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SF Great America '09: Buccaneer Battle

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I'm pretty sure that all of the other Splash Battle attractions offer free water devices to the spectators. Does anyone know differently?


I thought that was kind of the point so you can consider it a 'free attraction for spectators and riders' type thing.

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Wow, this ride keeps looking better and better. I wasn't expecting much after looking at the concept art, but this should be a popular ride with families. While I miss Deja vu, it is nice that my home park is adding a non-coaster ride that I can ride since I can't stand the spin-and-puke kind. It will look strange in County Fair, but this looks like it will be one of the best themed rides in the park.



I doubt that having to pay to use the water cannons on shore will have much of an impact. The cannons by the rapids ride always seem to have someone using them.

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I'm not sure if it is confirmed or not that the on-shore "cannons" will be free or not. The "cannons" at Dollywood were free and the ones at Great America appear to be the same type. Since the "cannons" are hand cranked, I'm not sure if the park would go through the hassle to change them up too much. I guess we shall see.

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