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Photo TR: Wicksteed Park! - KoolKid's Travels

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The only one that was closed was Thirteen. Whilst it isn't the most reliable ride right now I'd definitely expect it to be open at least at some point during your stay.


Also, the Vampire breakdown was extremely rare, and rides at Chessington just don't breakdown so everything will almost 100% be working for your trip although you could possibly be unlucky, but I doubt that. Reliability in the UK is generally fantastic apart from at Thorpe where be careful not to sneeze...


Have a great trip and I'm glad you liked my pictures Thanks very much

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Recently I've had a sort of inspiration for theme park photography and so have fiddled with a few of my pictures from a couple of my past trips, here are a few of them and hopefully you like them. Either way comments will help me to improve the future and would be appreciated.


Here we go...













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I have plans to visit all three of these parks on my quasi TPR UK trip before the actual Europe trip and this report just made me even more excited! Great photos at all three parks!


One concern, though, is the fact there were a couple coasters I am really looking forward to riding that were closed for you. I am sure everything will be alright in two weeks time!


I'm expecting an awesome TR! the trip sounds awesome in general!

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^^^ Ha I agree, the original pictures I prefer, however I thought these ones in particular had been given a new perspective and I just thought they looked quite unique. Thanks for the feedback


^^ I'm glad you like it, that is also one of my favourite's too.


Also guys, thought I'd let you know that you'll be getting a unique Photo TR update this weekend from a small little park not even in the park index, that's all I'm saying and hopefully it'll be a nice surprise for ya'll

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Today was that "unique" park for all of you. And it was...Wicksteed Park!


It is a small old fashioned and unique park in Kettering that operates the old school Tickets and Wristbands system. This place certainly isn't a traditional theme park and is really, very relaxing and a great day out. Even if just to collect the credits.


There's a lot for kids and a lot of fun rides for adults too, as well as at least 2 credits


Surprisingly where you get your tickets!


We are walking in to the "Fairground" area of the park, with rides like Dodgems, a Rocking Tug and lots of fun little rides for the kids.


This year a 45 minute long Circus is included as part of the line up!


The biggest credit, The Roller Coaster. Yes that is it's name, original huh?


The 2nd "definite" credit, The LadyBird Coaster. Also original, complete with angry flower.


The new-ish Log Flume for the park, Rocky River Falls, it is a fantastic attraction with great theming and effects for a park like Wicksteed!


The Roller Coaster again


An overview of The "Arena" which contains awesome rides such as the Go Karts on Steroids, and the old school paratrooper!


An overview of the Ladybird Coaster


And the paratrooper with a 5 minute long cycle!


The Famous Wicksteed Railway!


The view across the lake from the Train.


Bumper Boats!


The Nautic Jets and Kid's Rowing boats. The Nautic Jets are simply amazing :D And are they credits? What do you think? They have a lift, they roll, they coast, they go uphill...


Poor picture but a bit more of NJ's "chutes"


Mr Wicksteed's Veteran Cars, replaced the classic Mini Cars that opened in 1955 that I grew up with as a child which closed in 2004.


A bit of history about them :)


Park Index love :)


Nautic Jets from a bit of a distance.



And of course the 84 year old Skip attached to a rope: The Ride!


It's literally too awesome :p


Some railway history :)


One of the best Pirate Ships in the UK :D Complete with...




On ride shot.


And to finish, the structure at sunset :)

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^ Ha, on the Nautic Jets, if you don't hold on, I can guarantee you will be flying up into that bar. Great fun


^^ By saying they were on steroids I mean, they are bloomin' nippy for something that even kids under 1m can ride. Add to that the cars have zero suspension and the track has a serious amount of bumps it makes for a pretty crazy ride!


And actually that's something else about this park, a lot of the rides don't have lower end height restrictions so there is a huge amount that kids can go on.


The Union Jack Pirate Ship is actually really cool, as you could see there are 2 sides, one which is obviously the British called Queen Anne, and the other is themed to Pirates, so it's supposed to be kind of like a battle. Yesterday was actually the first time, or at least one of the first times I've ridden the British side as it always seems to be the pirate one that is running, which on this trip, sadly looked in quite bad shape.


For those who would like to know, or care This Pirate Ship, manufactured by a little company called Kallenkoop and built in 1982, has a really strange and unusual configuration. Rather than the usual one tyre that drives the boat, here we have 2 sets of 2 wheels either end, each one travelling in the opposite direction, they then oscillate according to the position of the boat to either speed it up or slow it down. It's interesting to watch as such a different mechanism to used on the usual, more commonly found Pirate Ships. However it does result in a strange ride experience where it takes about a minute to get to full height, a minute of fulling height swinging and then 2/3 minutes to slow down. The seating is also really strange with lots of back to back rows, so you can actually be at the high end whilst facing outwards.


Also of note, Adult wristbands are cheaper than kids wristbands!

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^ Indeed. I can't imagine the confusion if they were self operated!


I'd definitely recommend a return visit, the park is looking great and the log flume really is a gem, a surprisingly high quality addition to the park, and it looks really popular so hopefully it'll do well for the park.


Here is the park map to give those who haven't visited a bit more of an idea of layout/attractions at the park.

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For those who would like to know, or care This Pirate Ship, manufactured by a little company called Kallenkoop and built in 1982, has a really strange and unusual configuration. Rather than the usual one tyre that drives the boat, here we have 2 sets of 2 wheels either end, each one travelling in the opposite direction, they then oscillate according to the position of the boat to either speed it up or slow it down. It's interesting to watch as such a different mechanism to used on the usual, more commonly found Pirate Ships.



Actually, the Huss "Pirat" swinging ship at Hersheypark uses the 2 tire configuration, and works the same way. The Chance SeaDragon also works the same way. I also saw a SeaRay swinging ship that uses the 2-tire configuration, but the tire direction were reversed compared to the Huss and Chance models. When I saw the picture of the double swinging ships, I thought it was a Huss model because Huss did offer a double swinging ship back in the 80's, but I don't think they ever offered a portable model, only a park model.

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Ah my mistake


Thanks for the correction, I assumed because it was the only mechanism like that I had seen or heard of.


Glad to see this has created a bit of awareness for this park that noone had any idea about

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Not a problem! One interesting thing to note is that both the Huss and Chance model double-tire system uses a hydraulic system, which makes sense for a double tire system. I also saw a Huss Pirate swinging ship that uses a single electric reversing tire at Darien Lake. So there is a variation on that model. Zamperla uses a single electric reversing tire on the Galleon. Also, Chance came out with a 2nd generation of their swinging ship, called Pharaoh's Fury. This one uses 4 electric tires in a row that switches direction. They don't raise and lower like the Sea Dragon did, and the tires are smaller than the Sea Dragon.

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