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Photo TR: A Winter Break at the Parks

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This Winter break I was able to really enjoy the local parks (partially because it was my birthday) and had some really great experiences in the process.


I visited Epcot, Magic Kingdom, MGM (now Hollywood) Studios, Dania Beach's Boomers!, Pleasure Island, Citywalk and Blue Man Group over the break, so I had plenty of great times for this two week period...


I'll let the pictures tell the story...


And of this!


From our window seat, we had a perfect view of the show...


Here I am in Tokyo Dining...


And the food was amazing as well!


I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant!


With a very contemporary design.


Mitsukoshi's former restaurant was split in half (and the Tokyo Dining side was slightly enlarged) to become two restaurants. One, Teppen Edo is much like a Kobe's or Benihana's. Tokyo Dining is a much more traditional Japanese sushi and tempura restaurant...


After riding Spaceship Earth, my mother and I decided to try one of the two new Japanese restaurants in Epcot called Tokyo Dining.


I was happy to find that the mural was still in place.


I hadn't seen the line this long in years!


The next day, I caught a soft opening of Spaceship Earth (a week after I was originally supposed to preview it).


Spaceship really glows now (at least on the outside)...


One of my favorite Epcot photos that I have ever taken...


MILF now has a new (more professional) sign dealing out the legal information about jokes texted in to the show.


During one of the MouseFest meets, we went into MILF (Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor) and saw these new LCDs.


It was a truly unique experience...


I started out at my first MouseFest representing my newly co-founded site, WDWCelebrations.com (as well as Dreamfinder Forever).

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^^^Thanks! I didn't get to do the twinkie feast (or be selected for any of the acts in the show) but I did end up being the guest that got the painting from the show (I nearly killed myself trying to get to the store counter from the end of the show...


^^Nope, no video or pictures this time. But since you seem so interested in my bathroom coverage, you'd be interested to know that they have updated the bathroom loop with more voices, more acapella and more repeats of "bathroom...bathroom" to the beat of Blue Man Group music.


^I really did enjoy Tokyo Dining, and while it wasn't completely authentic, the seaweed salad tasted just like it did when I was in Japan, and that made the meal much more genuine for me...


Here are the rest of my photos from the break...


To end this update (and my Winter break), I managed to get a photo with all three Blue Men with their work of art!


Waiting until the lobby was cleared out (since the painting was still wet), I caught a photo with the whole Blue Man Group rock band!


After the show I hurried over to the store to buy the painting from the show. Afterwards, I got a picture with one of the Blue Men!


The Sharp Aquos Theater has slowly added more screens to the lobby and is supposed to continue until they have over 20 monitors.


Here I am right before the start of the show...


The theater is quite large, and very well themed.


On January 3rd, we saw Blue Man Group again as a way to end off the break, but per tradition, we had to eat at Bubba Gumps first!


The train itself is pretty long, and the ride itself is definitely worth it!


Rusty inner workings for the train fans...


I got my first major coaster-induced cowlick from riding over 25 times.


Such a great coaster!


He and his brother rode in back row for the ride I filmed in the front row...


I ended up meeting another TPR member by coincidence here!


This is what I'm here for!


For a small entertainment complex, it is really much better than what we have at Fun Spot...


Over at Boomers!, I have a tradition (for two years now, and I plan to continue it) of riding the Dania Beach Hurricane on December 31st... But I'm still afraid of this ride.


I'm going on the East Coast US Trip!


My parents gave me the one thing I asked for as a gift for my birthday this year...


I went to see National Treasure with the family (it was great) and I couldn't help but get a picture with Wall-E!


My brother and I went to Epcot on the 21st of December, and found the park to reasonably busy. We rode Test Track, and tried for Spaceship Earth but it had broken down.


Goodbye MGM Studios!

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^They give them to everyone before the show. The bands are made out of 100% recycled paper (they assure you of this), and the same paper is used throughout the show, one of the final scenes.


I believe there is some connection to the paper and the pipes in the show, talking about "feedback" in modern plumbing, but its more of an assumption to be made than an explanation given.

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^They give them to everyone before the show. The bands are made out of 100% recycled paper (they assure you of this), and the same paper is used throughout the show, one of the final scenes.


I believe there is some connection to the paper and the pipes in the show, talking about "feedback" in modern plumbing, but its more of an assumption to be made than an explanation given.



So the Blue Men are Eco-friendly? How many times have you seen their show on Universal property, and does it change from show to show?

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^The original Blue Men are very much environmentalists, and those beliefs are kept in all of their theater shows as well. The video below is of their Earth to Humanity campaign...



I have seen Blue Man Group (the theater shows) three times total- once in New York (Astor Plaza) and twice here in Orlando at Citywalk.

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