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Cessation-B&M Inverted Coaster [RCT3]

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Guess who's back (back back)? Back again (again again). Atem's back (back back). Tell a friend (friend friend). Now this looks like a ride from me, so everybody, just follow me, cause we need a little controversy, cause it feels so empty without me.


Okay, now that I've proven that I am EXTREMELY white, I must present, my official* return to making those crappy RCT3 rides you know and love.


*Denotes: I can (and may) cancel this project at any time due to lack of inspiration and schoolwork etc, I have an extremely hard work schedule, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep the inspiration that I have now up, but it's by far the most progress I've made in months.


What kind of ride might this be? You ask. Well, it's a Nemesis styled B&M Invert, including the drop of Great Bear. This is sure to be a winner (ok maybe not, all my rides suck) so stay tuned as I continue working on this truly amazing project. And yes, the supports are decent.


That piece of track up there looks like it'll provide a nice fly-by for people waiting in line

Up the lift hill it goes

Money shot...ish...nah never mind, but it corkscrews over the lift hill! That's cool...right?

What an awesome lightning-quick transition into the helix that is.

It's a small drop, but it hangs off the side of a cliff!

It gets ever so close to that footpath

By gar, it's loopin dat loop!

This drop was totally not stolen or inspired by any inverted coaster with the words "great" and "bear" in it's name...you're smoking.

Yeah the drop is okay...BUT LOOK AT THAT MIST!!!

Just to give you an overview of what I'm workin with...yeah...nothing too special.


So that's it for this amazing update, with any luck, I'll have the slightest bit of time to have fun and not work over winter break, and with any more luck, I'll have time to work on this. Thanks for reading!


And 'Chappy' Chanukah to all my fellow brothers of Abraham, you're all putzes!

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It looks great so far, especially the supports. I love how it is a mix of great bear and nemesis, both very unique. Also, the eminem opening was the most amazingly awesome white thing ever, and thats saying something as I'm pretty damn white myself.


The I wish I was Jewish, 13 Days til Christmas Ghost

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^ Lucky, do you do all the nights of Chanukah and not do gifs on christmas or like half of the nights and then some chrsiatmas gifts. Are youre parents awesome and you get every night of hankukah plus a bunch of christmas gifts? Just curious because I dont know anyone who does Christams and Chanukah.


The Extremely Average White Christian American Ghost

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I think we're venturing into the realm of off topicness here haha, buuuut I usually just get mild presents on the first night of Channukah, like all I got was a couple pairs of jeans and a starbucks gift card, and then for Christmas, I'll usually get a few decent things from my parents...of course my birthday is also on the second of the month, so it's a month full of presents!


To get back on topic: I like coasters. ...boobs.

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^^What interlocking corkscrews?...

^Haha thanks



So, what have I been working on might you ask? Well, I've supported up to the last corkscsrew *save for flanges and knuckles* and begun work on toying around with theming, you know, seeing what works...enjoy!

View of the newly partially enclosed lift hill, it's still a work in progress.

What the lift hill looks like from the first drop

This is how close you get to the footpath before the last corkscrew...cool...I know.

Damn skippy that's a cool lookin' lift hill

Corkscrew from the lift hills naughty, ugly, backside.

It's a work of art. You can say it.

New supports in the trench...fascinating!

What the view looks like going into the lift hill...are you bored yet?

I think I may take this giant peni...er I mean drop tower out, it really doesn't look like it belongs, but your opinion is more than welcome!


That's it for this totally awesome and radical update, please give me your feedback![/b]

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I like a lot of it, except for the supports through the lift hill enclosure, and the all orange trains. Otherwise the supports look good from what I can see.


And regarding the Peni... I would say it depends on the park. A park with an invert that big would probably be able to handle it, but if you are going to try to fit the coaster into a smaller park than take it out.

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"What's that you say Duncan? You want to dive again?!" (bonus points if you get the reference)...oh wait. What's that you say? You want another update? Well here ya FREAKIN go.

As clearly demonstrated, supporting, flanging, and knuckling (and not the fun kind of knuckling [hopefully you know what I mean] ) is done!

I enclosed the pre-lift, and now it leads to the partially enclosed lift hill...yep, this is a good use of my time.

What a peaceful looking airplane crash site...

...yep, so peaceful, even the ride circles around it...(BTW, I TOTALLY did not mistime this shot)...

...OH MY GOD! IT EXPLODES!!!!! (now who saw that one coming?!)

Millennium Force's queue, eat your heart out.

"Well it's a good thing we wont be having to walk through that ridiculously long set of switchbacks...but the other ridiculously long set on the other hand..."

This is what the station looks like at the moment. It's a box. Don't worry, it's gonna change.

This is what it would look like if you were an imaginary ride operator.


And that concludes this absolutely fantastic update, please comment, I worked so long and hard...er I mean I worked on it!

