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Alright so my friend Mattan Cohen and I(Jay Salahi) have been making little parody movies and stuff since 7th grade. We are called Smiley Productions. So now we want to make it in the bizz and be serious. we are sophomores so..


We were going to make a full legth movie called AL, but then we had problems and we decied to make short films instead as we were not ready.

Tonight we found out are first short film "Rooftop" that in....


The OC film Festival we our nominated for:


-Best short film


-Best Director


-Best Producer


-Best editing


-Best Story


-Best Acting


But I can not show you untill we are done with are film fesitval run(we are puting it in more).


so untill then we will slowly show you are old chessy kid movies, and stills and the trailer for Rooftop.


SO... add!







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Well its taken a while ive been busy and we have had some problems so Rooftop wont be up for a while.

But I have a couple stills.






And here is a preview for a music video that should be done by the end of the month

the song is Take a Bow - Muse



So yeah, thats it for now



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Wait is Rooftop going to be serious or parody?


Very serious. The kid ones i have up are just thing we made when we were little.

Now we have taken film classes and are serious. This is our first movie.

We are not counting the little parody movies.


And i thank all of you or the support. Up untill last night no one really showed any intrest.


Check out the myspcae page - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=437927618



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]Well I was able to get Rooftop up on Youtube its in Hd. But its in 2 parts so watch both!


Please watch and give your feedback. A review hopefully. Dont hold back i want to hear it all. Just remeber where in high school.




Part 1 -


Part 2 -




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