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Corkscrew Adventures [RCT2]

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Well I went back to the park and took some more pictures of The Blazing Serpent and also I found something else.





I found a Vekoma Mine Train there and it was named Diamond Top Express.


It had an Trick Track section.


It also had an little cabin for theming and I thought it look nice.




Also there was an ride that was added to and it was called Octopus Rampage.


Last photo of this update.

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I like how you took my advice for the tunnel when that corkscrew coaster exists the underground. That coaster is looking pretty awesome now. This park is starting to look amazing. The Mine Train sorta reminds me of the one at Freestyle Park but better themed of course. I'll definately be looking forward to your next update.

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Looking fantastic. Utterly fantastic, for a park with no specific theme (such as Hershey, Dorney, etc). Keep it up.


You might want to build some stuff to occupy all that empty space currently filled by trees.

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I want to like this, but for a person who claims to be able to build Arrows, I feel your support work for the chain lift is more 4th Dimensional style rather then the typical lattice structure implemented when this park was made. Also, I feel the Mine train should have some sort of brake run, but it's too late for that. However, I will say that I like the mine ride. It's nice, and doable for the area.


The only reason I sound so harsh about support work is that honestly makes or brakes coasters when you're trying to build for realism.


Please continue with this.

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The mine coaster goes to 2 laps through the station that why it doesn't have an brake run.Also the coaster is a Vekoma kiddie mine coaster not no big vekoma mine train and it is in a small space so mostly I can't make any other scernary around it.Also the coaster suppose to be open for people to see easy.

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Well I went back to the park and I found a Subway and Captain D's.Also they made a tunnel for Diamond Top Express and put in two new rides.


Also they added a brake run to Diamond Top Express.


Here the new shops,and as you barely see in this picture there is a pirate ship.


It was called Flying Dutchmans Revange.




Here is the other ride it was called Meteor Twist.


Last photo of this update.

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