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Camelot's Knightmare Media Day Delayed

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Hi everyone,


I just got this bad news in from Camelot - as soon as I hear about the new date, I will let all of you know. I apologize if this impacts any personal schedules who were planning on attending the media day.


Hi Robb,


Huge apologies for this so late in the day but I have only just been made aware of this overnight. Unfortunately we have had to delay the Knightmare launch. I’ve attached a statement below which explains the reasons in more detail.


Huge apologies to everyone this affects. We’ll announce the new date as soon as possible and if anyone who has confirmed for this event can’t make it we’ll make sure they get to ride Knightmare.


If you need any further information please do let me know.


Kindest regards,






Camelot Theme Park has announced that the official media and public opening of Knightmare, its new, £3 million rollercoaster, originally scheduled for June 22 and 23 respectively, has been delayed.


Roy Page, Chief Executive of Prime Resorts Limited, owners of Camelot Theme Park, commented:


“The persistent poor weather in recent weeks has delayed construction and resulted in a considerable amount of unexpected down-time on site.


“The construction team is working as hard and as quickly as possible to make up the time that has been lost due to the continued poor weather.


“Naturally we are disappointed, but our focus now is to ensure that Knightmare is open to the public as soon as possible. We expect the ride to be open for early July, ahead of the summer holidays which is our busiest time.


“We apologise sincerely to those people who were hoping to ride Knightmare from this weekend onwards and will provide details of the new launch date as soon as it has been confirmed.”


- ends -

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It's a bit of a bummer but as we've seen many a time and will see again these things happen. I've spent many Fridays at home doing nothing so one more won't hurt.


I was planning on doing the Sandcastle in Blackpool on the Friday evening (since I've been to Blackpool a bazillion times and have still to visit Sandcastle) then BPB on the Saturday. Luckily I hadn't booked anything so I'm not out of pocket. Will just wait until the rescheduled date is announced now and do said trip then.


Hopefully that new date will be set soon, Knightmare should be awesome!

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There has been loads of "flooding" up north last week and during the weekend.


Camelot does need a big ride installed and this is perfect, the park was finding it difficult in the last few years.


I hope the park can choose another Media Day over the next few weeks and the sun is shinning.

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The weather in the winter doesn't make much difference to the weather in the last few weeks, which in Camelot's area has been pretty poor for June.


Camelot will be pretty sad about not being able to have media day on Friday and I'm sure they wouldn't have organised the day if they thought the ride wasn't going to be ready on time.


This is just a case of unseasonal bad weather scuppering plans, which while unfortunate, happens from time to time be it a football game getting postponed or construction getting delayed.


It could be worse, they could be replacing the psycho drop with an S-bend.

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I had already booked into Alton Towers Splash Landings for Friday night with park tickets to use Saturday. I guess now I have an excuse to use my second free tickets on Friday.


Oddly, I was also playing with the idea of going to Blackpool as I havent been yet this year. Decided on AT cos my U.S. friend who is coming with me has never been there before and may not get another chance. Besides, I will be at pleasure beach for my birthday in October and maybe also in September or the weekend I come home from the Midwest.


Rain. Great for making coasters run a little faster. Rubbish for building them in the first place. lol.

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  • 1 month later...


Even worse than a delay for media day. The coaster should have opened today and during operator training this morning it stalled.


They have spent the last few days advertising on local radio and had a TV commercial last night.


I took some pictures today if anyone want to take a look.




Hopefully, fingers crossed it will open tomorrow.




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Cheers Paul, great photos, shame it was operating when you went.


How many delays will Knightmare have, I suppose its out of their hands with the weather. If only it was last year it would have been up and running by now.


Heard the media day is going to be next Friday 27th July, if sure the problems will be solved by then.

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These are the first photos I've seen of the ride with any kind of life in it so I'm thankful for that. Hopefully many of you will make it to the new media day so we can see some shots of the ride in action, looks great, I love Schwarzkopfs.

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