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Photo TR - Alton Towers 9/5/08

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Okay I can't be bothered to go into any detail and I doubt anyone will read it anyway so on with the photos!



Note to mods: I only just noticed the 150k limit on photos and its taken me an hour to do the report! Some pics are a bit over hope this is ok, sorry


I'll finish off with some random twisty goodness! Thanks for reading.




The 'blood' rivers were working nicely.


And another view.


Here it is with a train. Can I say hardon on this website?


This is so my favourite bit of Nemesis.


It was still fun second time around. Especially in the back this time.


We hit Air again.


Bad photo of the themed rockin' tug. I think. I'm not that much of an expert.


It was nearing the last hour, so we went back over for more Air and Nemesis. Here's the re-themed teacups to fit in with the Mutiny Bay area and battle galleons.


There they are! They so came dressed for the occasion. First Krishna's at Thorpe Park, now men in suits at Alton Towers.


Splashdown! Its great how the logs on the log flume are baths. All about sponsorship but still.


I'm stalking these guys in shirts and ties.


The previous photo was the sign because the station is SO boring.


Pizza hut for lunch, then time to get wet!


I think I do a good impression.


We quite enjoyed this one, it had a fairly long line at 25 mins. The people just in front of us as we entered hopped the fence to get in the single rider line. We beat them into the station.


The future of queue line entertainment. Funny little pinball thingys.


It's just plain...fun!


Next up Spinball Whizzer. I hadn't been on one of these before.


Not today it isn't.


The Towers. My only moan about Alton is that its SO spread out. But thats what the skyride is for I guess.


Overview again with the Towers in the background.


You can shoot at people without having to ride. We walked by later in the day and there was a woman in a boat yelling at someone to stop getting them wet. She was pretty angry. It's a water ride idiot!


Der der....der der...you get the idea.


It's really well done, and you get VERY wet. We stayed away from it though.


We had a look at the new Battle Galleons bit.


More SW4 branding on the top of the station entrance.


I really like the ride, I haven't been on any of the others so I guess I'm not spoiled yet.


Longest line of the day at 45 minutes. We only rode it once because of this. Everything else we rode was 25 mins or less.


One for the lift hill enthusiasts.


We got in line shortly after. I know that SW4 means Secret Weapon 4, the ride's codename, but what does QLB 001 mean?


I somehow managed to make this whole area look really slanted.


My plan of getting a train diving was dashed as it broke down just as we got there.


Next up, Oblivion.


Its wasn't a complete waste, as I got this (what I would consider quite cool) photo of Rita.


For old time's sakes, we decided to ride the Corkscrew. Oh yes. Also here you can see more black track.


I was going to, but there was a 40 minute wait, and about 30 people in the single rider line, so I skipped it. You can see here how higher parts of the track are painted black, to help stop visibility through the trees.


And rollercoasters! Charlie didn't want to go on Rita.


And all you can really see is trees.


More really nice gardens...


Really nice gardens...


There are old buildings....


Wait what? I thought we were in a theme park?


Charlie does her favourite pose by the big random Nemesis thingy. I always thought it was a gun but the front makes it look like a drill or something.


It started to rain moderately just as we took our front seats on Nemesis. Rain in the eyeball sucks. Could be worse, we could be at Cedar Point. They gave a warning that the ride would remain open but could be uncomfortable.


What's this? No no not the well themed Top Spin, in the bottom right.


It's hardly a pretzel but it'll have to do. I still find it fun.


Next stop Air. Having been on Tatsu, Air is a bit tame, but it was more forceful than I remember. The back row gets my vote.


Loopy goodness.


Turnaround before the loop.


First stop? Nemesis of course. Easily the best coaster in the park, and the one we went on the most.


Lovely view to look at, although there was no nun on a piano awaiting us.


Light crowds at the cordon waiting to be let in. Last time I went they just opened the gates at 9.30 and let everyone in. We had to wait till 10.


Not as exciting as the phonebox one. The toilets come complete with humming, whistling and farting sounds. It was an odd experience.


The first thing I noticed through the gate? Funky toilet doors! Not only does it look like a phonebox, it looks like a row of phoneboxes, with authentic looking reflections included!


Obligatory room shot. We stayed at the Chained Oak B&B, it was pretty nice, near the chained oak which Hex is based on. We didn't see it though.

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Good Photo TR

Shame Rita had a long line, I love that ride. I think you were lucky to get such a short line for Spinball, when I go it always has a massive line.

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Good Photo TR

Shame Rita had a long line, I love that ride. I think you were lucky to get such a short line for Spinball, when I go it always has a massive line.


Yeah the line for the first part of the day was 1 hour, the longest in the park.


I have only been on Rita once, I wasn't all that impressed, probably since the launch just isn't as intense as Stealth. Plus I remember the restrains bashing my neck, it wasn't very nice!


QLB 01 = Queue Line Building?


Possibly, its the best suggestion I have heard so I'll go with that

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Great Review. Nemesis looks like it needs a new coat of paint.


It does, but the beauty of Nemesis is that its sort of supposed to look like that. I guess it helps when you look at other coasters its easy to tell just how faded they are and they looks pretty bad, but Nemesis just looks the way its meant to!


And thanks for all the positive comments, always nice to know people enjoy reading the reports other people take the time to do.

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