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Pizza Anyone?

Ryan King

What Is YOUR Favorite Pizza Provider?  

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  1. 1. What Is YOUR Favorite Pizza Provider?

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    • Pizza Hut
    • Dominos
    • Papa John's
    • California Pizza Kitchen
    • Round Table
    • Little Caesars
    • Ma & Pa Pizza Place (Independantly Owned)
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On Wednesdays, David is at his Rock & Gem Club, usually from noon to five pm, and lately a bit later than that.

And during that time he's away, I do one or two things on my own. Maybe see a movie he's not interested in. Or the weekly pizza visit.

That's all it is. Having some private time to do what I want to do, like he has.

In other words, he has his rocks and gems. I have my pizza. We're both happy. And he still gets that slice too, lol.

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Today, I'd call this pizza ...... "Veggie Veggie, Fruit! Fruit!"

And FYI - a tomato is classified as a fruit in the veggie-fruit markets. So the title works. Sort of, lol.

This was an all-veggie pizza, with generous slices of zucchini and eggplant all over it. And "filets of tomato."


Looked good, all of it.


And it was sunny enough, but not too cool-ish, to sit outside again.


Weapons (and beer) of choice.


Um, this was all on one of the place's benches. It was all eventually bagged, safely.


Yep, a really sunny afternoon, today.


This was definitely a yum! Especially with splashes of chile oil on the slice(s).


Done and done! 🍕

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Last of The White List"...

Last Wednesday, I had the last "white based" pizza on the list at https://viateverepizzeria.com/

And I found it to be just as good as the first pizza of this kind, on the same list. The Tricolore pizza was just that. The three colours (if you include white) of the Italian flag. And the walnut pesto on it was soooooooooooooooo good! So good in fact, that I considered choosing 3 pizzas from this list to enjoy again, in the future.


What's on it. And no, I am not planning to "Make it vegan?" any time soon.


Everything set and ready for it.


And here it is! Doesn't this look great?


Had to do a close up on this one. With all that tomato and pesto on it. Mmmmm.


New roof being installed on the apartment bldg. behind us.


Done, with a small slice to go back to David. 🍕

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  • 2 weeks later...

Last Wednesday, I had one of the two "Cream Sauce" pizzas available. I'm not too sure what the Italian translation of this is, but I must say, it was really good, with an entire (what I tasted) melted mozzarella base on it. Definitely tasty, and worth getting again.


"cream sauce." I should ask what this 'cream' actually is, on a future visit.


Our apartment neighbours' roof is finished!


Looks lovely.


Loved the pancetta and zucchini on this pizza.


All done, with a little slice left for David.

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"End of The (Cream) List...."

There were only two "cream based" pizzas to try - and this second one really caught my taste buds into something new .... whipped potatoes on a pizza! I saw it before, in the menu, but I really had no idea how delish it would be, with this particular "topping". This became my go-to cream pizza for the win!


This place has won several awards and food mentions over the years.


Here we go. Last one on all three lists. But ..... whipped potato on it ....?


And ... I was not alone as I usually am on this weekday. Two tables behind me! People are catching on to the new opening time. Darnit.


More suds than beer! I let it sit awhile.


A gloomy kind of day, it was.


Back view of all those decals. (o;


What's this? What's this? I thought it said "cappicolo" not "prosciutto"....! Must have, next week. <drool>


Beautiful. And it was done. And the partner "got that slice".

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The last pizza to try, brought me back to the top of the menu list. The red list, with my getting the Margherita pizza w/Prociutto on it. And it was as good, as I remember the same pizza with salami on it, when I started this 'thing.'



It was a wet afternoon, last Wednesday.


A reminder of what I was having - with everything spelt the correct way too, lol.


Nice that a group of friends get together, for pizza and chat.


Ready for it.


Lookin' good there! And  .... it was good! And I think I enjoyed it more, than with salami on this pizza! 😮


All done. And I "nearly" finished it all off, w/o taking any back to the partner. But I guilted myself out.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Last Wednesday, I started my Fave List of Via Tevere's Pizzas, starting with the prosciutto and mushroom one. Red sauce base. Still awesomely good!



But first, before I left the house, this guy was setting up video shots with the old Bakery Sign as background.

I need to remind myself to take a shot of that. Haven't posted one here, that I remember.


It turned out he was taping his  Roomba (?) Lesson to post on his 'site' I supposed.


Nightfall coming faster these days.


