spotted Domo yet???

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Yeah for the Colisseum you definitely need white. May I suggest Ralvieh's Antique set? It's perfect for a colisseum feel. Any of Ralvieh's sets will help you here. Not many people know of his sets, but they are wonderful.

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Not bad! The Coliseum is a tad too brown, if that makes any sense. Maybe try another color?


Oh, and happy birthday!


Thanks! I will try out different colours. Remember that it's still be constructed!


Yeah for the Colisseum you definitely need white. May I suggest Ralvieh's Antique set? It's perfect for a colisseum feel. Any of Ralvieh's sets will help you here. Not many people know of his sets, but they are wonderful.


Just downloaded them. They look really good!

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I re-built the colloseum to a better looking structure. Hope you like it!



Two new Night Shots have been emailed to me today. And Good News! I'm moving to Los Angeles so I'll be able to see this construction myself! My Friend works for the palce and so I don't think they'll mind if I come in and snap some shots to update you guys! 6 Days!


The colloseum looks great at night!


It really makes the Main Street look 'unique'!

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I have finally moved to LA and I love it! I met up with my friend sam and we went to Marine World to check out its construction! Looking great as always. On to the new pics!Shot0364.bmp

The workers arive early in the morning. They sure look eager to get this park open soon!


A look at the great Colloseum at day!


The Main Street buildings are looking great!


And I leave you today with a little teaser...




Yes, it looks much better! I hope you will be taking out those background walls once it is finished on the inside?


Thanks! What do you mean by the inside walls?




Just, wow. I've never, ever seen so much improvement between two screenshots.


I am really, *really* impressed.


Thank you very much! The new set for the Colloseum is a great improvement to the looks of the structure! I'm just waiting for some diagonal pieces from Ralfvieh.


Thanks for the great comments guys!

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Marine World to Purchase Launched coastyer from Intamin AG


Newly constructed park Marine World has informed the public that it will be getting a launched roller coaster from Popular Coaster Manufacturer Intamin AG. Statistics say that the ride will reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour and will cost 20 million Dollars to construct and theme. Park Manager David Miller says that it will be a massive hit at the park and hopes that the general Public will love the ride.


Information on what type of launched coaster it will be has not yet been announced.


Well guys, it's about time me and Sam show you whats actually been happening at Marine World lately...Shot0382.bmp

The new bridge at night.


This is a sneak peek at the new roller coaster by Intmain AG. Looks good!


And I love the Colloseum! There is a lot of work being done inside the building.


There are more rides being placed at the moment but we arn't allowed to describe or show them in any form. More updates comming soon!



Comments would be appreciated!

NOTE: I have changed the time to make this fit in with the whole timeline story better. The Year is now 2007.

Also some of these shots are now WIP shots. Especially the one of the Intamin roller coaster.

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Hello! The Park has given me permission to show some pictures of the new Intamin roller coaster. I saw it for myself today and I must say it is very tall! It looks like it will be an amazing, airtime filled ride!Shot0397.bmp

This is the great structure of the new Intamin's Top Hat! I think you know what type of ride it is now!



I can't wait to see more of the Intamin Coaster, Looks good so far, I like the whole story line of this park, Keep it up!




I mean to say that you are blocking the window openings with a set of walls on the inside edge. I would either open it up or put windows there.

I think it is fine as it is to be honest. I may change it in the future. (And I noticed your new to TPR! Welcome! )


And thanks to Brandon for making the CTR for the Intamin roller coaster. It's really cool!

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More rides are being announced! Including a Shark encounter attraction that lets you get up close and personal with Sharks. (Obviousely there is a glass wall between you ) The Sharks will be transported to the park in the next couple of days. But until then... More Updates!


Today was a long day at the park. It was extremely tiring. Sam was ill so he stayed at home. I took some great pictures to share with you all though.Shot0437.bmp

The Bridge showed some crackes today were it was struggling to hold up the weight of the Launch for the Intamin Roller coaster. It has been fixed now. Good think we caught the problem early!


We are still waiting for the trains from Intamin but when they get on site we will put them on the track and start testing them as soon as possible!


I was at the park way into the night as a lot of construction happens in these hours.


The Shark Encounter building has been built but we are waiting for the sharks to arrive.


This shall be the exit to the Shark encounter Attraction.


Someday I shall be riding this!


The Station for the Launched roller coaster will be in this building somewhere.


The Colloseum looks great after night, But That won't keep you awake at these hours...


So I went to the cafe and had a nice warm Coffee.


Shark Naming competition for New commers to Marine World

Marine World is holding a competition to come up with a name for two new sharks comming to Marine World. One Male and One Female. The Park Manager said 'Hopefully overtime these sharks will mate and have a family to have here at Marine World. We can't wait to see them but we are stuck on names. The park management have decided to host a competition to name the sharks, One Male and one Female. And the best ones will be chosen.

Name Away!



Wow, Can't wait to see more, looks good so far!


I think it's a rocket lauched coaster


Thank you. I can't release that information yet.


Comments would be appreciated!

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Sam was well today so we went to the park to see some more attractions that have been installed near the Shark encounter attraction.Shot0466.bmp

Some theming.


More of the area...


And a little of the theming for our next to be announced attraction.


Just a suggestion, differentiate that rock path tile a bit, as it's a tad overpowering.


I think I'll leave it as it is at the moment and see how it fits later on. Thanks for the comment!


I hope you are all enjoying these updates! Don't forget to suggest names for the big fish!

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Me and Sam went back to the park to have some fun today and see the new Attractions being placed.



It was late at night and we were by the shark encounter attraction.


The sharks have arrived! They have been named David and Rose by a fan on the parks facebook page. I like the names.


But it was time to go home. It was a short day today!



I like it you have improved a lot! And I want to see more of that intamin


Thank you very much! This is a big improvement from my last park which was tragic. I'll make sure I take more pictures of The Intamin next time I visit the park!

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Sam Told me of some great news today! The Intamin Trains arrived at 3 O' clock this morning and this afternoon they were testing!!! The company sent some pictures!

We are very pleased to inform you that the Trains arrived early in the day and they are testing as I write this letter. I have shot some great photos for you to share.


Waiting to be launched for the first time!


Launching of on this lovely sunday afternoon.


Racing over one of its finest Airtime hills.


And returning back into the station!

I must say I am drooling on my desk looking at these pictures!



Note: I am not drooling on my desk.

Thanks to Techno Dude for creating this great CTR


Comments would be appreciated!

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