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RCT3 Water Coaster Contest

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Hey...i have a good idea for some1 in this constest...Ok...Make it kinda like the revenge of the mummy..1st start the ride going through scary corridors and tombs..then fall in a pitch black hole and splash out side the bulding on one side then turn back in to the bulding going through the mummy's tomb and then shoot the car up just like the revenge of the mummy and have it do a coulple of twists in the dark and let it fall out of a hole and have the huge finnaly splash!!!yay...then go back into the bulding..for 1 more....The huge scary indoor rollercoaster section and have a straight launch into tototal darkness, having the coaster drop and twist around doing hight speed drops and helixes!!then you enter a room thanking you for riding..then you ddrop one final time and then its over...THAT'LL BE AWESOME!!!!Can some please use my idea...cause i don't have rct3 on my comp no more...=]]


that's pretty difficult too make

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I think thats like a medium challange for me but not difficult..haha..MAN I WISH I HAD RCT3 AGAIN!!


not difficult? pff I always think that but when I make something I always think of something else, and I want to use that too... and then another thing, and another and before I know I have a totally different coaster

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Okay, here is my entry in case we don't move the entry date back any farther. It's called "Atlantis Adventure" and features 3 splash zones, 6 trains, and is slighty over 2100 feet long. Don't vote it less because it is another watercoaster themed to Atlantis! Watch the video to get A LOT better coverage of the ride. The video is basically my whole entry. Well, here are the pics. Video at the Top. (I'm not going to be here for the next week, and I have no clue how to make a download possible, so there's probably not going to be one).


EDIT: VIDEO IS NOT COMING UP! Can someone please tell me how to make a vid. smaller very quickly? PLEASE! I'll upload pictures when I get the vid. working. Sorry.

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Here's my entry. It's called Leviathan. I don't have any custom scenery, so don't judge me bad. It's 4545.30 feet long, has a 3:00 ride time, has :41 of airtime, and has 7 splash zones. I'm uploading the entire park, so just download it and refer to the game manual if you don't know where to put it. It is in sandbox mode.


I'd give you a picture, but I can't seem to shrink it's size down so it would fit.


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