The clouds darken, and start to converge.


A reminder of what I was getting. Gotta love that "prosciutto e funghi!"


With the front patio removed off the street, it's still wierd to see a car actually parked in front of the place.


It's here! Along with a can (and eventually two) of my lager of choice. Mill Stream Organic.


And it did turn dark as I was leaving the restaurant. Signs of winter time, coming soon.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Last Wednesday's Pizza Choice in my Faves List....

This pizza was the first one listed on their Olive Oil Based List (no tomato sauce on it).

I definitely enjoyed it, but felt there was so many slivers of tomato on it... well, I still loved it enough to put it on this List.


I figured out, I hadn't taken any photo of the side of the restaurant, so ...... here it is! (o:


Closer shot. I surmised that the 4X thing... is about quality, perhaps? We will never know.


Sent to the corner, as usual.


Filetto. And I didn't like the next pizza there, as it tasted too much like some overpriced cheese pizza.


Starting on it. and It was good.


Remainder for David. As usual.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just returned home, after another great Wednesday Pizza! This was the TriColore  one, with plenty of tomato and pesto on it.

It's the colours of Italy's flag! How can I resist this pizza?


Walnut pesto? Never noticed that. Pesto is just 'pesto' to me.


Supposed to be raining all day, but for one reason or another, it wasn't raining now.


Just beautiful! This with Chile Oil on it is very tasty.


Finished, with that slice for David. Good pizza I'd like to repeat again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

December 8th - Back to the Cream Based Pizzas!  This time, it's the 'Pancetta E Zucchine' pizza.

Still great, a second time around. 🍕


The sky looks nice some times, around sunset time.


As written on La Menu.


Only two other people here, right now. A bit later on, it got really busy with more arrivals.


Trying to be 'fancy' with the oven's fire reflected in the front window.


Ta daah! Looks great. Tasted even better!


Last bites. And as usual, one slice for David.

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^ <drool> They all look incredibly awesome! How often do you make/eat pizza, anyway? Just curious.

And do you have a favourite amongst all that you've created? They all look really wonderful.

With my weekly visits across the street, that's basically one a week for myself. 🍕

But homemade ones? Not likely. I would hire YOU to make up a few - but delivery charges would be a bit much, LOL.

EDIT TO ADD: Just returned home (4:45pm) after my weekly pizza meal, and figured it easier to add it here to this post, unlike posting a new post, blah blah blah. They had three specialty pizzas available, and I chose the one called boscaiola, which roughly translates (in Italian) to "woodcutter". But if you capitalize the 'b' in it, then Boscaiola = lumberjack! It's true! Whatever the case, it was great with slivers of red onion adding extra 'spice' to it,. I would definitely have it again.


A bit of Italian holiday decor...


The boscaiola Pizza - really nice, and worth ordering again!

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Out of all the varieties, probably the simple Neapolitan with fresh mozzarella, basil and a raw/fresh tomato sauce. Simple and so delicious! And especially delicious if I fire it up in the Kamado at 600F+ over hardwood.

Second to that, would probably be supreme in the "Detroit Style" for me with the freshly made Italian sausage. I like to throw in some more robust cheeses as well, like Asiago or aged Gouda for sharpness. So good!

It's fun each week deciding what style of pizza we want to do, then figure out the toppings/flavors. Our next up is on Christmas, in which we are planning a nice Chicago-Style Deep Dish of some sort. 

We make pizza once a week, on the weekend. Sometimes we throw in a second night, but usually it's just the one! But trust me, we could eat it every day that's for sure!


So a trio of the latest pies...

Tried something new we saw... I forget if it was Argentinian or something like that, but basically a style of pizza that is really just a giant calzone, if you will. Basically made a dough, placed a pile of cheese in the middle (mix) and laid another dough on top, pressed the edges and topped with a garlic butter/olive oil blend, onions, fresh rosemary and salt and pepper. It was HEAVENLY. Absolutely will do again!

The other two feature the same 3-day sourdough crust, but in traditional form. One pizza was sausage, pepperoni and black olive... While the other was broccoli, olives and goat cheese.

If you can't tell, we love black olives on pizza!





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^ We love black olives on our pizzas, too. 👍

And those onions on the first pizza, are definitely red onions, yes?

Hadn't had them on a pizza in a while. I do love their 'spiciness' especially when on a pizza!


And I might as well post the pix here, from me treating David to an "afternoon meal" Pizza-style, yesterday.

