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PhotoTR:Old Magic Mountain pictures

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^^ Psyclone had three trains (red, orange, yellow), but only two could run at one time.


From what I've been told, only the orange and yellow ones are left to run on Colossus backwards. The red train is being used for parts.





Thank you.

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I have been wanting to post these pictures for a while, but we have been crazy busy at work and I have not had as much time to post as I usually do. I apoligize for the quality of the pictures, but I had a crappy camera at the time.


This is a combination of 2 trips to the mountain. Some pictures were from a few years before pscyclone was ripped down, and before tatsu was around. There are also a few pictures of tatsu and some defunct rides.


I hope you enjoy.



OMG I remember all this crap! GOOOOOD times!

...okay, it was 2004, but everything was pretty much identical then

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Awesome pics. I graduated with my specialization in Structural Engr from UC Irvine, at the time one of the few colleges with an earthquake shake table. Living in California you always pay attention to old school engineers talking about the past. A couple things I learned were that earthquake understanding is still very very very new. The last real modification to the rules which basically the world goes by, was after each large quake in SoCal. Also one thing that has always stuck out to me is that earthquake codes are basically there so a building won't fall down during a quake. But after that, the building is supposed to get completely fixed. So it makes sense that a quake could destroy a coaster if no rehab was done.

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