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Canada Trip

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Hello everyone.


I guess not many of you know who "Wood Dragon 1988" actually is, because I don't post much, and the site gets like 3 million posts per day and stuff. About 50 members here know me, because they enjoyed the insanity that was the 5-day Behemoth/Ravine Flyer Mini Trip with me earlier this month. (And if you haven't been living under a rock for the past year, you probably already knew what this report was about after reading the title, but anyway). Since hardly anyone here really knows me, I will introduce myself briefly. My name is Chris, and I am 19 years old. I live in Maryland, and got into coasters 3 years ago. Now that I finally have a car, some money, and a little time, I thought I would finally see what all this TPR fuss was about, so I joined this "mini-trip," and signed up some time in May. This may be "mini-trip" for Theme Park Review, but it certainly was a major trip for me!


Before this trip, I had never stepped foot outside the United States.....in fact my parents hadn't even stepped foot outside the United States! I had met about 3 enthusiasts in my entire park-going life, and none of the 52 coaster freaks I would meet on this trip. The awesome thing was that by the end of the trip, I would not only ride great rides and see great places I had never been, but I would meet so many of these cool people.......the people really made this trip.


Okay, I'll stop rambling and try to get to some pictures. I will confess that our first park didn't get much love from my Kodak EasyShare Camera.....don't know why, but I only have a few post-worthy pictures. I promise you the other updates will be a tad more interesting. I'll do my best to keep this TR a bit unique, because I know a lot of you have seen this about a dozen times by now!


Not much of a photo, but this represents my first ever ERT session. It was a great way to cap off a three hour car ride, and a six hour bus ride!! I deserve 30 minutes on a coaster after all that.


Mike and Newly Straight Adam Enjoying Whirl Wind.


As much as I would have liked for a classic ride at this old park to be its star attraction, my favorite of the day was easily Whirl Wind-my first MS Spinning Coaster. The ride was great! I can only imagine what rides like Dragon's Fury and Winjas are like when the portable models are this insane


See, Bobsleds is a nice family coaster--that didn't stop Jason from riding it 20 times during ERT!! ;)




The pirate ship, and the music express were the first two flats we rode during the trip.






Not the best pic, but I liked the way the hill was lit up at night. Not much of the rest of the ride was, so you still got a nice, dark ride.


The first coaster of our tour was Jack Rabbit. This was fun, but it would be very awesome if it actually had a little airtime. It had a very long, dark tunnel, but the airtime was really hampered by the Morgan trains


Anyone know what our first park was by now?

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Day two began with Darien Lake.


This was a decent park, kind of the definition of mediocrity. I didn't hate anything here, but besides ROS, the Enterprise, and TPR there was nothing outstanding about it.


It is safe to say that Jahan enjoyed this one more than I did.......more Darien Lake pics shortly


Josh and Matt look excited for Viper-our first Arrow of the trip


Dan approves this sign!


Brad came all the way from New Mexico to ride the flume with Matt Damon!


A boat full of TPR members enjoy the ride


About to get soaked?


It's a log flume


Now onto my first flume of the trip-as you can see, they weren't quite full capacity that day....


How 'bought this one? Newly Gay Adam lost his SLC virginity to this ride, and liked it so much he made everyone ride again!!! (Serious, he did actually like it!)


After ERT was over, everyone was wondering what mediocre coaster to ride next?


Once everyone got loaded into SROS, it kicked ass!!! I have ridden all three ROS's this year: they are all great, but this one is right in between SFNE's and SFA's.


Ahhh, the Intamin curse makes its way to upstate New York. ERT started 15 minutes late, because the train was stuck here for quite a while......but TPR always knows how to make up for stuff like this.....


Well, everyone's in the station ready for ERT, but where's the train?


This may look like just a lift-hill shot, but if you look closely, you can see parts of all six hills--the last four provide awesome ejector airtime!!


Josh models the awesome Behemoth Bash shirts every member of the tour got TWO of!


Confession time: Matt (MS 13) and I rode this in the front, and it dissapointed me......I was expecting BY FAR, the worst wooden coaster I have ever ridden, but I think Matt can back me up that the ride was actually good! The hills produced some wild air, the turns were a bit shaky, but not terrible at all. You could tell it wasn't cared for very well, but I still had fun on it and was completely shocked! I thought it was hilarious to hear Newly Gay Adam behind us moaning like he was giving birth or something (and he's the guy who said Son of Beast was his favorite wooden one day earlier!), while Matt and I were enjoying a decent ride! We rode again towards the back to see if we were crazy (and we had ERT so we can do that easily!) and it was worse, but I would still take that ride over some that I have had on Roar or Rolling Thunder.


