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I'm auditioning for American Idol! (For the 3rd Time)


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Good luck, Xmeister! If you make it to Hollywood, be sure to get the Mummy credit.


I've actually already got the credit, my first audition was at the Rose Bowl. So when I was waiting in between the registration day and the audition day, I went to USH.


But I should probably say where I'm from as well, I'm from San Diego, CA.

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SharkTums said:
Get TPR mentioned or wear a TPR shirt and I'll send you multiple 'bags o crap'!!!


Thanks for the offer Elissa, but the rules say if we wear outfits with logos we can be disqualified.


I will however try to mention TPR if I make to the judge's round.




Now, they've told us to pick multiple songs this year so we can show versatility. My song list is: Everything by Michael Buble.

Song For You by Leon Russel

Your Song By Elton John

Fly Me to the Moon By Frank Sinatra


Trust me, I'll be much better than that Acer who was on the show last year.

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^ Dont you think theyd find that song a little to ambitous for someone to sing. I mean honestly even with an amazing voice that has to be something so easy to fail, I wouldnt even try it.


Anyways, sounds awesome, really like your choice of songs, can we get like an audio/video recording of you singing so we can just see what were getting here? I'd personally enjoy it.


EDIT: On another note to the song stated above, I think they'd be looking for more of a pronunciation kinda thing to, you need to show them that you don't slur or anything, and that could ruin it to.


Also....how many people do you hear auditioning that have really bad tone deaf voices? (just asking)

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Sing "Scatman" and you'll nail a spot on Idol for sure;



Scat Man was actually the dance warmup we used in my old Show Choir.


The only difficult thing about the song is the pronounciations, the melody is rather easy and the range isn't too big either. But I don't think I could perfect a song in a week in a half.



Note: I would love to post a clip of me singing, I'll try to see if I can do it tonight.


To Kalepi_Konei's question, about 90% of those who audition are actually really good. They cut most of the good singers in the first round and put through the majority of the bad ones to the next round. To make it past the producer's round is about a 1 in a 100 chance.

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Honestly I would watch that show if they put through the good singers, but the fact that most of them are bad, is why I dont watch it. I love music and singing as much as the next person but that show doesnt do it justice. I think they should make an America's Worst Idol (for the completely sucky ones) and the original American Idol (for the amazingly talented people who have taken classes and deserve to be on TV.

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Ooooh! This is exciting! Good luck!! I really hope you make it.


It does kinda suck that you have to go through so many auditions before you make the judges. No wonder all the awful people get their hopes up and get all angry if Simon tells them that he would rather gauge his eyes out with a spoon than give them a contract. All in the name of good TV I suppose.


Chrissie "will keep my fingers crossed for you" Stevenson

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Best of luck, I remember seeing the lines for the Idol tryouts at the Rose Bowl in the past, amazing how many people attempt to get on. I think it would be fun to try to get on a show like that. Sadly I'm talentless in that arena (and precluded from trying out for other reasons) so I don't think I'll me making an appearance very soon.


For the record I was close to making it onto Jeopardy.

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