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Hi! It's me again. Now, I was wondering if ANYONE could make an RCT2/3 or No Limits recreation of everyone's favorite coaster, Windjammer Surf Racers! (insert sarcasm here) Now, I don't want to make this a contest, but rather just quick topic that anyone out there can post a Windjammer recreation. I tried to make one on RCT3, but I didn't realize how hard it really is to make one. I just want to see how good you RCT/No Limits fans really are at making coasters.


Some suggestions: Get custom scenery such as Coaster Goodies, Steelworx (maybe even mouseworx for better supporting or whatever), Aceana's Pavement Essentials, etc. This will make it look more realistic. Also, I have a tip. Watch the 2001 Knotts Video on Coaster Expedition 1 and that should help you.


So let the building begin!

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Ok, I found some. Here they are. I couldn't find an ariel view, so I just looked for different photos of the layout itself. I'll search a bit more, so hang on tight.


A better look at the cars. And the annoying complex braking system!


A car-full of peeps saying "Get me off of this horrible Japaneese monster!!"


The loop on Red track again, just for a better view. You can also see the brakes again.


Windjammer Red coming out of the loop. You may notice that the yellow track has a hill angle that's un-useable on RCT3, so creating this section may be a bit of a challenge!


The loops. You can see those weird beams that connect the two loops. Wonder why......... You also get a view of the brakes.


Here you can see the lift, the turn to go to the drop and the loops, and the twisting layout in the later section of the ride.

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That's pretty good, by what I remember seeing on a video of it. If you want another tip, buy (unless you already own) Coaster Expedition 1 and watch the Knott's coaster footage. It shows the complete layout of the Red side. The only thing I see missing is the 2nd brake section. Right after the 2 duel on the overbanked curves there is one after a few bumps. By what I can see, they aren't there. But so far that is great!! Exactly what I was looking for! Now just add some scenery.


See the brakes on the top right? I don't see them on your track.

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before I start adding the scenery, I want to know if this is the right layout? Yes I did put all 10 cars in there. If you play RCT2 you know how much it block brakes will take up

I also would like to remind you that there is no scenery used(so far)




This should help out. A LOT



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^ Dude, you need to cool your posting jets.


It's starting to border on posting for psoting sake, and more importantly: Annoying.


And no one needs to pipe up after me, or the wrath of Matt will strike upon all of you with great vengence.




End of line.

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