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Hershey Park Tennessee!

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Last Saturday i visited Tenessee, and went to their Hershey Park! Although ive never been to Hershey Pennslyvania, Hawaii, Carribian, or any of the other parks... Hershey Tenessee has to be one of the best!

I wasn't to impressed by the entrance, but it's the coasters im looking for!

Here is one side of Main Street, the other side is being re-built after tornados in Febuary destroyed it. This side features Jack In The Box, Starbucks, a restroom, and a gift shop!

Reece's Spinning Cups is a classic!

Another classic is Hershey's Kissing Tower.

Fahrenhet is HT's newest coaster!

Afterburner: Black Falcon is a Vekoma Flying Dutchman in the front of the park by Fahrenhet, it's almost always closed due to maintence.

Awesome support structure!

Here is Afterburner's station and lockers. Notice that it has three trains.

To your left is Hershey Carosaul, and in the background is NOS Extreme Experiance.

The old covered bridge gets guest across the train tracks, along with the new un-covered bridge.

Here you can see the train tracks in the ditch, and the un-covered bridge.

Dust Strom, with a random Cinnabun sign.

Speaking of Cinnabun, here is the park's huge Cinnabun restraunt.

The toldem pole, along with the swamp, and Popeye's Chicken in the background.

Thunderbolt, Hershey's GCI wooden coaster!


More detail (lift hill motor), and there are some teasers in the back.

TNT, Hershey's very well themed Rotovator.

Hershey River Falls splash, Stormrunner in the background, and the ghost town theme for the train.


That i have for today, but im visiting the park again tomorow so expect an update soon!


More soon.

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Great park so far, can't wait to see more. Please look up the ride before you try to say something, Fahrenheit actually has two chains, so its more lift then a normal coaster, lol. I'm talking about the guy that posted above me, and I know I saw it in person, haha.

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Thanks for the replies.


The Fahrenheit at my park isn't a recreation, it's my own design thats not like the real version at all. And Afterburner is not like Falcon's Flight... mine is a recreation of Firehawk, Batwing, ect...




Welcome back to Hershey Tenessee!

I started my day off at the back of the park towards Stormrunner.

I really like this area of the park.

I made my way to the park's unique drop tower ride Mystery Mine (yes i know it's copied off of Dollywood)

Never seen a ride like this before!

Is that a roller coaster?

Yes, it's Mini Miner!

Timberland Twister.

Stormrunner looks awesome, too bad it was closed for testing today...

Mine Mountain, sound fimiliar?



The tornados that hit the park in February not only destroyed half of Main Street, but also the west side of the park... All the coasters survived, but most of the building did not. I got a backstage tour of that side of the park.


Great Bear is the parks B&M invert (it's not a recreation of Hershey Pennslyvania's Great Bear)

This pic was tooken from inside the queue line.

Most of the ride can be seen here.


NOS: Extreme Experiance, this coaster opened in the late 90's as Tenessee Skyscraper but just got it's named changed.

Airtime hills!

Almost looks like a wooden coaster...

Because of the path below, NOS got this cool support design!

NOS has an awesome turn-around like Wild Thing at Valley Fair!

Mine Shaft, i realy have no clue what kind of ride is inside...

As i was about to leave, Stormrunner opened!

Nice view while on the ride...


More soon...

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Welcome back to Hershey Park Tenessee!

I have some good news! The park is hiring, and i got a job! As of now i don't know what it is though. And the other good news is that the west side of the park is almost done being constructed. The parks old Arrow coaster, Wildfire, has started testing! Rumors were that the ride wouldn't open back up, but it did! Although the ride is in desperate need of a paint job, the ride looks great! Once again, i got a tour of the west side!


Here is the ride's station and the crash effect (the ride breaks through the station with smoke.)

Here you can see 4 of the 5 inversions!

The chain lift and first drop.

Cool picture of the second loop.

The double loop from the catwalk.

Ill end this update with some great views of the park from the catwalk!


More soon....

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UPDATE, well kinda...

I was going to go to the park today to see if the west side was done yet, but the park was closed for a private event. So i just visited the town! It's called Hershey, Tennessee, in between Gatlintburg and Pigeon Forge near McCookville. Here are the pics.


The city from a high view.

Jack in the Box!

Taco Bell!

Ice Cream, yes thats it's name. This place is better than Cold Stone!

Awesome architecture.

Some hotel.

More Jack In The Box!



Overview of city.

Could this track be on it's way to Hershey?


More soon...


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"WOW! Great park! How do you get the photos of like Taco Bell into your park. I mean I know all about the billboard thing, but every time I go to make a billboard it says there are no images in the folder so where should I be putting these photos I want as billboards?



Thanks! You can just go to google images or yahoo images, search for a logo, copy it, paste it into a "my photos" file (RCT3) and then it'll show up in the game!


"Haha, that is a very cool and creative idea! Nice work!"



Ill try to update tomorow, and today i turned 15!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Btw I am loving this park!!



Sorry for the lack of updates, ive been too busy being lazy, Lol. Here is a small update for now.


Black Falcon: Afterburner started testing today after about two months of SBNO.

The ride got stuck on the chain lift for about ten minutes, but then made it up and finished through the ride smoothly.

On the loop!

Picture everyone has of Firehawk.

Later in the day i noticed this...

And these!

A new building was constructed.

Also i figured out that Mine Shaft is a double armed inverter/darkride!

Thats all for now, but more soon!

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DBru: Thanks, and sorry, but it's not going to be a B&M...

Vekoma_fan: Thanks!


Park CEO- Nick Beaver

Hershey Park Tennessee is Tennessee's most popular and largest themed park! For this season the park was orginally going to get a B&M floorless but due to problems with the track we got SFOG's Deja' Vu! Deja' Vu, now know as Invertigo with it's green and orange color theme is HPT's newest coaster! Invertigo will be over 190ft. tall and over 60mph! Invertigo opens memorial day weekend!

Later that day the park released these concept art pics!

Invertigo will be the only coaster at the park with a cobra roll!

This ride looks pretty awesome!

More soon...

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Welcome back to Hershey!

Ive got alot of pictures to post today!

Wildfire is doing great!

I hate to say it but, i think this is better than Vortex at KI!

Inverted loopage!

Inverted zero g!

Whats that i see in the distance...?

It's Invertigo!

More inverted loopage!

The trains have been placed on the track, but no testing has begun yet.

Thunderbolt doesn't get much attention! It is a great GCI!

Here is some random picture i like!

Now for some never before seen pictures of Hershey Railroad!


The train travels behind Thunderbolt and passes through an Indian village

Later it comes through this small house deep into the woods

Crosses the old covered bridge

Through the ghost town...

And crosses the path only to do it once again!


More soon...

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