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After taking a year off from playing RCT2 because of a very tough junior year, I finally picked up the game and decided to play my favorite stage in the entire game- Crazy Castle. However, instead of just completing the stage, I decided to try and make it into a very nice park (with the help of 8 Cars giving me an infinite budget). So, I proudly present Crazy Castle.


Feel free to give any feedback!


Welcome to Crazy Castle! Here, you can see the park's nostalgic and classic PTC carousel and the Royal Ball, the park's Eli Bridge Scrambler.


The park's Sky Ride always has a very long ride. It brings guests from the entrance towards the back of the park.


High above the "royal grounds."


Guests get off over here in this very nicely landscaped area of the park.


The Fury is the park's very intense Enterprise. For years, it was one of the park's most intense rides until the park really expanded in recent years.


Inside this very boxy looking castle (I really had no idea how to make a nice station for this one) is the park's Arrow coaster, the Corkscrew.


Despite only having a max height of 45ft, the Corkscrew is still a very popular coaster. For many, it is their first looping coaster.


Take the tunnel! Inside here is the ride's first corkscrew. This one is a cutback inversion just like the one that used to be on Busch Gardens's Drachen Fire.


After leaving the tunnel, the Corkscrew roars through its second and final inversion. Afterwards, there is a brief lift hill to return it to the station.


Merlin's Maze confuses guests as they try and find their way out. Even if they struggle, they still have a great time admiring the beautiful setting.


Guillotine, the park's Huss Top Spin, runs a very intense program that can't be found at any of the nation's Six Flags parks.


How good are your jousting skills? The Joust bumper cars should test it.


Merlin's Wand is the park's Vekoma Air Jumper. It's a one-armed version of the one that used to operate at Six Flags New Egnland.


This is arguably the park's scariest attraction. Even though it strays a bit from the medieval theming on the exterior, the ride's plot ties in flawlessly to the park's overall theme.


Lines are always long for the park's signature attraction, Excalibur. Designed by GCI, this terrain woody has placed third in Amusement Today's Golden Ticket awards the past few years, only trailing the Voyage and El Toro. Riders compare it to the Raven in terms of intensity and fun.


Friendly trash talking usually occurs between riders on Dragon Fang Falls (log flume) and Excalibur on the way up.


Here is the big drop. While it is far from steep, Excalibur really picks up some crazy speed at the bottom that allows it to rocket through the rest of its course.


This hill provides massive ejector air.


After this thrilling air-time hill, Excalibur roars through a series of low-to-the-ground twists and turns that have become the signature of GCI woodies.


But the airtime soon returns with this thrilling section that hugs the terrain.


Another powerful airtime hill. This one leads into a relentless helix that provides some powerful Gs.


Using my fancy see-through camera, I was able to show you this- Excalibur's climb and sudden drop underground. Not only is the drop a real shock to riders, but following it are a couple more air-time hills in total darkness and one final helix.


If you are hot, don't forget about Excalibur's neighbor, Dragon Fang Falls.


Before Excalibur was installed, this Hopkins flume was the only ride on this hill.


Dragon Fang Falls is proud to have the tallest drop of any flume in America. It is the same height as Excalibur- 75ft!


Trust me, the splash that this flume makes is impressive due to all of the speed that is built up.


Following the ride's epic plunge is a more relaxing section that hugs the park's river.


Here is Dungeon Drop. Often regarded as the park's most thrilling attraction, this Intamin Gyro Drop is one of the best themed drop towers anywhere!


The suspense is killing these riders!


Riders experience one of the best frefalls anywhere on the way down. Despite only being 120ft tall, Dungeon Drop proves that bigger isn't always better.


Every classic park needs a Ferris Wheel!


Long before Excalibur was built, the King's Crown was the park's signature attraction. One of the only Virginia Reels still operating today, it still provides a very disorienting and enjoyable ride.


Again using my camera, I can show you a shot of the park's highly-themed, indoor Chance Sea Dragon. Using fire effects, fog, music, and strobes, riders will not soon forget this swinging ship.


Kids love to drive their parents around on the Old Colony Backroads. Adults love to admire the beautiful setting on the Old Colony Backroads.


What ride are these people waiting for?


