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Photo TR: Cedar Point

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I went to Cedar Point opening week (more or less!)


Got to the park on Friday May 21st to discover it was Math and Physics week. Oh joy. Me+kids=


Anyway, arrived by 9am with a light rain falling. Most of the rides were still running, so we thought we would take our first spin on Millenium Force.


The line seemed rather short with none of the switchbacks being used. I then realized why: they were only running one train. Yup, huge crowds of kids and single train operation on arguably the park's most popular coaster. We skipped the wait and walked down the trail. They were testing Shoot the Rapids with empty boats.


Made it to Mean Streak and rode it in the rain. Never again. That coaster is awful.


Then headed back to the front of the park to see single train ops on Magnum and Blue Streak. The queue for Millenium Force was now completely full and probably about a 2 hour wait. Meanwhile, the red and blue trains sat on the transfer track.


We left the park, got some lunch, checked into Breaker's Express, and when we got back around 2pm, the sun had returned and apparently common sense as well. All coasters were up and running with all 3 trains on MF, all 5 (?) on Maverick, 3 on Magnum, etc. Why oh WHY didn't they just start the day this way?


Just a few more thoughts and then the pictures:


I was told by an employee at Millenium Force after taking a picture of the train "Sir, it's illegal to take pictures."


"Illegal?" I said.


"Yes. Illegal." I of course knew there was no law against picture taking and promptly reported the misguided youth to Park Op. I'm all about following the rules, but this kid was wrong. Hopefully they set him straight.


As you will see below, many of the bulbs on the Ballroom and Giant Wheel were burnt out. This leads me to believe that they were never checked since last year. Bad show.


Went back to the park on Monday. No crowds, beautiful weather, and I even got 3 rides on Millenium Force in the span of 20 minutes during Platinum Passholder time.


Enjoy the pics!


Hmmm....rainy days and Mondays always get me down!




Fun with webcams! I'm in the maroon jacket in front! I called my friend in Orlando who took a screen capture when we were in sight.


Where I worked in 1989


Shoot the Rapids from the Paddlewheel Excursion


The ride entrance


Midway Market prices. It's cheaper at lunch time which is when I went!


The main entrance of the park


The 2nd sign once you enter the causeway.


2010n Prices


The "illegal" picture. Was I on the ride? No. Was I leaning over a railing or doing anything dangerous? No.


The Ballroom at night. See all the burnt out bulbs?


The Giant Wheel. C'mon CP! Change out those bulbs!!


If you make it off the Point, this bar serves Yards of Beer!


And this is the town's lone gay bar!

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^^Great Photo TR, It's reports like this that get me really excited for my trip to CP in 12 days, but a story about the "Illegal" photograph. I was in the queue for the Incredible Hulk at IOA, and I was just taking photographs of the ride as it was coming off the brake-run, and an important-looking person in a suit rushed up the stairs of the queue and told me what I was doing was against park policy and that I was to cease at once. It really upset me

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1 train on MF and Magnum? Man what is CP doing! .

I am assuming they were one train op b/c of the rain b/c that is CP's policy which IMO is way better then there old 2007 policy where they just stopped sending trains during rain. the only other coasters that will not run in rain is TTD and Maverick b/c they cannot go down to one train op.

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That's strange, I could have sworn the Midway Market was $15 when I went for lunch (and it was the middle of the week...)


It seems like the "no photo taking" rule happens everywhere, despite it not actually existing anywhere. I think it's usually employees who missed some key words in training about no pictures of rides for commercial purposes or reporting suspicious behavior (i.e. pictures of backstage or children who are not their own). It seems to always be settled out in the end, but is still annoying.

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