I like how Darien's SROS kind of fits in with the rest of the park. I mean, you can't miss that thing out on the road, and it seems to go right along with the path in the park......this is very unlike SFA's, which just seems ploped in a field


Everyone is ready for ERT on an Intamin!! And Tony's filming......


Here's what you need to get in


Welcome to Darien Lake

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More Darien Lake pics


You've probably seen this before, but here lies the remains of an old stand up coaster.....thank's for reading, Martin's Fantasy Island complete with the trip's BEST wooden coaster and BEST log flume will be coming shortly.


Oh boy, first Enterprise of the trip! I'm hooked on these things, and when I found out Darien Lake had a "one-of-a-kind" Enterprise, (no joke, check http://www.flatrides.com/Ride%20Index%20Pages/fahtzeenterprise.html ) it became one of my "must rides" for the trip. Well, we were running a bit short on time, but we finally found this little thing, and I was able to convince James, Matt, John, and a few others to ride with me. I really liked it, as it had great leg room and head room. If you notice the ride is tighter than the HUSS models, providing great forces. I have to admit I like the HUSS models better, but this was better than the Schwarzkopfs. I'm glad John sacraficed winning a free motorcycle to ride this thing with us.....sorry John.


I felt halfway bad after leaving, because the Intamin demons struck ROS again right after we got off!


TPR members using their exit passes.....I felt like a total jerk right here, because I had *never* used any sort of fast pass, q bot, or exit pass before. The line was like an hour, so I felt sorry for the GP, but the ride was great!


So, this is one awesome way TPR and Darien Lake made up for a little kink in the program. ERT was shortened by about 15 minutes, so the park was nice enough to give our whole group exit passes to ride Ride of Steel one more time without a wait! Good thing, because I thought it was our best ride of the day.


What the fountains look like without my head in the way


Here is my face making the pretty area pretty darn ugly.


This was one of the prettier areas of Darien Lake, for all you flower and courtyard enthusiasts.




Flags, flowers, and two of Ride of Steel's hills. The smaller one being my favorite of the ride-just so much air.


The picnic area was a great place to get some Ride of Steel shots. SFA's SROS may be a mirrored clone of Darien's, but SFA's helix doesn't have this type of surroundings!


Some folks decided to sit on the grass


First meal of the trip was pretty good


Ready for our first catered meal of the trip? This was really one of the BEST perks the trip had to offer. Not only was the food pretty darn good, it was enough to fill up even an ACER for the whole day. Between this and the breakfasts, you really didn't need to buy any other meals


Lift hill shot of Viper

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Nice report. I see some of the group I toured with, on the TPR Europe tour back in June/July.


Hey Ben! Hi Stacey!


But I have to ask...


Newly "Straight" and/or Newly "Gay" Adam???


Yeah, that got my attention, LOL.


Please explain, if you can, thanks in advance.


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Yeah, predator wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it would be.

I actually quite enjoyed it! Not amazing, but just plain fun!

I thought it was WAY underrated, at least toward the front.

Toward the back, a little more rough, but not nearly as bad as a few coasters the next day!

Superman (yeah, I'll say it!) is now my favorite coaster, and most people saying that the other ones are better has me excited!

I felt like a jerk to, skipping line, but it was the best ride of the day, so that easily went away!

And oh yeah, that enterprise was damn awesome, I would have skipped it if you had said nothing!

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Newly "Straight" and/or Newly "Gay" Adam???


I think Adam (Jedi Master screen name) got this name, because he got his "boob credit" from Tyler, who of course is his room mate, and a man! He did end up winning Elissa Bingo, but he won it at the expense of Robb and later the title fairy giving him the name "Newly Gay Adam."


I called him Newly Straight Adam once just to change it up.