Knightmare! Built by Anton Schwarzkopf, this launched steel creation occupies the very back of the park.


Due to the speed built up by the 55 MPH launch, these turns are much more thrilling than they appear.


Knightmare crosses the river for the first time.


Of all Schwarzkopf coasters out there, this may be the most forceful vertical loop of any of their coasters outside of Canada's Mindbender.


Don't worry! Airtime is still here.


Speeding around this turn, Knightmare approaches its second vertical loop.


After this loop, Knightmare dives underground and returns to the station.


Remember that kiddie coaster seen in the first couple of photos? Well, I present to you the Kingdom Coaster.


Built by Vekoma, this custom roller skater gently navigates through several twisting drops and helixes.


And I leave you with an aerial shot of the park.

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Can you attach a download for your park? I would really like to see it in game. From the pictures it looks like you've made yourself a nice non COS park in the this is just fun to play style. < That these days is rare and I am happy to see it! It's still my favorite way to play the game. Just from the pictures I would have to vote it in your poll #7, chances are that will go up if the tracked rides are smoth and well made.


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^Agreed. While this style was never my favorite, it does look like good ncso work. I would suggest removing the trees from underneath the Virginia Reel, as it would make it just a little more realistic. How fast does that log flume get up to? I've never built one that high.

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^^ Thanks. Yeah, I decided the best way to get back into playing RCT2 was to simply just pick up and play without custom scenery. Maybe this weekend I will be able to post an update on my old Easton Gardens park that I started a long time ago that I have slowly made a little progress on.


^ I forget how fast the flume gets up to, but it definitely is faster than any flume I have ever made in this game. Also, I'll look into removing the trees from the Virginia Reel. I think that there are a couple of trees towards the back of the ride, but most of the vegetation underneath consists of different types of bushes.

Crazy Castle.SV6

Here's the park download. Let me know if it works.

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First off, the download works and I really enjoyed this park. That atmosphere of the park is like Holiday World, my favorite park. Great job. Kinghtmare is the one issue that I have, with it launching out of the station at 60mph right into a short hill and curve. Other than that, loved it.


P.S. Dragon Fang Fury goes 43mph at the bottom of that drop.

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What ^ said.


I really enjoyed that. The park was so alive, almost too alive. Has to be one of the most crowed parks I can ever remeber seeing. Have to hand it to you for keeping that many guests happy in such a small space. I stuck with the #7 vote, if the coasters would have been a bit more thought out it would have jumped up 2 spots for me.




Looking forward to seeing more from you.

If you can, next time change your pictures to JPEGs before you upload them. They will load faster for everyone.


Loved seeing a log race the coaster down the hill.

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It can be a simple but not always. Really depends on your computer system. Your computer should have came with a "Paint" program. BMPs are made for paint. When you view a BMP there should be a tab or option somewhere to get into paint with the picture(s). Once there you can re-save the picture as any type you want. JEPG is recommended. It loads really fast and has a good quality.


Looking forward to seeing your Easton Gardens park.

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While I thought that I finished this park last summer, I decided to open it back up recently just for fun. When I did, I realized that the bottom right-hand corner of the park seemed a bit empty. As a result, I decided to build one final addition to the park, the Forest Flyer.


Constructed by Vekoma, the Forest Flyer is a custom SLC. Fortunately, it actually provides a very smooth ride just like Kumali.


Inspired by Dorney Park's Hydra, the Forest Flyer has an inversion right away. This barrel roll provides incredible hang time.


But the Forest Flyer outdoes Hydra as it has two additional inversions. Seen here, the short train travels through a corkscrew. Then, it is followed by yet another barrel roll.


Finally, the train reaches the top of the lift hill.


Following the twisting first drop, the Forest Flyer charges underneath one of Excalibur's wicked air-time hills.


After this inversion comes the ride's largest drop. Riders towards the back are treated to some fantastic ejector air.


Then comes the heart loop, a varient of the standard cobra roll.


Before reaching the brake run, the Forest Flyer has two more fantastic inversions.


After the brake run, the Forest Flyer treats guests to one final surprise, a 50ft drop that returns them to the station. While realistically I know that this element probably would never happen in real life, it was the only way to complete this coaster. Plus, I really thought it looked cool.

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