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New TPR Photoshop Contest!

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How about they rename it ConAir Park....then the guests will board a plane somewhere else, only discovering after they are in the air that their are convicts on the plane with them then they fly into the park...crashing each time into the main Hard Rock guitar.....from here, they are left to their defenses to try and escape the park and its murderous thugs....a combo of Hard Rock Park, ConAir, and Escape From New York....


ConAir Park

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I decided it would be best to commemorate the 42nd president of the United States of America by retheming the park to George W Bush. Anyone recognize that banner hanging above the entry gate?


Hope this doesn't make to many people upset haha.

Also, thanks Johnny UpsideDown for the image.


Recognize that banner from a certain speech about a certain war?

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Well, Disney has always wanted to open a new park in this area of the country....now they can....and base it upon the "new DCA" that is being built.....but give it a nice southern feel.....


To begin with....Maximum becomes Mickeys Fun Wheel....and yes, I am trying to keep this on a good path.....some many offensive oppurtunities can be explored here.....


Mickeys Fun Wheel East

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Space Mountain Mission 3, coming soon to Disney's Carolina Kingdom.


Based on the former Led Zeppelin - The Ride, Walt Disney Imagineering decided that Space Mountain was boring, so they called B&M for an infusion of awesome to the classic ride.


Bonus: Find the hidden


Space Mountain: M3 Hyperspace Tunnel


Official Entry #1

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