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Wild West World MINI Photo TR

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Well we decided to take a mother's day trip to the newly opened Wild West World in Valley Center, KS just outside of Wichita.


I suggested we go to Worlds of Fun, but we decided to go to Wild West World for a new experience. I wasn't expecting much to begin with, but it turns out even with 0 expectations I was still let down.


Here is a mini review of the park.


$25 seemed like a somewhat reasonable price if you compare it to a carnival in which you pay per ride. Once we got into the park it was clearly still under construction. It in my opinion needed a lot of landscape work and as you will see the rides could use some as well.


As far as park cleanliness goes, the paths were clean other than the dirt that just blows in the wind (which I suppose is somewhat accurate to the old west) Their vending machines have tons of gigantic bugs in the drink dispenser, and while I am your typical guy and that really didn't bother me I know a lot of people would have freaked out if they could see it.


I had mixed emotions about the rides. Had all the rides they had in the park been operating then perhaps one could justify the entrance fee, but this was not the case. The sign on the ticket booth said 2 rides would not be operating, and one of which on the list actually was running the entire day. It turned out that 5 rides were not running. If this was a large park perhaps it wouldn't be a big deal but that is practically half of their attractions.


The staff seemed under-trained and very young. I understand high school kids work for cheap but to me they could have spent a little longer training the kids and teaching them how to better operate the rides.


When you cannot possible stay for 3 hours unless you ride each open ride 10+ times I consider that $25/person to be a big waste of money.


Okay after that worthless rant lets go onto the pictures. I do not have a lot because my camera's battery died at the park, but you will get the basic idea from what I do have. We will go backwards


Maverick!!!! The bull bumper car. These bumper cars were so unbelievably crowed you could barely move.


Wild mouse coaster, which I think was supposed to spin as well. As you can see it wasn't running with a guy on the track.


rock meets western?


I didn't ride this


I think this was supposed to swing, but this ride wasn't built yet either.


The ferris wheel was open! - but it had the longest line in the park


I got nothing


El Diablo, it flipped you in many directions and the shoulder restraints caused a lot of pain.


Ya this is another swingy ride, looked more Mexican than Western (which is a trend)


A swing, they said this ride was closed but it wasn't.


Across the pond in the middle of the park, you see the train testing and the up and drop log ride, half of which wasn't even built yet.


A clock, the park opened at 1:00pm


The main "midway" before the park opens

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It's a glorified state fair!!! I do agree with what you were saying. When I went opening day, they're were the two rides closed cause they weren't finished yet (log flume and condor) and the flying scooters and canoe because of the wind. The staff are EXTREMELY undertrained. There is a couple of nice ones though.


When I was at WWW, the ferris wheel had hardly anyone in line! For some odd reason, I thought that the ferris wheel was fun! Also, you are right about El Diablo. It and Fiesta Grande, are probably the worst rides in the park.


BTW, I might be going to WWW this weekend. Hopefully I won't lose 300+ pics like last time!!!

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Eh, it doesn't look great, and I don't think I'll even think about making that trip up there this year, but I wouldn't say the place looks aweful and it's certainly not 'ghetto'. Just give it some time to fully open, and then it might be worth your money, assuming you ride all the rides a few times.


It's not fancy, but you shouldn't have to go to a Disney-style park to have fun.

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It doesn't look like a bad start for a park. But the place looks somewhat limited in attractions and it looks very hot. Reminds me of when VisionLand opened. I think some adjustments will be needed this year. Seriously, admission is higher than Geauga Lake and their hours are longer each day too. I can't see a small place like this out in Wichita charging that much and getting enough of a crowd at this early stage to stay open those type of hours every single day of the week.

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The park is in NO way Ghetto!

For those of you who DONT know what Ghetto MEANS..let me enlighten you.


A usually poor section of a city inhabited primarily by people of the same race, religion, or social background, often because of discrimination.


I see NO discrimination at this park! Its a BRAND new park..gotta get it some slack! Of course operations will be So-So. Rides will be under maintenance..i mean the Log Flume isn't even finished yet!


This park reminds me A LOT of Bonfante Gardens..but Bonfante is in NO way a Ghetto park. Give the park time to get ALL its rides done. Give them time to work on landscape etc.


Its still WAYYY too soon to judge the park



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Wild West world trip report hits 3 pages long LOL.


Oh yeah, I didn't include a picture of it, but the ride here that is like a slightly larger version of the frog hopper is their most thrilling ride IMO.


Anyone can ride too! Believe it or not it gives nutty air time for such a tame ride.

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