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The only way I think it's possible is build a really high excitement rating coaster and build an extremely long queue line. I did this and had nearly 500 guests in line with a wait time of 30min to 45min. That's the only way I think.

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I've gotten peeps to wait 2-3hrs in RCT 1. In RCT2 I've gotten them to wait up to 4hrs at one point. But I forgot to put the game on the external drive when we wiped our computer of viruses by wiping the whole thing.


But, after awhile and since I've been playing since 1997 when the game first came out you tend to learn these things. I had it hard! With the severely retarded peeps of RCT 1. Trust it gave me many a headache learning to do that.

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Put entertainers in the lines. Also put some queue line TV's. that keeps the gusts happy. Only mad guests leave lines, so if you keep them happy with entertainers and queue line TV's then they won't leave elines, i have had 100 minute queue lines and none ever leave the lines nd they always keep the happiest faces.


Hope i helped!!

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I figured it out. I tell people who want to know how to do it. First you need to download the Son of Beast trainer, go to the park which you would like to have it on, on the SOB trainer go to the Peeps menu and click on Modify Guest options. There will be a list of options, click on the one that says Patient Guests and that will allow your guest to wait in long lines with out getting mad.

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The ride that seems to always rack up the longest lines for me is the Motion Simulator.


I got peeps to wait 147 mins. Basically 3 hours.


Just add queue line TV's. They never leave for me if I stick TV's on every spot of queue.

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