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Update: 12/19/09

Subject: Stuff Happened

Where: On my ride

What: Be patient and you'll see

Am I wasting your time?: Yes


Okay, so as stated, I have an update, basically what I did was put footers on all of my ride's beautiful supports, and create a funky queue house. It's really not all that much, or all that cool looking since I suck arse at everything, but alas, I put mild effort into it!


Enjoy your update...oh, and the ride finally has a name and theme!

As you can see, the ride is footer'd and sand'd.

Here's the new queue house, it's meant to (yet fails at) look like a run down old lookout shack for the people trying to hold off the Terminator Salvat....er I mean Cessation.

Entrance. If this was themed anything like Terminator Salvation: The Ride, which it so totally is NOT, "The Day the World Went Away" by Nine Inch Nails would be here.

Thar be two stories to this run of the muck shack

This is what it looks like on the inside...it's not very fascinating...yet

Exiting the queue house, and OMG FIRE!!!!

Scenic overview...yeah...you can add your own comment for this picture if you'd like.

Exterior during the day=3 flags.

Exterior during the night=3...1/2 flags!!!

Now does the queue house look cool?!!!

How about now?...ew...Laker colors. Excuse me, I have to puke.

Aaaaand the update ends here with a night time overview.


So hopefully you like what I've done...if not, then you suck! (but not really)

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When I saw this at first I was kind of "meh". But you've really shown some pretty awesome theming, and from what I can see I really like the layout.

Where did you download that Intamin CR btw? I have one too, but it looks like s*** compared to yours!

Uhhhh what Intamin CTR? I'm not using one in this, but thanks for the comment, hopefully, it'll only get better!


Looks really good so far.


If I were you, I'd shorten that queue line a little, and make all the lights red. Theming looks promising, but I'll wait until you've done a little more before making a comment.

I may shorten the exterior queue a bit, but I think I'm going to keep the decently large que house, and sadly, I think the lights are gonna stay the way they are because it would be a bitch to replace them as red (but don't worry, red is one of the colors in their strobe cycle).

Thanks man!

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Uhhhh what Intamin CTR? I'm not using one in this

He was talking about the drop tower I think . I don't like the drop tower in relation to this particular ride, looking in the drop tower picture you posted it makes the actual coaster look midget; unless you want to turn this project into a fully themed area/park I'd take it out (if you already haven't )


I'm Loving the layout A LOT. Flawless use of CS which puts me to total shame, and great theming which also puts me to shame. I love the partially enclosed lift hill and I'm interested in seeing what else you can add to make it even better! Keep it up

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^^The terraforming is about as smooth as it can get, but yeah, I'm gonna add more to it. Thanks for the nice comments people!


^ohhhh the drop tower, I got that off of the Atari forum, don't worry though, it has already been killed, thanks dude! Hopefully I'll meet expectations with this, I really need to work on the station and theming some of the layout...oh and the transfer track, when it's all said and done, it should be pretty decent. Thanks!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Uhhhh Uhhhh Uhhhh UPDATE!!!!


That's right, boys, girls, boygirls, and pedobears alike, it's time for yet another update on my craptastic ride!

So yeah, I've done a lot of work, here's the future locker and flash pass area!

See?! I wasn't lying.

The wreckage area...nothing special really.

Tree spotting! ...is that a light?

This is a receding tree line, not a receding hair line, if you want a receding hair line, then click this link: http://assets.gearlive.com/celebrities/blogimages/JudeLaw_bald.jpg

It's very Tree-y, rocky, and grassy up here.

"Fly my pretty."

Here's a rock wall. Marvel at it.

Rocks Rocks Rocks Rocks Gamecocks Rocks Rocks C***s Rocks Rocks

Grass Grass Grass Grass Bass Grass Grass Grass A** Grass Grass Grass

The legendary 2 train shot.

Levitra, or fire? You decide.

It's the same picture, BUT NOW THE TRAIN'S OVER THERE!

And here's your standard progress overview...part one.

"Hey baby, why don't we kill the lights?...well technically, the sun went down and we're reviving the lights...but I speak in metaphors hun."

Ahhh yeah, Levitra land is allll lit up

Levitra land is ALL lit up now!

I am running out of captions since my brain is totally fried...COLORS!



And all those haters thought it was impossible to get a corkscrew THROUGH THE LOOP shot.

Look at all those colors...not enough Levitra though.

"You're so beautiful, oh you could be a waitress!"

"Look at the stars, see how they shine for you, and they were all orange..."

Oh thank God! No more pictures, I can finally stop making this BS update!


Now, I order anyone reading this to comment and give me feedback "Be more constructive with your feedback" (bonus points if you get that reference).

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Thanks for the link to your videos. Going to take me some time to get though all those and "that's a good thing"*. Something to look forward to for days (weeks) to come.


*"that's a good thing" is a registered trademark of the Martha Stewart corporation and was not used with permission, please don't sue.

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