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This park was actually made over a year ago, but suddenly I lost all my desire to play RCT. Luckily it has slowly build up again, and I decided to make a re-try with this park.

Since I haven't been into RCT for a long time now, don't expect that I have all the new cool cs, ctr's and cfr's.


Well enough with the talk. Let's go to the park.... This park of it was the park I build last year. The new, and hopefully cool stuff, will be shown later on.




Welcome to Skovparken (which name btw. is translated into Forest Park - yes very unique, but I sounds much better in Danish:) )



First view of the park offers Bllongyngerne (Balloon Swings) and the park's main eatery.


The only coaster in the park - quite intense for a family coaster.


It's called Bæstet (The Beast)


The municipality has set some quite strict height restrictions in the area. They won't allow rides crossing the tree line. Though Bæstet does and therefore the top of the lift hill must be painted in a more natural sky colour than green.




Looking towards Ballongyngerne and the extremely small S&S free fall tower - Ildtårnet (The Fire Tower).


Considering it's height, it's rather popular.



On the other side of the path, we have Søgang, which roughly translated means Hard weather on the sea)


A dark ride-ish type of ride


Someone couldn't cope this extreme ride:P




In the back of the park, we find Tossen (The Weirdo) and Stjerneskibet (The Starship) Stjerneskibet is an old fair ride that the park got to a cheap price this season.


They've managed to hide it's age pretty well


A few shops and toilets


Done for this time

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New season and a new ride

And not only a new ride - it's a coaster; more specified a Schwarzkopf shuttle coaster that the park got cheap, since it has been used before. But it's still a huge improvement.



An excuse for the mess that isn't there...


There we have it. At the moment quite lonely, but the sign before says that the park is undergoing an expansion. I'm guessing that that means that we can expect more in this new area.


Hi Lasso Larry


Now the park has 1 loop!


The crowds weren't that big today = short queues.


Looking down from the other side.


Indians have settled here too.

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Sweeeeet! Glad to see your back, man! Cant wait to see more of this park...(always can depend on great quality from you.)


Same here, its been about 2 years since Ive played, and Im getting back into it since I have a new system(win7)! I love it, and I finally got billboards to work on here other than when I had vista, I never got it fixed. I might be shooting over a few PM's to you, as I might need a lil freshing up, if you don't mind..lol

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