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  1. Cool! TP is being brought into par by the looks of it. I already have my annual pass (which i am impressed it now includes legoland!) so will be checking out the progress of this ride. I agree though most people who go to the park (especially the likes of the chavs that frequent the park) will be impressed as they wont know about the ride. Alton towers just need to keep up to speed, wasnt Rita their last coaster? I know they added the driving school, charlie and the chocolate factory and now pirates gallion but we want more! I have to add that *most* people in the UK have heard of Southend! Not many people would assosiate it with a theme park - although calling it a theme park is pushing the boundaries a little lol.
  2. Cool, good idea about looking at the trip reports. Cypress gardens was the place i was trying to think of, it has a butterfly house in it (or did have!) The last time we were at Disney Animal kingdom was just being built! Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply, i will have a look at the web sites, i did check out the swimming with dolphins and couldnt believe the price but i guess entrance to busch gardens and the other place (cant remember the name of it) isnt too bad, it is something i dont think we would ever forget. Thanks again
  4. Hey guys We are starting to plan our holiday in florida for 2009 and i guess the best place to ask people for their tips and opinions is here! Obviously we would like to be near Disney, last time we came to florida it was 1996 and we stayed in the All star resort in disney, it was excllent! This time we are looking at renting an appartment? There will be 6-8 in one appartment and 4 in the other. (two families in each) Any one know of a good centeral place to stay. Is november a good time to come? We dont do hot so summer would be out! Also is there any quieter times for the theme parks, are the schools on holiday in November? We are going to go to Busch gardens but where else is there to go? Can we get discounted tickets nearer the time? Where is the swimming with dolphins experience? Thanks so much for your time Symone x
  5. Wow great update Simba your photos are amazing (what camera are you using??) Thanks for sharing
  6. You guys are gonna have a blast, if only we were not in the UK i would be there in a flash (i am with Elissa in that it is my hobby to! ) We already have a cruise booked next year so i couldnt justify it. Have a fantastic time! Oh and believe me the price is very good.
  7. that is the funniest thing i have seen in a long time, i sat down for a 5 minute catch up on you guys 1hr later i am still here!
  8. Cool update, i am sooo tempted to come on one of your trips .............hmmmm next year maybe?
  9. That poem was amazing, he belongs on a stage! Updates were fantastic and and i enjoyed every single one of them!
  10. I am loving these updates! Robb you obviously have dominant genes as your daughter is the split of you (but she is cuter lmao) $2.25 for a flake good grief!! maybe i should start an ebay buisness up selling english chocolates to you all! Place your orders here! We went on a cruise 2 weeks ago and the ship was still in $ even though it is sailing from the UK for the rest of this year and not going any where near the USA and the chocolate on there was soooo expensive!
  11. OMG that looked (and sounded) such a rough ride! Thanks for posting the POV
  12. Cant think why you didnt go down this way Excellent trip report
  13. OMG! that is awful, i have been out the counrty for a few days so have only just read about it on here. i can only imagine the horror that they all felt especially the people who were next to her and behind her, like someone else said there is nothing you can do, you are strapped in and that is it. My heart goes out to all those involved.
  14. Aww she is just so cute. Looks like you guy had fun. I read today that in the first year of babys life their parents lose 2 months sleep! does it feel like that already?
  15. Cool tattoo, what will you do when you run out of body parts? This is my tattoo, it is pretty much real life size in the picture, we lost our twins a few years back and i wanted to do something that would stay with me always. It didnt hurt what so ever only because i used that numbing cream on my skin before hand i want another one done on my lower back but am really struggling to find one i like, i would like another cherub or something along that line (so if anyone has any ideas of web sites they know of that have a lot of good pics please let me know)
  16. i knew it wouldbe somewhere else on here lol sorry
  17. Just had a look at the web site to check out opening times for next week and noticed this about stealth Travel to dizzying heights of 205ft on the ride that accelerates from 0-80mph in less than 2.0 seconds. Stealth was 2006's biggest attraction in every sense, but in 2007 we are sending you up faster than ever. We've tweaked the the nitrogen boosters to give you even more acceleration. I cant find any more info on it though as to what the difference is (apart from the acceleration?)! Their opening times last week said until Jan 2008 and it was open all over christmas and New year and i have just looked again and it says november 2007 is the season end now! Wonder why they have changed it?
  18. Awhhh we love the whip as well, it is a cool ride! (Evans favourite) I think i must have been in a cloud some where as i did not know southend was getting a new coaster and we sat around all day bored thinking of something to do (was tempted to go to Thorpe park seeing as it opened yesterday but it peed down with rain so we changed out mind! lol) I can see it fitting in really well there, ohh will have to plan a trip in the next few weeks. Good report!
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