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  1. It's looking like 2020 may be my opportunity to finally visit CGA, which growing up with SFGAm as my homepark is super exciting. Around opening day, is everything normally open?
  2. ^Awesome, Haven't been since 09 so I'd mainly be grabbing new creds plus if I could get a couple laps on X2, Tatsu and Riddler that would be an ideal day.
  3. Got on Eagle red on Saturday. Glorious as always, bummer the break is on at the bottom of the barrel, but still fantastic airtime throughout. Sure it's not quite as good as Viper, but good lord easily in my top 20 wooden coasters. With all these rumors of it being Iron Horsed, I really hope they don't. Granted Viper is an incredible wooden coaster, it would suck for SFGAm to only have one wooden coaster. It would be cool if they ever decided to run blue backwards again. One can hope.
  4. ^Oh lord, thanks for the heads up. Maybe I'll look more at that January trip.
  5. How are the crowds Christmas through 2nd week of January typically? Looking at doing a quick trip for SFMM/KBF during that time.
  6. ^Frontier City is already a Pepsi park, so I wouldn't be surprised. Now as a vegan diabetic, I would be very disappointed they took away my diet option. But at least Mountain Dew is pretty good.
  7. I know the park recently went 365, but I'm looking at going either right around Christmas time or within the first 2 weeks of Jan. Any idea on how the crowds should be? What's the over/under on WCR being open by than?
  8. It's been several years since I've gone to Coastermania, but I'm thinking about attending in 2020. Has any gone within the past 2 years? How is the attendance? Are the ERT sessions decent or packed?
  9. I still think it's funny how I visited this park twice this season, because they had a new credit. And in true Six Flags fashion, it was closed both times lol.
  10. Interesting they enforce that policy. Makes sense though, need someone to tell the media what happened. In seriousness though, it's very strange they have that rule, because unless someone stands up on a ride and is thus ejected, any incident could be argued as a ride malfunction on the part of six flags.
  11. I would not recommend you ride any B&Ms built before 2006, if Banshee makes your feet numb, ones with forces might kill you.
  12. I think this is true of most B&M coasters made since around the time they started manufacturing wing coasters, dive coasters became more popularized and they introduced those staggered "wing" trains on their hypers than gigas. That timing would make sense as well because those types of rides require smoother elements and transitions by design. I'm guessing they decided to use the same type of "smoothness" for all of their designs, since they've mainly only built those types of rides since than any way. Plus they made their first family inverted model the same year as Banshee, so I'm assuming the full size models are going to be more aligned with the smoothness and flow of all those types of coasters. Wanted to loop back around to this now that I've ridden Banshee...Damn that ride is underwhelming. It looks great but than you get on it and it's like "wow it pulls...1.2 gs?" I mean Silver Bullet is kind of boring, but at least it has that awesome over bank. Banshee is the most disappointing B&M I've ridden.
  13. Got to the Point sunday around 7:30 pm. Got on Maverick in back row after about 2 hours in line, ride was great as expected. Than got my Steel Vengeance credit. Didn't want to have to admit that the ride is amazing, but crap it's a great ride. Did not care for the metal detectors though, we were in line for over an hour and a half and what should have been no more than 40 minutes took over an hour and a half due to the metal detectors and fast lane. But the ride was so good it was hard to be upset about it.
  14. Saturday had insane crowds. Still managed to get on Timbers twice, Banshee twice, Beast, Votex, Racer (both sides), Adventure Express, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Bat, Diamondback and Invertigo. Hadn't been to Kings Island in 10 years, Beast and Votex still suck. Banshee was alright, Diamondback was pretty good and Timbers was awesome. Couldn't believe it when I saw the line for the beast was 105 minutes. However the last hour of operation (12-1am) was light crowds and a great time to get some night rides. Went back the next morning and got on Timbers, Diamondback and Flight of Fear. WTH have they done or not done for FoF to become so damn rough?
  15. I got in my Eagle sunset ride and egads, the old girl is running rough late in the season. Still fun, though. We got in the park at opening on Friday night and everything was walk on pretty much until it was dark. Crowd picked up then, but even at that it was either station waits or just a bit more in some cases. It was a good time. Was there on Friday 10/4 as well, what a great night to visit. Eagle was running AMAZING, best ride I've ever had on it.
  16. How are the crowds supposed to be this weekend? Found out I'll be there tomorrow so want to know what to expect.
  17. It was hot AF this weekend. First visit to SFOT, had a great time despite how some of the operations were. New Texas Giant and Shockwave were awesome. Mr. Freeze and Titan were both very good. The layout of the park was a little confusing but the fright fest stuff looked cool.
  18. Bitchin! I assumed I'd have to earn that SLC credit Hopefully I get all my credits there. Seems like it probably a go based off this. Thanks for the feedback
  19. ^It's never too late for a petition! Save Son Of Beast! ...oh
  20. Was looking at booking a trip to Carowinds the weekend after Thanksgiving to finally get my Fury credit. Saw they don't operate Intimidator or Fury during Winterfest...Does anyone know why they don't operate their signature attractions during Winterfest?
  21. ^Actually Magnum is sinking, the dippin dots guy told me they're going to RMC it for the second party of their 150th celebration.
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