^Superman at SFNE is clearly better, but after recently riding SFA's SROS, I think that thing has aged about 10 years over the last few months. It had so much rattle to it that awesome turning-bunny hop (the same one DL's has) wasn't even enjoyable. I think the TPR members who rode it a week earlier would agree with me.



next update should be late tomorrow

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Day two brought us to Martin's Fantasy Island. This was one of the most surprising parks of the trip. I was expecting Silver Comet to be pretty good, and it actually exceeded my expectations. It is somewhere around my top 5 wooden coasters, out of 45 total. However, the rest of the park was awesome as well. The best log flume of the trip, ninjas, a crap-your-pants star flyer, ballons, I Got It, and one of the best ERT sessions of the trip. ERT was completely new to me on the night before this one, but it is funny how ERT is a concept that is easy to get used to!


Anyway, I really enjoyed Martin's. I especially liked how the staff and management all seemed pretty excited that we were here. They almost looked like they felt privileged to host the event. For example, this one ride opp by the flume was very interested in our group, and was even looking forward to working the ERT session later that night! She ended up working Crazy Mouse during ERT and not Silver Comet and was actually disappointed. If I was ever in the area again, I would probably go to Martin's over Darien Lake.


This pic symbolises my first entry into Canada, and my first time leaving the United States! Right after I took it, Tony told me to put my camera away.......trust me, he didn't say it often.


Is this better than Son of Beast, Adam?


A bunch of TPR members are on this train. Let's see if I get everyone's name right: Jahan, Robb, Max, Dave, Neil, Natalie, Tyler, Josh, Brad, Jason, Roxane, Leo, Matt, Newly Gay Adam, and Tony and Dan in the back.


Silver Comet may be located in a "family park," but it is definitely a very thrilling ride! The coaster begins with a drop and two small bunny hills, the second of which provided probably the most stand-up airtime of the trip. It helped that the ride opps were being extremely "generous" in terms of stapling.....one other great perk of ERT in small parks. The ride does a few turn arounds, with an airtime-producing double down mixed in. All the turns are pretty agressive, and the last one is ALMOST too rough, but still very fun. As Robb said it "hurt so good!" I rode this about a dozen times, and would have ridden more had I not had to make the "walk of shame" during ERT to get the Crazy Mouse Credit.


Silver Comet as seen from the Giant Slides.


The station looked good, and was modeled after one of the older "Comets."


Silver Comet- I know I am in the minority, but I thought it was the best wooden coaster on the trip.


I almost forgot that the park had some coasters.


You could see Niagra Falls' mist, the city skyline, Marineland, and a bigger ferris wheel from Martin's wheel.


Robbie's head, and a bunch of ferris wheel supports.


Everyone got a little picture-happy on this scenic ride.


While some TPR members wanted a bit more wetness, others decided to take-over the ferris wheel.


I can't believe I didn't ride ONE Tilt-A-Whirl during this trip....I do have a good excuse though. I think I got food poisoning the night before the trip, after eating at some now-forbidden local Chinese resaurant. Not a good move. My stomach finally cleared up on about day five, but I tried to avoid most of the spinning stuff until then. I'm just hoping my body will be able to handle the jet-lag that will occur on a trip that may actually be a time-zone or two away!


Some hot "I got it" action. I actually played this for one or two rounds, and it was fun.


This was the second catered meal of the day.......you are really treated like Royalty on TPR trips. On an average trip to a park, I feel more like just a number.


We finally make it over to the buffet, past all the pretty flags.


Matt looks like he's kind of unsure though....although it is always hard to tell what Matt is thinking, so I really don't know!


I definitely apporve of this ride.


If you are not convinced that this little ride can get you wet, I think you are now!


Robb races over to film all the "wetness" action.


Everyone wet enough?



Hands up going down that monster drop


Everyone's wondering, "Why we are actually queueing for this, when we could be at the buffet?."


Now we're talkin! This kiddie-looking flume was my favorite water ride of the trip.


More TPR members brave the Star Flyer.


Mike and Matt look like they are searching for something.


You get pretty high up there.


Beth was the only one brave enough to befriend a ninja.


Robb said we would crap our pants on this ride. It wasn't THAT bad.




Fortunitely, it was a scenic walk.


You had to walk quite a while to get to most of the rides..........


Welcome to Martin's, TPR's 3rd park in about 28 hours!

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Matt looks like he's kind of unsure though....although it is always hard to tell what Matt is thinking, so I really don't know!

Haha...so true!

Actually, I was really confused about what just happened!

