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wild west world PTR

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So... I went to WWW after I ate at cracker barrel... They open in like 2 months, so pretty much everything is there. I would have gotten better pics, but there was this creepy van circling the parking lot, and it is COLD.

Digital sign... They sure had a nice road and parking lot.... I wonder who paid for the road?

spinning carousel coaster

Johnny western theater (wtf?)

Spinning carousel coaster again.. from myrtle beach. I think the building with no sides will be their bumper car building

HUGE flag!

Giant sign... totally cheesy..

Parking lot booths...

Overview of the park


A western themed hotel...

Once again, their sign is HUGE.

Nice little entrance sign...


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Hard to judge a park without really going in it.

I can see this park doing alright, with a hotel next door. Like he said, wait for some trees to grow, along with other shrubbery and such. Dont call it ghetto quite yet, it hasnt even opend yet!



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^That was quite a bit back. Anyway, you should have gone behind the park. The rides are RIGHT ON THE ROAD!!! Well, not literally, but they are close. I got to do that but no camera. Driving by, it appears that every ride is up, with only a few still under construction. The giant sign is nice looking but you rarely get to see it. All those billboards get in the way until you are right by it (As you can see in one of those pics).

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The park looks pretty ghetto and random. I wouldn't want to visit it.


Pfft, you haven't hardly seen it yet. Those pictures were all from way outside the park and don't show a fraction of what it has to offer, so don't make your judgments yet.


As for me, it doesn't look like a big thrill to visit, but I would if I lived closer.

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I'm not too interested at the park by the looks of it, but it is still under construction, after all. However, after looking at their main site, their ride line up for their opening year is a good choice. Even if the park might not be as good as I hope it will be, I will still give it a few years to get a few more rides, etc. They were talking about a Wooden Coaster in 2009, you know.

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^^You just contradicted yourself...


Eh, no, not really. AlpenDenis said the park looked ghetto and random, but I'm saying that you should at least wait until you see some pictures that are actually from inside the park before you decide that it is 'ghetto and random'.


That said, from everything else I've seen (including close up photos), I don't think the place would be extremely exciting to visit, but it would be fun enough to visit if I were closer.


Yeah, just give it a chance to be built before you say it's crap, thats all. It won't be a huge park, but it looks fun enough.

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