We had a salad beforehand, something I never order on my own, since the pizza is usually ALLLLL MIIIIIIINE!

And combined with what pizza David chose, it was definitely a prosciutto kind of meal!


Insalata Mista is what we ordered to split.


I never sit looking into the restaurant itself. But with David in my 'usual spot', I got a new view of the place.

And the people came in very early, rather than a bit later on. A lot came in after we did.


What David picked for us. Note the prosciutto, there?


The salata arrives. Definitely crumbly bacon-like prosciutto on top. We loved it!


Last shot. I enjoyed it, but I still felt it was too.... uh .... leafy for my taste?

Nonetheless, great meal for us both, and one we hope to repeat in the new year! 🍕

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Our pizza of the week... Supreme Detroit Style!

This one was layered with a mix of Munster, Provolone and whole-milk Mozzarella. A touch of Asiago.

Sauce was San Marzano tomatoes, tomato paste, EVOO, fresh garlic, salt, oregano and a touch of sugar. Puree'd and allowed to sit overnight to meld together. 

Fresh made Italian sausage, peppers, onions, olives. Absolutely loaded up topping wise. Girlfriend said "top 3 of all time!" so I'd say it was a success!  

The way the mozzarella melts/caramelizes on the crust is just insane... Its SO GOOD! 

Now to debate what we do for next weekend! Probably back to the Neapolitan-Style crust, thinking maybe Buffalo Chicken and Cheesesteak (beef, onion, peppers). 






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 ^ Wow. And yum. And drool.

Yep, that sums it all up.

Do your make notes about what pizzas you've created, for future repeating?

I'm sure you do. Actually, your postings here kind of lists all that you use, heh.


And .... can we hire you to produce a mess of pizzas for our 50th Anny in April?

(ha ha - actually we couldn't afford all that you make - and those delivery charges - lol)

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Today, I had one of the restaurant's specials which was a "Double Pepperoni" pizza, and I added mushrooms to it..

It - was - great! I would definitely order this pizza again.


We got snow! And really low temps. which kept the snow around.




Grey skies and "snowflakes" on the window!


Double pepperoni with mushrooms. Gorgeous.


...... And I didn't even save a slice for David, HA!

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  • 2 weeks later...

First Wednesday of The Year, last week! And I totally spoiled myself with the most $$$ pizza on the menu .... and it was glorious as usual, heh.

We got snow over the Holiday Weekend, then it's been hanging around, and being added to, every other day or so.

For our side of the country, we've had enough. Period. Time to get all rained away, now. 😬


Yep, it was much like this, but thankfully main roads could be cleared and salted, etc. Good for city works!


Looking west, down William St. We got a lot more snow, a few days after this visit.


Right....pizza! The Capricciosa. This had a lot of stuff on it, and it all worked, together! Lots of chile oil on it, too.

I even added some parmesan and chile flakes. Threw them around, here and there. It was good.


Italian Winter decor.


One last snowflake.

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Did things a bit differently, yesterday.

I had the salad that David and I had before (w/crumbled prosciutto on it?), AND two of their meatballs!

And it was one of the best Protein Salads I'd ever had. Truth! I definitely want to do this again, with other salads they have.

But - I also put in an order for the Prosciutto et Funghi pizza (see above post) to pick up later.

We live two houses away, once you cross the street, so this was an easy pickup order.


The box. And we didn't need the re-heat instructions. Was still very warm when I picked it up.


Voila! Another prosciutto and mushroom pizza! And was just as good at home, as at the restaurant.

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I went back to eating pizza at the restaurant, yesterday. The "salad & meatballs" will be done once a month, at least. Followed by a pizza take out, later on that Wednesday evening.

That said, I went back to another fave there - Olive Oil based with sausage meat and rapini all over it.

I chose the 'white' sauce. And still a goody, I must say.


A reminder of what I ordered. With the white sauce base.




I actually didn't think I could finish it, so "David's Slice" was easy to save.

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Since I am "on a roll" with postings, etc....

This is what I had earlier, today. And found out my server (Niki) was interested in rocks & gems type stuff!

Which is what my David is into, and doing. And creating.

This will be followed up with, eventually....


What I ordered.


Outside, it looked kind of 'surreal'. Sunny and clear, but c-c-c-cold for our winter.



Getting artsy with the trees and sky, etc.


It arrived.

And I ate it.

ALL of it.

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