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El Toro or KK first?


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I know it's kinda micromanaging, but I haven't been to SFGAdv since El Toro opened, so...all other things being equal, which is it wiser to make a dash for first? ET, 'cos it's the new one, or Kingda "ride it now, it may break down at any moment" Ka? Which eats crowds better?


And if anybody has already done the SP early entry thing, how's that work? Are both rides open then?

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If you see that Ka is testing before opening, I would run there first. It's better to get that out of they way since whenever you wait in line for it you risk it breaking down at any moment. Toro has been eating lines recently with smooth 2-train operation and a good crew.


As for the rise and scream deal, I think they pick like 2 coasters each morning that will open early, so I don't think KK and ET will be chosen on the same day.


Good luck with your trip!

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There will be long lines and break-downs for both, and there's always the chance that you might only get on one or the other, so it probably comes down to which one you want to ride more.


Personally, I think El Toro is more "worth" the wait involved, especially if you've done TTD already.

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Thanks for the advice, all. I've already been on KK several times a couple years ago, so all things being equal, El Toro's the priority. Anyhow, I should have mentioned earlier that I'll be there midweek for 2 Rise and Screams (with the option of a third), so quite possibly that will decide for me.

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Personally I would ride Nitro first thing cause its a walk on the whole first hour of operation.


If I had to chose between Kingda Ka and El Toro to ride first I would chose Kingda Ka. I believe Kingda Ka is the best choice because it can get long lines and is VERY inconsistent, but from what I've heard lately is is running great and launching trains every 45 seconds.

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Seeing as how this thread is still semi-active...


Here's what happened: Thanks to the miracle of Rise & Scream, on our first day ET and Medusa were open an hour early for SP-holders. We scored 7 rides on ET in 45 minutes, and could have squeezed in more, but occasionally took a one-train breather. The second morning, ET and KK were supposed to be open, but ET was down. Headed back to KK, rode 5 times, 3 in the front seat, then strolled over to Nitro before the park opened to the GP and the school-trip crowds hit. First row walk-on.


BOTH days (this was in early June), an hour before closing, both rides were pretty much a walk-on. Grand 2-day totals, sans Q-Bot: ET 9, KK 8. Not bad. (OK, not as good as the 13-ride S:ROS day at SFNE, but...)

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