I was expecting a really crappy log flume, and got the biggest surprise of the trip!

I'm so happy the ride attendant suggested that I leave my bag in the station, as I was ready to take it on the ride with me!

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Is this better than Son of Beast, Adam?


Its up there...


My current top ten wooden ranking is now as follows:


1. Boulder Dash

2. El Toro

3. Phoenix

4. Lighting Racer (Lighting)

5. Silver Comet

6. Ravine Flyer II (only because of our ERT session that night)

7. Son of Beast (with loop)

8. Beast

9. Dania Beach Hurricane

10. Gwazi Tiger (On its way out)

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I am going to do this in smaller updates, because when I try to do large one's my old computer craps up.....sorry.


Okay, so day three brought us to Canada's Wonderland.......for 14 hours!!! 14 hours at a Cedar Fair park is not the most attractive sounding idea for me, but I have to admit, I really like Canada's Wonderland. The place seemed very nice looking and very well taken care of for a Paramount/Cedar Fair product. TPR being with me at the park didn't hurt either. During those 14 hours we got 2 hours of ERT on 5 coasters, a breakfast buffet, a lunch/Q&A Session/TPR trivia, a Behemoth walk-back, 13 new credits, cool flat rides, and a waterpark takeover. It was also cool that I was able to meet a few of the members that came just for Behemoth Bash. They seemed to enjoy the day, and I think the event was a huge success. Glad Canada's Wonderland management concluded after much "Market Research" that inviting TPR to their park would be a success.


The coasters, however, were a different story! Some have said that they were mediocre, but I will go as far as saying most were flat out bad. Valare, SLC, jr. SLC, boomerang, Togo.........you get the picture. The woodens also got a bit of bashing, deservedly so, but I still think they weren't quite as bad as people are saying. Thank goodness for Behemoth and Vortex. Fortunately, about half of my rides were on Behemoth that day, so I didn't need too much Advil. On to pictures......


I don’t think Dick Kinzel approves of this area


This brought back some nostalgia from old-school PKD. Hannah was wacked from my local park about 10 years ago.


Terrible. I don’t know why. I usually don’t mind Arrow loopers, and there was plenty of straight track, weak-looking drops, and block brakes to go around, but this thing shook me like no other. Easily my least favorite Arrow coaster, and possibly my least favorite coaster ever. I actually wanted to reride, to see if my first ride was just a fluke, but I passed.


Lift hill shot of Dragon Fire, which was……….


We are at a Cedar Fair Park…..


This was our SECOND breakfast buffet of the morning! You really are treated like royalty on a TPR trip. BTW, are Canadians really into croissants, or was it just coincidence that they had a substantial amount at both breakfast establishments?


These fountains looked sexy…..much better looking than KD’s for some reason, and ten times better than Carowind’s one-fountain-and-a-pole entrance.


Neil and Jake have the right look for an SLC, though.


They are smiling on a Zamperla Volare! WTF?!


We began the day with an hour of ERT on Behemoth, Stunt Coaster, and Time Warp. Right when I was taking this photo, I was thinking “I can’t believe I’m actually here, in Canada, 500 miles from home, riding coasters.”

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More from Wonderland


Minebuster was rough in parts, boring in others, and had at least one pop of airtime over one of the first hills. I rode once during our nightime ERT and then headed to Behemoth.


There were fish all around the stream by Behemoth, and many of them decided to congregate by this little waterfall in the middle of the park.


Me holding up Behemoth.


It’s Behemoth, not much else to say. Go to Canada’s Wonderland and ride it. But I am warning you the line was well outside of the queue area when this pic was taken!


Ahhhhh, these trims didn’t KILL the ride, but they did wound it a bit. Behemoth was great, and I rode it close to 20 times. I still think I prefer Apollo’s, Nitro, and Goliath to this, but all four are so close. It was weird that I got much better airtime in the front compared to the back. I think this may be because the trims hurt the momentum of the train more when the back half reached the crest of the hills…….if that makes any since at all.


The Behemoth walk-back was one of the coolest perks of the trip. As you can see, everyone took a ton of pictures, and you’ve probably seen most of them, so I won’t post too many of mine :)


Lunch time. Honestly, it wasn’t that great, but after two breakfast buffets and a lunch buffet, I was full for the rest of the day!


I passed on Riptide, because I think non-floorless topspins are hell-on-earth for tall people anyway.


