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Hello All,


Long-time reader, first-time poster.


I am heading to the US from Australia in February and spending a week in Orlando from 1 - 8 Feb. At this stage, I'm planning on hitting up the following parks:


1. Islands of Adventure

2. Universal Studios Florida

3. Busch Gardens Tampa

4. Sea World

5. Magic Kingdom

6. Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom (still deciding)


Just wanted to get some people's opinions on how long I can expect queues to be at this time of the year. The only other time I've visited is in the period between Halloween and Thanksgiving previously and the parks were dead. Should I expect similar/better/worse? Is it worth investing in Quick Queue/Express Pass etc?


Also, which parks are better to visit during the week vs on a weekend. I've heard BGT is the better option for a weekend, but am not sure.


Thanks for your help.

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Well now that you have explained your terrible itinerary I suppose I can try and help a bit!


Crowd level should be very similar to what you experienced in October. A bit more foreign than US tourists will be there but you probably won't notice. For that week I wouldn't buy the fastpass options ahead of time, but I would be prepared to get them if needed on the day of. For example at Busch or Sea World if they're only running one train on stuff and there's a wait it may be worth it to grab the pass. At Universal you probably won't need it except for Harry Potter stuff. I would haul ass to that area of the park first, get it all done, then the rest of the park should be quite manageable.


Personally, I would hit the parks that have the best fastpass options on the weekend so I would have that option if it were difficult. Just getting to the parks early in the morning though may get you ahead of the crowd and you won't need them.


As to your MGM (I will never call it Hollywood Studios) vs. Animal Kingdom, that one is kind of difficult. It's not secret I don't like Minimal Kingdom, but MGM is really kind of sucking lately. My suggestion would be to add the park hopper option to your ticket so you can hit ALL four parks (EPCOT!!!!) and don't have to choose! For the money you were willing to spend on skip the line passes you could probably add parkhopping!

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I would recommend Animal Kingdom for two reasons:


- Dinosaur

- Eating at Yak & Yeti


But seriously, getting a park hopper and getting to the gates before the parks open should allow you to get to some of the major attractions before the parks get busy. I'd really recommend it.



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^You left Epcot off your list. I assume this means you're a credit whore and have pushed Epcot off to the side since "they don't got no creditz".


I cannot help you with your questions until Epcot is put in your itinerary.


Elissa, will you marry me?

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Thanks for all the help guys! (Definitely didn't mean to offend the Epcot lovers out there. It really is a beautiful park. It just doesn't seem to have added any new attractions since I last went - with the exception of seeing Michael Jackson in 3D and the thought of that scares the crap out of me).


Had never really considered trying to do more than one Disney park in a day, but I think it's worth a go! My problem is my trip is about 2 days short of hitting every major Florida park. But a park hopper may help me solve that problem!

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AK has Everest. That's a credit, a great one for a Disney park. Like others say, get a park hopper. We did both AK and MGM (Elissa's right) on Thanksgiving of all days. Take two parks; they're small. Heck, take three and end your day at Epcot.


(No Express Pass at Forbidden Potter - a weekday would be so much less of a hassle)

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Make sure you visit Epcot. There is so much to see and do (even if not much of it is rideable!) If you do go to Epcot though, make sure that you do all the rides and movies in the countries. Maelstrom is better than people say (excluding the weird post show movie) and the Fiesta Tour of Mexico is like It's a Small World without the themetune. Only my opinion.


As for the queues, I have never been in February but when I was there in Summer I waited for over three hours to board Soarin!


Enjoy your trip wherever you go!

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