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  1. Looking like my trip might happen in January. I know we don't have any official word from the park, but what do you guys think the over/under on WCR being open by than is?
  2. I think this is true of most B&M coasters made since around the time they started manufacturing wing coasters, dive coasters became more popularized and they introduced those staggered "wing" trains on their hypers than gigas. That timing would make sense as well because those types of rides require smoother elements and transitions by design. I'm guessing they decided to use the same type of "smoothness" for all of their designs, since they've mainly only built those types of rides since than any way. Plus they made their first family inverted model the same year as Banshee, so I'm assuming the full size models are going to be more aligned with the smoothness and flow of all those types of coasters.
  3. ^I've been on 2 of them and I remember enjoying both of them. I won't miss any credit that I can get so I certainly wouldn't skip it, you can't make an honest judgement of a ride until you're on it.
  4. Friday nights are usually pretty good, crowd-wise as well. And if you don't care about the fright fest stuff, Colombus Day is dead.
  5. I kind of understand the whole "forceless" argument, but mostly in respect to the inverting coasters. I think around 99, when they first made hypers they started making overall less intense rides, which progressed into rides like Silver Bullet, Patriot, Hydra, Gatekeeper etc. But I remember people calling MF "Millennium Forceless" so I think to a certain extent it's just cool to hate on some rides *shrug* Regardless I'll be looking forward to riding it and than I'll make my judgment call
  6. That's fair, I'd like to try one. Millennium Force is still my number one after so many so it wouldn't surprised me if I ended up loving the B&M gigas.
  7. Orion will likely be my first B&M giga, most look like they don't have a whole lot of airtime, but it doesn't really seem like that's what they're going for.
  8. ^That'll be great direct marketing to sell Icees and those fan spray bottles "Feel like you're really in the glaciers, among the plastic snow"
  9. ^Jeebus! Here in Chicago, we barely hit that in July/August. Packing extra deodorant for the trip.
  10. I see what you did there heh I could see this "How come it's still hot as a Florida summer's day when the picture showed snow???:
  11. Those drones will also be doubling as security guards during the day.
  12. Psssh, please see my signature below lol I'm not missing any Intamin Bobsled, Vekoma Boomerang, Dragon Wagon or any other crap coaster if I can avoid it
  13. Phoenix is classy. It only gets the best wood. LOL! Don't get me wrong it's a great ride, I think this is just very indicative of how which ever rides have the most ridership will fare better than those that haven't. For example Millennium force is my personal number 1, but it's surprising that it still ranks so high, but I think it's mostly because more people have ridden it than other newer coasters.
  14. Hmm interesting, okay good to know. Maybe I'll go for freeze first. I mean we have 2 days to visit. So maybe Vibora first one day and Freeze the other. Is it normally pretty busy for FF?
  15. Oh dang, bummer to hear that about Prowler, I rode that in 09 and it was awesome. It's amazing how American Thunder has held up, but I'm certainly glad it did.
  16. ^That's why I had thought that, thanks for the feedback. It also looks close to the front so I think that'll be my strategy.
  17. Somehow this makes me doubt their maintenance is *that* good, maybe they know that Boss is a lost cause and don't really bother
  18. American Thunder was my favorite in the park. Screamin Eagle is fantastic too. . but make sure you sit in 1st or 2nd car (and not on a wheel seat). I got on Screamin' Eagle in front row a few weeks back. Still fun, but not nearly as wild as I has remembered (but it had been over 10 years since my last ride on it). Glad I had assumed correctly in going towards the front...I used the Boss as a strong indication of how they maintain their wooden coasters. It's actually pretty amazing American Thunder has held up as nicely as it has.
  19. ^I'm thinking something similar if I can plan effectively enough to make it worthwhile (SWO/BGT,BGW/KD/SFA,SWSA/SFFT,SFMM/KBF/SWSD) I'm getting ambitious over here heh.
  20. It looks like Ice Breaker will be a good addition to the park, it seems as though they've been adding mostly thrill focused rides or kids focused stuff so something kind of in between will be good for them. I think SeaWorld is doing a very good job of (relatively) quickly switching the focus from animal shows to rides and theming. Hopefully it's paying off for them.
  21. My question is why did they announce all of the busch stuff other than Williamsburg today? Those SeaWorld coasters are getting way overshadowed by Iron Gwazi.
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