Scooby Doo. Honestly, I liked KD’s and Carowinds better, but I like the fact that junior woodens’ cars always seem to shift around, making them feel more like “real” coasters.


I thought Josh didn’t ride small coasters!

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Last batch from Canada's Wonderland.


And I will leave you with Canada’s Wonderland’s world-famous Wonder Mountain. Thanks you Wonderland and TPR for a great day!


Fountains doing their thing at night……again much cooler than KD’s fountain show.


Among other things, Ben discovered his favorite position while in Canada.


Behemoth’s lift gets lit up red at night….this was a nice touch as we could see it from our hotel a few miles away. Shortly before this pic was taken, James and I got an AWESOME ride on the Enterprise…….not only was this Enterprise cool because it was an Enterprise, and they rock, but it was also home to the best ride-announcement EVER! The ride opp got on the microphone and said, “This is just a reminder that Marineland SUCKS! Thank you for coming to Wonderland….” Nice to see ride opps supporting their park. Other good announcements included this dude on Vortex during ERT, and the dude on Behemoth all day….


I did, however, do this awesome toilet bowl. This was my first toilet bowl slide, and my favorite slide of the day!


Since I had all my 13 credits (only those that were non-dirty, REAL coasters!), I decided to take part in the 10-people-strong waterpark takeover. I had a great time here, even though I couldn’t help but question my sanity when I was at a waterpark in the snowy country of Canada at dusk! It was very cold here, but a nice break from the coasters. Max was the only one who had enough energy to do this big, multi-lane slide.


Canada: home of the maple tree.


Skyrider was pleasantly better than KD’s Shockwave, and Carowind’s Vortex for that matter! It even had a pop of airtime, which was very weird standing up. Still not the funnest coaster ever, but the dude riding beside me called it “Radical,” which I guess is how Canadians say “Kick-ass.”

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wood dragon 1988 wrote: I felt like a total jerk right here, because I had *never* used any sort of fast pass, q bot, or exit pass before. The line was like an hour, so I felt sorry for the GP, but the ride was great!

It gets easier every time .

That Old Mill flume at Fantasy Island looks oddly cool . Overall cool TR.

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After a very early morning after 14 hours at Wonderland, we all could use a nice 2-hour bus ride and a 2-mile walk! I actually thought Marineland was a nice break from all the nonsense that was Wonderland. This place was quiet, laid back, certainly a lot of "nothingness," but also very beautiful at the same time. They don't have a lot of rides, but the one's they do have seem to be taken care of well.


I didn't get to see Niagara Falls up close and personal, because our ERT sessions took a long time to finish! It took a long time to walk to Dragon Mountain, then it took some more time to walk to the S&S tower. Then, we waited for them to put the tower in elevator mode so we could get pictures. By this time, I would have had to run over to the falls in order to see them before the bus left. I still had a meal card to use, so I opted for the food over the culture as any enthusiast would We got a good look at them during a fairly long border crossing RIGHT over Niagara Falls, but I am still kicking myself for being on mile away from the falls and not seeing them on foot.


Insert Disneyland joke here.


It’s a bear…….not much else to say.


I didn’t even know this place had a topple tower. It was decent I guess.


Now you enter the mountain itself, through the mouth of the dragon.


Good shot of the park's two major rides.


The first entrance to Dragon Mountain.


Shot/Drop Tower. Note the large hill.


This is pretty much how a lot of the park looked. Trees and pavement.


We took the left of course.


The flowers at the entrance looked nice.


Three flags flying over Marineland.

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Okay, for a brief review of Dragon Mountain- I liked it quite a bit. My favorite and least favorite Arrow loopers are in Canada. Although I have to say Loch Ness Monster has better forces through the loops and airtime down the drops, Dragon Mountain wins by just a hair because of the length and uniqueness of the ride. Both rides have countless brakes on them, but for old Arrows, they may be needed. My only complaint about Dragon Mountain was the discomfort, primarily resulting from my height. I have heard shorter people dislike Arrows because of headbanging, but Arrows give me shoulder strain. Here is a great pic taken by Hanno that displays how I look like a helpless white turtle trying not to overextend my neck with those wretched little Over-the-shoulder-restraints.




Alright, a few more pics taken by me.


I will leave you with one last shot of the falls. Waldameer and the ERT session of death coming soon!


