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Okay, I was playing the 'Dynamite Dunes' scenario in the original Roller Coaster Tycoon, when suddenly, towards the middle of Year 2, 'Dynamite Blaster', a coaster that was pre-made in the park, crashed because of brake failure. Is this supposed to happen? Or am I having the worst luck ever?


Is there anything I can do to get it up and running again?

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This happens periodically in both RCT and RCT2. Even if you set all roller coaster inspections to 10 minutes, sometimes the breakdown is brake failure. If there is a train in the station and the mechanic called doesn't reach the ride to repair the brakes before a train on the course reaches the station the two trains will collide, and one of them explodes. I think it's funny that Sawyer had a complete destruction occur when this happens instead of a realistic crash. The only way to prevent this is to pull up the ride window every time there is a roller coaster breakdown and check what is the cause. If it lists break failure as the cause of the breakdown, check to see how close the mechanic called is and how close the train on the course is to the station. Sometimes you get lucky and the mechanic repairs the ride before anything happens. Sometimes you can move the mechanic with your pincers, and he/she will be called again over the radio and reach the ride in time. Sometimes the brake failure occurs within too short a time of the train on the course to be stopped before it reaches the station, and the crash is inevitable. When the crash does occur, you can either reopen the ride or go back to a point in the game that you saved. The handbook reccomends saving frequently, and the coaster crash is one of the main reasons for doing so. If you have saved the game within a few minutes of the crash, you might be able to go back and prevent it from happening.



Use the pause button when relocating the mechanic to prevent the crash.

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I also set the mechanic to patrol outside the ride's exit so he is nearby when the "call" comes in. Another thing that works good is to put break segments right before the station to slow the train down to a speed that won't destroy it. Keep in mind it's only a station breaks failure - not a total failure.

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