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New TPR Photoshop Contest!

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The name really fits the Bed, Bath part...and the ride certainly works with the Beyond, so this was just a natural sponsor!


Now you just made choosing my favorite even harder . lol!!!!


Whole Lotta Dance Dance Revolution: The Ride


oh the joy of this! loving it.


Oh God...........
you know like starbucks, they do pop up every where. As much money as there is in Wal-Mart, why not start the Wal-Mart Park chain.... Where entry is a free, and the rides are a bargain, we'll match any price! lol


New this fall on Sci-Fi!


oh i wouldnt be able to choose.




Much better with the extra stabbing, although even with the knives Mr Six looks pretty unthretening still.





I've now had time to do my entry, its a bit over 800x600 cos it looked a bit squashed hope thats ok =]


oh this rules! the best!


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I'm going to go ahead and make this my official entry. Admittedly, it's lightyears away from being Bag 'O Crap-worthy, but it made me laugh, and every time I enter one of these contests, I learn a little more about Photoshop. So that's what really matters. Cue the "Afterschool Special" ending.


Following the Phoenix and the Golden Nugget, Knoebel's continues its tradition of purchasing and operating classic amusement park attractions.

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Adam - I guess that was SFA's *big* announcement. Except instead of moving rides from HRP, they moved SFA. Good stuff! If SFAfan#1 was still here, he would probably stab someone when he saw that.



The South Park one is awesome too! Needs something themed to Manbearpig, and it would be perfect.



My vote is between those two.

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