Random cliffs culture credit.


Looks so cool. Guess this lookout thing was on the American side?


Back on the bus, this is Niagara Falls, the city, I think.


Yea, the view was decent!


Nerd shot.


Everyone is more concerned about their cameras than posing for mine!


Everyone enjoying their view.


Dragon Mountain had a LONG lift-one of the longest Arrow lift hills I’ve ever encountered. But as you can see, it goes right up a mountain, so the train is never more than a few feet off the ground.


Overview of Dragon Mountain.


Alright, these next few pics were taken from Sky Screamers hill. It was quite a walk to get up there, but you got a nice view at the top.


Including a bunch of sad-and-pathetic TPR members.


Kiddie coaster for people of all shapes and sizes.


Blurry, but my favorite sign of the trip had to be included!

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One of these things is not like the others... one of these things is a lanky Canadian in a bright-red bathing suit!


I decided to take part in the 10-people-strong waterpark takeover.


Best part of the day besides ERT! It was like the coldest thing ever when the sun went below the horizon and riding the Toilet Bowl, but it totally rocked!



That looks almost exactly like me riding an Arrow. For some reason I manage to get the full package of head-neck-shoulder-knee bashing.


Awesome TR man. Congratulations on making us your first country credit!


Dan "When a man tires of TPR, he is tired of life, for there is with TPR all that life can afford" Smith


P.S. If I recall correctly, I rode with you on the Toilet Bowl, right? That was bloody hilarious.

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So after quite a layoff, I am finally ready to start my Waldameer update. After running a little low on memory, I don’t have too many Waldameer pics, so sorry.


This will be hard for me, because unfortunately, I did not fall in love with either Waldameer or Retroactive as much as a lot of people did. I honestly thought the park was mediocre. In comparison to other traditional parks like Idlewild, Kennywood, Knoebels, or Lake Compounce, it is a few steps behind. They are headed in the right direction with Ravine Flyer II I guess, but they need to work out a few other non-ride issues as well. A few of our tour members had initial reactions like Waldameer was more like a carnival than they were expecting, and I would have to agree with them after our 6-hour-visit.


My only real complaint about the park was the restrooms. I know that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but for a Tuesday, there is no way some little family-owned park should have restrooms the way those were…….whatever……. off my rant.


The place did have some cool little rides. The drop tower was awesome. Not only was there no way of knowing when you got to the top, but the shoulder restraints were not cumbersome at all and allowed a ton of airtime all the way down. The view of the park and Lake Erie was also pretty sweet. If anyone knows who makes these drop towers, it would be much appreciated. I personally had more fun on that than I have ever had on an Intamin or S&S tower. Ravine Flyer II was a pretty good coaster, but it was getting rough already IMO. It is amazing I am so down on the place, after I will freely admit that some of the ERT rides were perhaps the best coaster rides I have ever had. All I can say is thank you to a couple of awesome, young ride ops who let us continue to ride RFII in the thunderstorm.


I forget who said this but it was genius: “I think Cedar Point would shoot us if we were still on their coaster.”


On to the pictures:


Ravine Flyer II in all its glory.


That’s where we are. If I remember correctly, this sign was in the middle of the park, just like Knoebels’. Note: just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s good!!


I just loved this tower.


I rode this with a few folks instead of watching Retroactive.


Jason’s most anticipated ride of the day. I would agree with him that the version in Maryland is better.


Steel Dragon. This is the second half of my screen name’s name. I thought it looked a little rusty and rode far worse than the one at Seabreeze. Still a fun little spinner.


This is the second half of our “mini-trip's” name.

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A few more pics. Doing this in short updates, because I don't know how long my computer will hold up.


I really regret not taking more thunderstorm pics, but I really was having too much insanely dangerous fun to take a lot. Fortunately I got this one, which explains enough….but I just want to say thank you again to you awesome ride ops who left this open for us. For all of you who were sitting under the pavilion- YOU MISSED OUT….AND STILL GOT SOAKED!!


Hello down there!




Lions guarding Steel Dragon…WTF?




Now time for the spontaneous-and-random-pics-of-mostly-people part of the update. A lot of these need no explanation.


RFII from the ski-lift.


Shot of the scrambler taken from the ski-lift things. I can’t remember the last time I was on a ski-lift.

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Okay, so time for my final photo update.


