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Can B&M switch the style of trains on their roller coast

What Type of Train That B&M Manufacture Do You Like The Most?  

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  1. 1. What Type of Train That B&M Manufacture Do You Like The Most?

    • Hyper (two abrest)
    • Hyper (four abrest)
    • Twister (sit down)
    • Floorless
    • Dive Coaster
    • Flying
    • Inverted
    • What Is A B&M?

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^I thought that Air was a new coaster designed to be a flying coaster... But again, it would be interesting trying something like Goliath completely upside down-if it wouldn't kill me first.


Edit: Just caught the "just kidding" in your sig.

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Top Posters In This Topic


floorless -> sitting

sitting -> floorless

stand-up -> sitting / floorless

diving -> floorless diving

floorless diving -> diving


possible, but useless restraints:

mega -> sitting / floorless


not possible:

inverted -> flying

flying -> inverted

sitting / floorless -> stand-up

sitting / floorless -> mega

inverted / flying -> sitting / floorless / mega / diving

sitting / floorless / mega / diving -> inverted / flying


It would be interesting to see B&M create new trains for Flash Back either in floorless or Stand up. It would definantly be more comfortable!


Six Flags needs magical trains that don't require any maintenance.

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I'm going to say "no" to the fact that most train retrofittings are not possible in the case where you're moving the heartline axis around. When you move that point higher or lower several feet in the case of going from stand-up to sit down and vice-versa, all your heartlined entries and exits for all your elements go out the window. Rolls are one thing, but what about even simple things like helixes? You could be over-banking/not banked enough and thus create alot of lateral forces which in turn create what's probably the first "Vekoma-equivalent" B&M in terms of roughness.


Plus your support systems handing the extra weight and possible height addition to the train... You're going to be lucky if those two passed with flying colours.


So basically - sit-down to floorless and vice-versa? Yeah. Anything else? No. And going from hyper to floorless? Unless you're putting lap bars on the train "somehow" instead of OTSR's, you're probably shooting yourself in the foot in the first place in terms of ride experience.

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Hey everybody, I was just wondering if a B&M roller coaster could have the trains replaced from one kind to another? (Like Medusa getting replaced from floorless trains to standup trains?) Is this possible in any way, Because I read in a book of mine that arrow tried to create custom stand up trains for their previous sit down models, but they were too heavy for the track. But, from looking at pictures af sit down and standup trains (all of the different styles) look roughly the same size and weight, so it looks like B&M would be capable in doing this. I also think that maybe the design is made for a certin type of train as of length and width of the track, but all are four abrest seating, so I have no clue. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know?




P to the S;


Sorry if this has already been discused in the forum, or if this topic is posted in the wrong fourm, I am new at posting topics on TPR and don't know how to search the website for previous posted topics.


I believe the only two trains that are interchangeable are the twister and the standard hyper (seats not lifted up to pull your feet off the floor) yes you can put them all on the same track, but standup trains on medusa could kill you.

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Well Sheikra is rumored to get floorless trains, and it probably would be easy to turn a stand-up into a sit down. However, the forces would change due to the new riding position.


Airtime-River King had stand-up trains at one point&Gravity


yeah, i asked the same at AT, they said it was possible if it was needed. it would take a couple of years to do it though...


heh, floorless Oblivion=madness!



i love the B&M Dive seats, 15* laying back and not being able to touch the floor is great...

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I'm fairly certain that all B&M's are one of two distinct guage track:


Dive Machines


All others.


If for some reason, you wanted to put a stand-up train on flyer track, you could, it just wouldn't make any sense.


Aside from the sit down to floorless, I don't think you'd want to change them out between any other styles.


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