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Photo report: Snow storm


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Just in this moment we have the longest snow storm I've ever experienced.

So much snow (30 - 35cm) is extreme for Denmark, and it has snowed since last night. And there is a quite strong wind, so it's just INSANE




Now it has snowed in almost 24 hours


Snow snow and more snow


More snow has come during the afternoon


It's so beautiful


In Danish scale is this extreme


The trees can't carry all the snow


Road snow


More snow


Snow in the garage


Snow in the garden

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The snow is causing alot of problems in the southern part of Norway. There has been lots of smaller traffic accidents, but the most serious was a passenger train running into an avalanche and derailing. Its a miracle that none of the 130 passengers were hurt.


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OMG... That looks like something I wouldn't dream of being involved in.. A bus north from Randers, where I live, tipped over and 49 students where driven to the hospital.


In some places there are 1½ meters of snow. And it will keep on snowing tomorrow and tonight. And a new storm is hitting Friday and Saturday..



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More snow has come. There is up to 1 meter. It's insane, and the police advise against driving out. I can be highly dangerous, and no one can help you.


It's only the army who drive - and they only help sick people..


And all the schools are closed = NO SCHOOL DAY TODAY


I will run out and take some more photos...

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^ When I was a kid (living in Doncaster) it would frequently *almost* snow. One time it was snowing (heavily) in Eltham on our way through, while driving up to Mt Buller.


Great photos, Steffen; thanks so much! I love snow storms too, and this year we (Chicago) has had two really nice ones.



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I hope the snow stays away from the Netherlands! The kind of weather we have now is verry spring-like.. I looove it

But that looks heavy, last year (oh no 2005) we had also a snowstorm, maybe not so much as that over there in Denmark, but I barely got home from school.

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