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  1. Park hours have been released, it looks like the park will be opening May 14th this year!
  2. Where did you see that? From the website it just says "Sold Out" across the board which I assume means they aren't available for purchase yet.
  3. If anyone has been to HITP, can someone let me know if the crowds/social distancing have been better than during Hallowfest? I am planning on possibly going next wednesday, as I figure it will be a light day for crowds.
  4. Send it to Holiday World, maybe this can be their next coaster in a future expansion. Great work!
  5. BGW gave me a refund to spend on tickets, etc. in their parks next season so I will be going once Pantheon opens for sure!
  6. The thing is, my work knew I was planning on going, and if I went I would have to stay home for 2 weeks under their guidelines as well. Didn’t seem worth the risk.
  7. Well looks like I won’t be going to the park next week, as here in PA Gov. Wolf has tightened out of state travel restrictions to a 14 day quarantine upon return.
  8. Yeah, I found that ridiculous considering the circumstances, as people were huddled together with no masks smoking.
  9. Yeah I just figured that out. I’ll be there Sunday, hopefully the Flash Pass can combat out the crowds.
  10. I just purchased the gold season flash pass during the sale they were having. Is it valid for the rest of 2020 and 2021 or just next season?
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