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  1. Yeah I just figured that out. I’ll be there Sunday, hopefully the Flash Pass can combat out the crowds.
  2. I just purchased the gold season flash pass during the sale they were having. Is it valid for the rest of 2020 and 2021 or just next season?
  3. Yes but I haven’t purchased their tickets yet and it makes you create another reservation.
  4. I was planning on going to Hallowfest as a passholder this sunday with friends who would need to buy daily tickets. I reserved with my pass for a group of 4 for opening at 1, but when I looked to buy daily tickets for my 3 friends it only showed availability from 4:45 on. Is there any way my friends could arrive sooner, or is this not possible? Another alternative would be possibly purchasing tickets without reservations, if possible.
  5. For real, especially considering it includes access to all the parks, with multiple in driving distance.
  6. Just bought a season pass for $59.99 that includes the rest of this year and next year, pretty good deal if you ask me
  7. Say it ain't so!! I thought I saw a new way to get to it (through a building) on the Candymonium POV. Did you happen to see if it's also blocked from the side that goes under Comet, by the Rush entrance? I have a really hard time believing they would just merc a path, let alone one of the best paths in the park, for no reason. I didn't happen to see if it was blocked off by Comet, so it might still exist as a dead end. I just assumed it was gone because there is a fence blocking the old entrance near Candymonium.
  8. The Skyrush path is gone due to the construction of Candymonium.
  9. I rode it yesterday during the last session and it offered loads of sustained floater at a relatively fast pace. The first hill had probably 5 seconds of floater, which was great. I would say it is on par with Behemoth as a B&M hyper.
  10. Dorney is opening to passholders July 8th and then to daily ticket holders July 11th! https://www.dorneypark.com/park-update
  11. Would I be better off buying a platinum pass for Dorney (I plan on visiting Cedar Point or Kings Dominion in July as well if I do) or should I buy one of the membership tiers for Six Flags Great Adventure and the other Six Flags parks? I live slightly closer to Dorney, but not by much. The SF memberships are obviously cheaper, so is there a distinct difference in quality that warrants the upcharge at Dorney and the Cedar Fair parks in general? I have heard that Dorney is a nice and well kept park and that SFGA may have the better attractions, but is also filled with advertisements and is not a
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