If anyone didn't know, we went to three parks on the last day of the tour: Idlewild, Lakemont, and Delgrosso's. I think this was perhaps the most fun day I had on the tour for a few reason: 1. My stomach ache finally went away. 2. Idlewild was really fun. 3. DelGrosso's was really funny. 4. I finally was able to just chill and enjoy myself. and 5. All the bus rides were insane for one reason or another.


I was running out of memory by this time, and only got a handful of boring looking pics from this day of the tour.


It was sad that this was the final day of the tour, but I was happy to know that I met so many great people, had so much fun, and surprisingly the tour didn't go by extremely fast! It seemed to have a great pace to it. There is nothing much more I can say about TPR than the experience was UNBELIEVABLE, much better than photos can suggest. I am completely hooked on this website and this group of people, and will easily make every effort to go on a TPR tour every year they are available!


And there will be a few bonus pictures of a bonus park and a bonus credit that happened to be my 150th.


I personally thought the back seat rocked! More to come shortly


Credit failure.


My second Tobogan. I thought it was just boring, not rough. I found that if I hunched over and didn't put my head against the big bar, it didn't hurt.


Does ACE give themselves any credit, EVER???



Leap the Dips, perhaps you have heard that it's the oldest coaster in the world.


This was our bus. The bus rides throughout the day and night were amazing! From sauce to Winnie the Crap, to other random stuff, it was just great. I can't believe that just 5 days ago I was scared to death driving from Philly to Rochester.


This was the only pic of a real ride or a real person I got at Idlewild.


I have now been to Idlewild, Kennywood, and Lake Compounce and have never consumed one Potato Patch Fry. I clearly fail.


The climacting Hug-N-Song Party.


I have to say that when I saw Confusion Hill and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on the itinerary I was scratching my head. But they were awesome.


Unless you haven't paid attention to TPR for about a month, you know we "took over" this crazy ride.


Every where you look, the park looked great. It was one of my favorite parks of the trip. Some of you may not be planning to visit this park, because it doesn't have any "legit" coasters, but I assure you, the Vekoma mouse was REALLY good! Serisously, I don't think I've ever gotten more airtime on a Vekoma coaster and I have ridden quite a few.


This place reminded me of a kiddie Knoebels. It is owned by Kennywood's Spanish owners, but reminded me of Knoebels.


Welcome to Idlewild!

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Before I forget again, I need to explain why this TR has such a strange title. Well, before the trip, in an attempt to get a week off two jobs I sort of forgot to mention to some of my friends and coworkers that I would be riding any sort of rides on this trip…I basically told them I was taking a “bus tour” of Niagara Falls and Western New York. Which was partially true I guess! But for a few months my TPR trip was known as a Canada trip to many of my friends and coworkers.


Okay, one more batch of photos until the boring, coaster-nerd ride-rankings and such! Enjoy!


I'll leave you with this. I hope you enjoyed my report! Again, thank you TPR for an INCREDIBLE experience, and I will happily be back on a TPR bus next year!


I may not get to go to Japan for a while, but Vapor Trail represents "crazy Philly helixes."


Vapor Trail was my 150th credit....I know....sad and pathetic.


This park is owned by Busch....er-In-Bev-Busch?.....whatever it is. So, good landscaping is a must.


I really didn't want this tour to end, so I decided to go to Sesame Place with the group, something I didn't plan on doing before the trip. I had a great, relaxing few hours here, and I want to say thanks to Neil for giving up his ticket. I'm sorry you missed out, but I had a great time, so thanks! As you can see, the park was very crowded and quite popular for families.


As a sports fan, I appreciated how there were a bunch of stadiums all bunched together in Philly.


Philly was a new city-credit for me. That's pretty sad and pathetic, considering I was born and raised in DC, about 3 hours away! I still can't believe I missed out on any form of cheese and steak on a bun though.


Hello John!


Wooden coaster, go carts, and baseball....what more could you want?


"Go Curve" through the supports.


We were all "Curve" fans that day


For whatever reason, Skyliner is 75 years younger than Leap-the-Dips, but looks much older.


I would really like to watch a game here some time. Heck, maybe I will, since Lakemont is now my local park. Any park with that type of back drop is worth checking out.


Yay, some park finally allowed on-ride photos! Can anyone spot the TPR members in this photo?

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