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  1. I saw it on their twitter/Insta Do we know who the manufacturer is? It looks like a very mellow GG but I can't quite tell.
  2. I was thinking of trying to do a trip either Nov or Dec, but WCR would help sway my decision quite a bit. My prediction: April 2020
  3. ^Awesome, I'm here for that. Thanks for the feedback. Hoping for a couple laps on Freeze and American Thunder.
  4. Heading down for my first ever visit in 3 weeks. Any tips for Fright Fest? Looking at the map seems like going either for La Vibora or Mr. Freeze first would be good strategy. I do get to visit for 2 days so I'll have enough time. but I also want to visit some of the Fright Fest stuff.
  5. Iron Gwazi looks sick. Trying to figure out if I can make it down to Florida next year
  6. How are Friday night crowds during fright fest typically? I'll be passing through and having my pass processed on 10/4 and was wondering how many rides I could expect to be able to get. Also how has operations on Boomerang been? It was down when I was there a few weeks back and it's the one credit I can actually get there.
  7. I'm a little disappointed to hear that. I've only been to Halloweekends once, and it was unseasonably warm so it was insanely crowded. But it rained really hard later in the evening and that caused the ride lines (and maze lines) to be considerably shorter for the rest of the night. But only TTD was down, not a whole list of rides so that may have helped as well.
  8. I find it quite odd that Phoenix got best wood. I mean it's a great coaster, just quite odd,
  9. 2005: Hades Backlot Stunt Coaster (Kings Island) 2006: Tatsu Voyage Kentucky Rumbler 2007: Maverick 2008: Motocoaster (Darien Lake) Dark Knight (SFGAv) American Thunder Behemoth Ravine Flyer II Avatar Airbender Spongebob Rock Bottom Plunge Fahrenheit Possessed (Dorney Park) Sea Serpent (That Fun Place) Thunderhawk (Michigan's Adventure) 2009: Prowler It's been a while since I've been on something new it's opening year outside of my homepark lol
  10. It's always weird when a roller coaster wins best new attraction but it's not mentioned anywhere in the coaster rankings. Kind of odd.
  11. More crowds, less rides available...Do the mazes help offset/disperse the heavier crowds at all?
  12. That artwork they released looks pretty great. The gods are a bit goofy, but the ride itself looks like it'll be pretty great.
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