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Movie Park Germany contruction photos


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Went to Movie Park Germany last weekend as part of a long weekend of credit whoring. To me the park is bit blah!!! lacking that one amazing ride. On paper it looks good but there just isn't anything spectacular. As for the woodie Bandit they should have banned it. I manage to do the majority of the park in less than 3 hours only really avoiding the Ice Age rapids and the Top Spin.

Anyway here are a few photos of the newly opened Sponge Bob Square Pants Splash Battle and construction shots of the new Santa Monica Pier area due to open next month with a Disk O Coaster, Ferris Wheel, Wave Swinger and Zamperla Fire Fighter.


I guess this will be an entrance to the new area.


Fire Fighter ride almost ready for action.


The wave swinger is ready to start Schwinging


Are enough rides built in Germany to have such a dedicated company?


The next arm of the Ferris Wheel being lifted into place. In 2 hours I only saw 2 arms lifted into place. I'm sure it only takes Carnies this long to build the whole ride.


Work is under way on the Ferris Wheel.


Layout of the new Santa Monica Pier


I think it's fair to say you get soaked on this ride.


Finally it opens. Note I'm stood further away to avoid them shooting me.


The big cheese. OK he's not cheese but he looks like it.


At least the effects are now all working.


More testing


Sponge Bob tests still going on


Sponge Bob still testing


Sponge Bob

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Ride Construction Service operates in all of Europe, not just Germany. They have all the equipment needed to construct a big (or small) ride, as well as the knowledge and experience to do so. Lots of ride manufacturers and parks hire them to construct their latest rides.

And regarding that carnie comment, it's actually founded by "a carnie".


Thanks for the update.

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With the amount and size of the European traveling fairs it would make sense to have a dedicated ride construction company.


Where in the park is the new area going? Is it all where Cop Car Chase was? I think it's kinda funny that Movie Parks' Santa Monica pier will have way more stuff than the actual one! LOL!


I agree about the park being kinda bleh. I had much more fun at Schloss Beck right down the street!


YAY Schloss Beck!!!



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