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  1. Ewww picture looks like cr*p (hmm well maybe no that is just how i look) as i resized it
  2. Help!! i cant message anyone! what am i doing wrong? It has internet connection but everytime i try it comes up with you have not registered a wii friend you can do so on the Wii message board, i am registering people but it is still saying i havent registered anyone! Anyway if anyone is of any help? Symone My wii code is 0756 3762 6865 6135 Thanks
  3. Awww having been on a few Royal carribbean cruises this year i think your ship is nicer! (we went on the Legend of the seas so it is a little older and smaller but just as much food! lol) Next year the Navigator of the seas comes to the UK! Enjoy, eat well, lollup around lots and enjoy the bingo! Keep the updates coming
  4. Wow your pictures are amazing, i am very impressed I doubt i will ever get to Cedar Point but when people take pictures like that i can appreshiate the park and its rides form my armchair!
  5. Aww cr*p i wish i had checked sooner, if i knew you were coming to the uk i would have come to Chessington and Thorpe park i would love to have met you all, i live about 45 minutes away. You look like you had a fantastic time, hope you are enjoying the weather! Look forward to some more updates
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