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Dollwood TR 8/20

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-This is a bit late but I just started school again!

-So it was a weird day. It was not crowded at all. Only parked out to C lot which is not many people. But all the OPEN rides had LONG lines!

-So Mystery Mine and Timber Tower where closed. Thunderhead broke down halfway through the day then only had one train op.

-Tennessee Tornado had one train op.

-O well I have a season pass so ill be back!


-Also wanted to point out that they have taken down all the signs that told you how long the wait was from all rides!


Some work out in the parking lot looks like they are expanding it again.


One Train Op

Broken Huss Ride! SCORE!

This is the general location of Adventure Mountain except alittle farther up right behind TT's Overbank.


Mmm.... Arrow goodness!


The one line that wasnt that bad. But still more than usally!



This is the new #4 train on Blazing Fury.

You couldnt ride on it yet cause they where breaking it in.

It has a different bumper than the older ones. The trains overall are the same just new.

Thunderhead through the trees from the entrance of the park!





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Nice PTR!


These operations were similar to my last visit (except MM was open). Now you see why I complained about it...lol.


This the norm (yeah it's a word! ), though, is it? I don't remember any of my other visits being so bad...

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