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  1. How busy have Sundays typically been this year? Will be heading down to the park with the FP Bronze this weekend.
  2. With the park now closing at 8, it makes me even more grateful to attend the event for the night rides it will offer!
  3. ^ I can confirm this, as I had the pleasure of walking down it today at the park.
  4. Hey all, just reaching out to ask if any members of this thread will be attending Coastermania. I'll be traveling to CP with my family who won't be attending the event, so I'd be interested in riding with some other enthusiasts during the ERTs. If anyone's going and wants to meet up, feel free to shoot me a message.
  5. I also purchased my ticket, interesting to see how crowded it will be given that it still hasn't sold out to my knowledge.
  6. Just finished up my second stint at the park, was an enjoyable time. Lines decreased to around 15-20 mins for the coasters and a walk on at the end for Apollo that allowed for a mini marathon. I can’t feel my face from the cold now though, lol.
  7. BGW is mobbed today with most lines overflowing out of the queues... I’ll be back later so hopefully the crowds die down. It’s most likely a combination of the spring break rush and a lack of staffing.
  8. I wonder if BGW will quietly open Alpengeist, Tempesto, or Loch Ness on the more popular days of this event.
  9. Especially since they're charging up to $75 on peak days for daily tickets. Not great if you aren't a passholder.
  10. New information has been released regarding the upcoming Food and Wine festival... SIP, SOAR & SAVOR AT THE FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL This popular food festival returns with limited capacity, enhanced health and safety measures and NEW dishes and beverages from around the world. This spring, flavors are in bloom at Busch Gardens with the return of the park’s fan-favorite Food & Wine Festival. Serving guests April 2 through May 23 with limited capacity, this year’s menu features festival favorites and fresh twists on classic cuisines. Guests are invited to take their
  11. Anyone speculate when Coastermania tickets will go on sale? I'm assuming the event will be a bit different from the past given the circumstances.
  12. I was planning on going the 2nd, and it looks like that day will have a full session from 11-9 as opposed to the evening and night slots. The lineup has not been announced, but it will probably look similar to what it is now. I wouldn't be surprised if they close Apollo or Griffon and open Alpengeist back up.
  13. Park hours have been released, it looks like the park will be opening May 14th this year!
  14. Where did you see that? From the website it just says "Sold Out" across the board which I assume means they aren't available for purchase yet.
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