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  1. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Kingda Ka’s launch cable snapped.
  2. I feel like it’ll go from like 8-10:30/11 if the park still closes at 8, but I’m hoping for the extra long ERT lol. The website also doesn’t mention the cruise, so I wonder if that’s not happening this year.
  3. I was wondering when they’ll release that info on coastermania myself, it looks like in the past it’s been released around a week before though other years it’s been way earlier so we’ll see.
  4. ^ That happened to me on Sunday too, I spent a good 20 minutes sitting on the break run after my ride while they found riders for the first (mostly empty) train.
  5. How busy have Sundays typically been this year? Will be heading down to the park with the FP Bronze this weekend.
  6. With the park now closing at 8, it makes me even more grateful to attend the event for the night rides it will offer!
  7. ^ I can confirm this, as I had the pleasure of walking down it today at the park.
  8. Hey all, just reaching out to ask if any members of this thread will be attending Coastermania. I'll be traveling to CP with my family who won't be attending the event, so I'd be interested in riding with some other enthusiasts during the ERTs. If anyone's going and wants to meet up, feel free to shoot me a message.
  9. I also purchased my ticket, interesting to see how crowded it will be given that it still hasn't sold out to my knowledge.
  10. Just finished up my second stint at the park, was an enjoyable time. Lines decreased to around 15-20 mins for the coasters and a walk on at the end for Apollo that allowed for a mini marathon. I can’t feel my face from the cold now though, lol.
  11. BGW is mobbed today with most lines overflowing out of the queues... I’ll be back later so hopefully the crowds die down. It’s most likely a combination of the spring break rush and a lack of staffing.
  12. I wonder if BGW will quietly open Alpengeist, Tempesto, or Loch Ness on the more popular days of this event.
  13. Especially since they're charging up to $75 on peak days for daily tickets. Not great if you aren't a passholder.
  14. New information has been released regarding the upcoming Food and Wine festival... SIP, SOAR & SAVOR AT THE FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL This popular food festival returns with limited capacity, enhanced health and safety measures and NEW dishes and beverages from around the world. This spring, flavors are in bloom at Busch Gardens with the return of the park’s fan-favorite Food & Wine Festival. Serving guests April 2 through May 23 with limited capacity, this year’s menu features festival favorites and fresh twists on classic cuisines. Guests are invited to take their taste buds on an adventure through 11 specialty food and beverage areas as they sample from 25+ international tastes and 75+ wines, brews and cocktails. The Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival will feature food and beverage items not normally served at the Williamsburg theme park. The festival will take guests on a savory, sweet and scrumptious culinary trip through Virginia; Mexico; Hawaii; Brazil; Jamaica; South Korea; Italy and the Mediterranean. To complement the dishes, an array of beverages will be offered such as frozen specialty drinks like the all-new Honeybee Hurricane, Manta Margarita and a variety of refreshing Sangria choices. MAKE YOUR NEXT DISCOVERY DELICIOUS Embark on a culinary adventure from cork to fork with more than 75 wines, brews & cocktails and over 25 international flavors - including 8 ALL-NEW dishes and beverages. From Virginia to the Mediterranean, the festival will take guests on a savory, sweet and scrumptious culinary trip around the world. COASTERS & RIDES FOR THRILL-SEEKERS OF ALL AGES Soar through the sky on one of our iconic roller coaster or spin & fly on more of your favorite thrill rides: Griffon* Apollo's Chariot* The Little Balloons* DaVinci's Cradle Battering Ram Turkish Delight The Trade Wind Verbolten* InvadR* Finnegan's Flyer™ Busch Gardens Railway Le Catapult Kinder Karussel Der Roto Baron Der Wirbelwind Prince Elmo's Spire Oscar's Whirly Worm Grover's Alpine Express *Please note that colder temperatures or inclement weather conditions may impact ride operations during the event. Feel free to the park’s website for more info: https://buschgardens.com/williamsburg/events/food-festival/
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